Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips - Pink Blast

Those who have been reading my blog for a while now would be aware of my loyalty and love for Maybelline Baby lips. Since I first lay eyes on them when spotting an advertisement in a magazine I have dedicated my time to raving about them and religiously reapplying them. The packaging, the smell, the formula and the price all work together to create a product so darn awesome!

I owned 5 of these little beauties when the tinted ones exploded into stores. Of course they were like a magnet and I had to use all my strength to resist their pull, but in the end I figured it would only set me back four bucks, so it was totally worth it. After all, I only had one hundred million thousand lip balms so I desperately needed another one. Desperately.

You may or may not know that in Australia there are two tinted options from the Baby lips range - Pink Blast and Pink Glow. The packaging is quite deceiving in that it would appear as though I purchased Pink Glow, when in fact I actually purchased Pink Blast. The reason I did this was because I wanted the brighter, more dramatic of the two.

The way in which the tint works is that in the tube it appears slightly pinkish, but very much like all the other balms. As you apply it, it changes colour according to the pH of your lips. It is really quite exciting to see it change before your very eyes, and Maybelline has used it to say that it is a really personalised balm just right for you, however I wouldn't imagine that everyone's pH changes drastically from one person to another.

I had read reviews on the two balms and didn't feel as though they were tinted enough for my liking. That fact definitely helped me resist purchasing them as I didn't feel they would blow my mind, and whilst I don't feel as though this particular shade is as good as, say, the Limited Edition one, it is still a very likable balm that I shall continue using.

I don't mind the packaging of this one - it isn't amazing but it isn't shocking either. As usual the size and twisty nature of the packaging if convenient and practical.

Once again, the formula is great and I find it really effective. It is the standard formula with the nice smell and no taste, the only change is that it is tinted! As for the tint, I was remarkably surprised by how bright it was. I figured that due to the pigmented nature of my lips that perhaps it would not stand out, but it really intensified the colour and turned it a bright shade of pink - so much so that I am really quite hesitant to wear it out because I feel it is a little too bright!

I do like this lip balm, but not as much as my others from the range. The fact that it is tinted is a refreshing change, but unfortunately it just didn't work out for me and my lips. I hope that different tints are released in Australia, similar to those in America, but I'm not convinced that will happen.

I give this product 7 out of 10.

Can you spot the swatch?!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top 3 Tuesday - Bronzer/Illuminator

Bronzer and illuminator, along with primers, are probably the products I neglect the most. It's not because I don't like the look of them, nor is it because I don't know how to apply's simply because I am just too lazy. Unfortunately I always have limited time to get ready in the mornings and therefore only the bare minimum finds itself on my face. Highlighter and bronzer often isn't even considered in the slightest. When I do have time, however, I make the most of it, and these are my favourite Bronzing, highlighting and illuminating products.

1. Savvy by DB Jumbo Bronzer - Teracotta
I purchased this bronzer when Savvy was having a crazy sale and everything was $3. It is jumbo sized, has hideous packaging and crumbles quite easily but is so worth it. This matte bronzer doesn't make me muddy and is perfect for contouring. Of course, as is the case with all good products, it is discontinued. I haven't tried any of the bronzers in their new range but I would be interested to know what they are like.

2. Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminator - Angel Flame
I thought that these were limited edition, but I have still seen them around and being advertised in magazines, so fingers crossed that they are still being sold because they are wonderful! I love this illuminator because it has a really glowy finish. I use it like a normal illuminator or with blush and it really just brightens up my face.

3. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting concealer
I am cheating a bit here with this one, but who would have thought such a combination, concealer and highlighter, could work so well! I always thought that concealer was to hide imperfections, not highlight them! I use this on the inner corners of my eyes and on my cheekbones and it is so subtle but gorgeous. I love this product!

Close but not close enough...

For my close but not close enough product this week I have...a no name product. Yes, if this had a name I would have put it as my number one product, but because it doesn't have any label whatsoever and my Mum cannot recall where she purchased it (it was hers initially) I figured it couldn't take out the title of the best highlighting product. It's the most gorgeous stick highlighter, a pinky/pearl colour that is just so flattering and easy to work with. I love it and hope it never runs out!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Essence eyeshadow - Cappuccino Please!

Essence is one of those brands that I am such a big fan of, mainly because the products are so cheap and yet most of them are still really good quality. Their lipsticks, for instance, (see reviews here, here and here!) are an example of such, as are their nail polishes. One of my absolute favourite eyeshadows is from Essence and if you look back at my 'Top 3 Tuesday' series you will find that almost every post contains an Essence product. Impressive!

