Monday, October 3, 2011

Why I love a good makeup-free day

I know most of my friends are horrified when I mention a makeup free day. Now, just to get this clear, when I say no makeup, I mean no makeup. Don't try and sneak in a lick of mascara, and you over there, take off that blush! I can tell you're wearing foundation, and stop trying to smuggle in that lippie! Nope, when I say makeup free, I mean going totally bare faced, facing the world head on with nothing to protect you now!

No!" they yell in sheer horror. "I couldn't possibly even consider the idea of not wearing (insert favourite makeup product here)! That would be terrible, awful, the most horrible thing in the entire world!"

Well, I brave a makeup free day as often as possible, because you know what? It makes me feel so much better.

Yes, for those of you who live life with makeup by your side, it can seem pretty scary not wearing makeup. I know how it feels, especially when a great pimple has decided to set up camp on your face and it seems like your face is home to an enormous mountain range, but by steering clear of the makeup for a day, it really puts things in perspective.

Every time I leave the foundation alone, I realise that my skin isn't actually that bad. Sure, blemishes will always be a problem, but in the scheme of things, I have no wrinkles (Another reason why I'm glad I'm still young!) and it's actually not too bad.

By not wearing makeup you rediscover all the things you love about yourself. For instance, my eyes are actually pretty good on their own! And my nails look lovely without a lick of polish!

You also get a good look at your starting base and it inspires you to try out new makeup looks. You see, when I apply makeup I always put on the same stuff everyday. By not wearing makeup I see that maybe a new lip colour would look nice, or how about trying some new eyeshadow. It inspires me to try out some new stuff.

Another good thing about wearing no makeup is that when you go to put some on the next day, you realise how beeeeeautiful you do look when you wear it! That mascara does wonders to your lashes! And that lipgloss you were going to chuck out actually makes you look gorgeous!

So, next time you get inspired to take off the makeup, I say 'go for it!' because it really does work its magic.

A picture I took of the sun through the clouds
 - totally irrelevant but beautiful all the same!


  1. i love make-up free days to xx

    my blog :

    Lauren x

  2. I like makeup free sundays :D hahaha

  3. Love this post! As much as I love makeup, I love makeup free days as well!


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