It is for that reason, having had such a good history with Essence, that I picked up an eyeshadow to test out. I selected the shade 'Cappuccino Please' as I had heard good things about it and liked the look of it in the store.

To be honest, this shadow isn't amazing, it's alright but nothing rave-worthy. To best describe the shade I would call it a muted, dusty creamy/beige colour with the slightest hint of a peachy pink. It's nice, but nothing too special. It is shimmery, although it's a strange kind of shimmer where it is more of a pearly finish as opposed to glittery. I think it would be better described as frosty. On my eyelids it is very, very subtle, so much so that it is not really worth bothering with. I tend to avoid using it all over my lids as I really find it to be a waste of time, but it works well as an inner corner highlight.

The shadow has a soft, smooth texture and an okay lasting power. I find that it does tend to crease a little, but due to is subtle nature it is not at all noticeable. I would wear this confidently for a whole day but I would also expect it to be almost gone by the end. I wouldn't bother with this for a night out look, simply because I have other similar shades that I find to be better quality.

The shadow is a little dusty but the fallout is minor. I find it to be quite a fine shadow and it gets into my eyes and irritates them after the initial application. Within about five minutes it is fine and it doesn't bother me for the rest of the day.

I really like the packaging and the pattern imprinted into the shadow. The compact shadow with its clear plastic lid and base looks simple and in my opinion more expensive than it actually is. It is so small and easy to work with, and the black print looks nice against the shadow.

This is a nice cheap shadow that is a subtle and likable shade, though nothing incredible or worth raving about. I wouldn't exactly recommend it, but there is nothing to complain about. I give this 7 out of 10.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Explanation and preview

You may or may not have been wondering where I have been for the past couple of days. "Why isn't she posting my comments?" you may have thought to yourself, or perhaps, "Goodness she is slack with her posting this month!" was a phrase going through your mind. Or perhaps you haven't even noticed, which is equally as likely, if not more. Anyhow, this month has been busy as usual, and the lack of sleep and stresses of daily life seem to have caught up to me.

I have been on a camping trip for the past four days - I'm talking no showers, no toilets and certainly no sleep - and I had such a wonderful time. It did however mean that posting was a little difficult, being out in the middle of nowhere and all, and I am so exhausted that I expect I will be a little behind for the next week or so which is rather unfortunate.

I have decided to post a little preview of what is to come as I feel it will make me more likely to actually find time to write and edit posts, because I will be more committed and locked in to it.

So, posts for the upcoming week should include:

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Blast
Essence eyeshadow Cappuccino Please
Wotnot facial wipes
Top 3 Tuesday Bronzer/Illuminator

Hopefully you can forgive me, and I can find the time and energy to get back to blogging more consistently!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Top 3 Tuesday - Lipbalm

Lipbalms are the first makeup products that I got into and they are still up there in my favourites. I love lipbalms for many reasons, mainly because they are so pretty, practical, smell amazing and can be carried around everywhere I go. They are cheap, fun to collect and there are soooo many affordable balms out there you can go crazy! Choosing my Top 3 lipbalms for this week (only 3!) was tricky, but I got there in the end.

1. Maybelline Baby Lips Limited NY Fashion Edition, Protecting Berry
This is my most popular post of all time (by a long shot) and although it isn't the greatest of my reviews, the product certainly deserves top spot. This balm (as is the case with all the Maybelline Baby Lips) is moisturising, smells amazing and comes in the most adorable packaging. Whilst this particular one is no longer available, it is the same flavour (well, scent really) as the Anti-Oxidant Berry one, which is also incredible.

2. Nivea Lip Care Fruity Shine - Pink Guava
There was a reason that this was the first post I ever wrote - this product is brilliant. It is so moisturising, I love the wind up nature of the packaging and the beautiful pink tint is just lovely. The smell is also pretty nice too. This is one balm that I won't be giving up any time soon.

3. Face of Australia Lip Crayon - Cupcake
I would have put this first in my top 3, but I figured that would be pretty unfair considering that it is not marketed as a balm but rather a crayon (a lip balm/lip tint/lip gloss hybrid)! This is the most wearable, beautiful, sheer glossy tint that you will ever find, and for the pack of three it is only $15 - the best value ever! I love this product so much.

Close but not close enough...

For this week's close but not close enough product, we have the Yes to Carrots lipbalm in Berry. These balms are absolutely amazing, and the only reason it found itself in this category as opposed to in my top 3 is because I had completely forgotten about them until I discovered them whilst 'researching' for this post. I am so pleased I have been reminded about these!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Avon Daring Curves Mascara - Black

Avon is one of those brands that I have always viewed as terribly boring and not worth looking at. None of the products have ever grabbed me, and they are difficult to gain access to as well. Every Avon thing that I own has been given to me by relatives who are into the brand.

The Avon Daring Curves Mascara has been in my drawer for goodness knows how long, simply collecting dust and looking pretty. I never bothered to give it a shot with all my other gazillion mascaras (I literally have 9 mascaras open at this point in time, how disgraceful is that?!) but cracked it open the other day to see what it was like.

It isn't a waterproof formula, which to be honest does make me quite nervous. I fear the panda-eye look like the black plague, as it is something I am so susceptible to and something that I hate the look of so much. Flaky/smudged mascara and I do not go well together. Anyhow, despite this not being waterproof, I really, really like it.

This mascara gives me a more dramatic look than I usually go for. It is a little more volumising and certainly less natural than my every day mascaras, but I have really taken to it. Who would have thought that I would end up reaching for a mascara like this?!

It is a dark black shade and it lengthens and volumises with minimal clumping. That said, it does clump a little but with a quick comb through the lashes I find it to be perfect. It really does make my lashes keep their curl, and evens curls them if I'm too lazy to use an eyelash curler beforehand.

It is a little drying and makes my lashes feel rather 'crunchy.' It is very obvious that I am wearing mascara, unlike the typical mascaras I go for, but that is hardly a crime.

I really like the outside packaging of this product, with the shiny black plastic and silver print. It is simple and classy, and the shape of the tube is interesting. As for the brush, I absolutely hate it. It is a twisted design with tightly packed bristles. I have discovered that I love plastic brushes, and this certainly is not plastic. It is hard to get all your lashes through this brush, and I find that I have to wipe of excess mascara as it collects in the horrid bristles. Even though I don't like the brush at all, it still does an okay job of applying the product.

This product isn't exactly life changing, but it is one that I will continue to reach for and wear with confidence. I am very pleased that it found itself in my makeup drawer, and I am glad that I gave it a try.

I give this 7 out of 10.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bloom Collecta Colour Eyeshadow duo - Waikiki

Bloom was one of those brands that I had seen around the place, oogled the products and then never really set my heart on anything in particular. I had no urge to purchase anything, which is quite unlike my usual response to discovering a new brand.

I saw this eyeshadow due on sale in Target for $5 quite a while ago and absolutely fell in love with the gorgeous champagne/bone shade. At the time the olive green shade didn't really do much for me, but now I can safely say that both of these shadows are absolutely beautiful. I am in love.

When I first started playing around with this gorgeous duo I used the champagne colour on the left all over the lid or as a highlight. It is absolutely beautiful, shimmery and gorgeous in every way. It is not too obvious and not too subtle, just the perfect balance of in between. It can be used alone as an all over the lid colour or as part of a more elaborate eyeshadow look. I personally find a way to find this into my look everyday.

I use the olive green shade in several ways. Initially I just used it on my lower lash line with the champagne colour on my lid. It gave the perfect hint of colour that perfectly complemented my hazel eyes. This is still my favourite way to wear it, but I have also tried using it with the champagne over the lid and the olive green on the outer half of my eyelid. Surprisingly, this looks lovely too.

Prior to picking up this duo, olive green is not at all a colour I would have taken an interest in, but I have really taken to it and found myself reaching for it on a regular basis.

The packaging is something that I haven't yet decided whether I like it or not...The hard plastic is very sturdy and the black print is very aesthetically pleasing. Along the edges can be seen a leafy print (which I was unable to photograph) which too is rather nice. I find the way in which the eyeshadow lid twists out quite annoying, though I'm not sure why. It isn't impractical and there isn't anything noticeably wrong about such mechanism, it just annoys me.

I find the eyeshadow very long lasting, although it does crease by the end of a long day. This creasing isn't too noticeable with the champagne but with the olive green it isn't the greatest of looks.

The shadows are, in my opinion, nicely pigmented, as can be seen in the photos. I love the level of shimmer in them.

I really can't find fault in this product, although I would love a trio with these two shades and a shimmery golden, coppery colour like the Essence Pas Des Copper eye souffle. If such trio existed I don't think I would ever use any other eyeshadow again.

I would absolutely recommend picking this up if you see it around the place. I haven't any idea of how much it costs full priced as I picked it up so cheaply, but I think I would pay a decent amount for it.

I give this product 9 out of 10.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Top 3 Tuesday - Mascara

Mascara is one of those products that most people would consider an absolute staple, but if I am really honest with you, they don't excite me that much. Don't get me wrong, I think an amazing mascara can make the world of difference to a look, but when it comes to makeup shopping, I always gravitate to the lipsticks and blushes and then eventually get around to checking out the mascaras at the end.

I have a very specific taste in mascaras. I like long, defined lashes with a smidgen of volume - none of that clumpy stick-your-lashes-together rubbish. I like natural looking lashes the best, but I am appreciative of the dramatic(ish) look too.

1. Covergirl Lashblast Length Waterproof mascara
I love this mascara so much, but I know it isn't for everyone. My good friend had this too and absolutely hated it, whereas I think it is perhaps that greatest thing I own (well not quite, but it is good!). Length and definition is what this is all about, and I love that it is waterproof because I am subject to severe cases of panda-eyes.

2. Avon Daring Curves Mascara
I only just started using this mascara and I am really quite impressed. It is a little clumpy, so I do need to run a comb through my lashes after application, but it is darker and gives a glossier finish than my Covergirl one which is a welcome change.

3. Natio Maximum curl waterproof mascara
This is just one of those mascaras that I change my mind about all the time. One day I love it, the next I hate it and tell myself that I will chuck it out ASAP, then the next day my opinion of it is somewhere in the middle. In my initial review I gave it a 5 out of 10 (which is appropriate because it represents all those 'in the middle' days), but honestly, some days I would give it a 7 or 8 and others a 2 or 3. It is very natural looking, but drying and requires effort. It is lengthening and defining, but not overly glossy or black. In short, I wouldn't bother with this product if I was you, but since having it in my collection, I have been using it often.

Close but not close enough...

For my close but not close enough this week is Maybelline's lash stiletto mascara. I picked this up for $2 not realising that it was in a light black/grey shade, but I seem to be able to wear it without any trouble. I absolutely hate the wand, which looks like a terrifying razor-blade-like contraption that is much too dangerous to put near my eyes. The formula is okay, a little wet and requires a bit of fiddling about with, but lengthening to a satisfying extent.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jamberry Nails

Whilst face makeup is what I tend to stick to when it comes to the beauty world, I do enjoy a bit of focus on the nails from time to time. I am competent with nail polish and seem to be able to do a fairly good manicure (most often in a gorgeous shade of red) but when it comes to any form of nail art, I am completely useless. When I was contacted by Jamberry Nails to see if I was interested in completing a review on a sample of their products, of course I was interested! Finally I could appear as though I was skilled in the nail department!

Look at all the designs to choose from!
This is not even half of them!
I was sent some samples which I was so pleased with, in shades of black and white, pink and turquoise all in different patterns. I was also sent a catalogue of all the available patterns - there are so many, I am surprised that many patterns exist. Even if none of the designs I was sent take your fancy, I can pretty much guarantee that there would be at least one that they offer which you like.

Before I talk about application, I guess I should really explain to you what these are exactly. These 'nail shields' are basically plastic shields that have one sticky side and one polished side. There are many different sizes so you will always be able to find one that fits each nail. They are heated up and then pressed  onto the nail, where they stick firmly. They remain like that on the nail for approximately two to three weeks on the fingers, and four to six weeks on the toes. They don't require any base coat or top coat and you can select from hundreds of different designs (literally hundreds). I was able to use each strip on two fingernails (and for my toes I was able to use one strip for four nails, but I really do have little toes!).

In terms of application, I think it is pretty straight forward. I must say that it is important that you read the instructions prior to application though as it really makes a difference (I'm talking three weeks worth of wear kind of difference!) Application involves buffing nails, cleaning with nail polish remover, heating the nail shield (with a hair dryer or heat lamp, straightener etc) and simply pressing onto the nail and applying pressure around the edges until they seal. It really isn't rocket science, though you do need to dedicate a little bit of thought and attention to it otherwise you end up with it looking pretty dodgy.

On one of my toes I was quite careless in pressing it down and heating it up, and it peeled off within three days. On my other toes I wore them without any problems for three and a half weeks before the edges began to curl.

Removing the nail shields was easier and quicker than the application - all you had to do was heat it up with a hair dryer and simply peel the shield off. I found that they came off with ease. My nails were slightly weaker than they had been, but nothing of any great concern.

There are a number of things that I really like about these:
1. They are instant - there is no waiting around for polish to dry (something I am so impatient about)
2. There is no chance of smudging or chipping!
3. They are really easy to apply
4. It doesn't take too long to apply, though it is longer than nail polish (depending on how many coats you apply with nail polish)
5. They look impressive when in fact you have put in little effort
6. They are so long lasting!
7. There is such a huge range of designs
There are a couple of things that I don't like about it though:
1. They are a little awkward in shape - the rounded edge didn't quite fit the shape of my nail (which of course is inevitable, it won't suit everyone!). This was easily fixed with a bit of trimming
2. Depending on your application skills, these can crinkle and wrinkle a little at the end of the nail. I honestly do feel as though this was my fault, as after a number of practises (on myself and other people) this was not nearly as much of a problem

So all in all, what did I think? I loved using these because they were so different to what I had tried before and there were so many good qualities about them. I must mention that unfortunately they are only being sold in the USA at the point in time, although I believe there are hopes of expanding internationally in the future. For those who are in the USA, these cost $15 for a set (which is different from the samples that I was sent). You can look at their website to see all the different designs available and perhaps purchase some for yourself.

For those based in the USA, you can also host a Jamberry Nails party too. More information can be found on their website.

Would I recommend these? Absolutely, I think these are fun and something different to try. Keep an eye out for some upcoming NOTD posts featuring other nail shield designs!


Mum went for the zebra stripes!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Haul - Equip, Essence, Cotton on, Maybelline

It has been a very, very long time since I last went shopping and to be honest, this time I didn't actually get as much as I usually do. I still felt as though it could be a slightly interesting haul post, so here it is!

First up is three gorgeous bracelets from equip. They were having huge sales and in the end I got these three for ten dollars!

 The black one was originally $18.99, the silver one (which is actually a lot nicer than it appears) was $16.99 and the purple one $19.99. I am so thrilled that I got them all for only ten dollars!

In terms of makeup, I purchased a Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Blast (I can't believe how long I was able to resist!), an Essence eyeshadow in Cappuccino please ($3.25) and an Essence eyeliner in All I want ($0.97).

From Cotton on I found a bag marked down from $39.99 to only $10! It is quite a strange design with a circular base that is terribly difficult to photograph, but I promise you, it is pretty cool, especially for the price.

From K-mart I got some black pants for five dollars (which weren't too exciting so I didn't photograph them).

Last but not least is a Summer Heights High 3 DVD set which I purchased for $17 from JB Hi-Fi. I will admit that the series isn't for everyone, but for those who do enjoy it I think you will appreciate my excitement in regards to this purchase!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Top 3 Tuesday - Foundation/Concealer/Powder

Top 3 Tuesday is back again and this week it is foundation, concealer and powder. I was unsure as to whether it would be sensible putting these all together (including tinted moisturisers), but in the end I figured I didn't have that many  products of each, so they could probably all get chucked in there. Here is a list of all the products that could have been chosen this week:

- Maybelline superstay foundation
- Face of Australia Concealer
- Maybelline Dream Lumi touch concealer
- Maybelline Dream matte powder
- Face of Australia tinted moisturiser
- Garnier BB cream
- Hamilton Everyday face light moisturising cream
- Formula 10.0.6 Face the day tinted moisturiser
- BYS liquid foundation
- Rimmel London Recover Anti-Fatigue Concealer
- Face of Australia Pressed powder
- Savvy by DB loose powder
- Physicians formula pearls of perfection
- Innoxa liquid makeup foundation\

So I guess when you look at it like that, it might seem a little crazy to have put them all in together, but the fact is, for the foundations and concealers I only had three to choose from, and all the tinted moisturisers aren't that great anyway, so I wouldn't have wanted to put them in a top three.

Anyway, getting onto the actual top 3 for this week!

1. Face of Australia concealer - Neutral
I really like this concealer and have been using it consistently for weeks. It is perfect for covering pimples, but it is also suitable for under the eyes too, which I think is pretty good for a stick concealer. It feels weightless and does an effective job. I am impressed!

2. Maybelline Superstay 24 hour foundation
This is a really impressive foundation, but the only problem that I have with it is if you have dry skin it really clings to it and accentuates it - and if you have any flaky skin, then don't even bother! I love this foundation but as my skin has become a little dry, I'm really struggling to make it work.

3. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer
I think this is a pretty well known product, and for good reason - it is wonderful. As it is also highlighting, I use it under my eyes as it conceals the bags whilst also drawing light to my eyes. Perfect!

Close but not close enough...
For the close but not close enough award this week it must go to my Maybelline dream matte powder. This is another popular product, and once again it deserves its popularity because it is very good. The reason it didn't make it into my top 3 is because,'s so boring! I'm not all that interested in powders to be honest!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

What's in my shower?

Every now and again I happen to stumble across those youtube videos where a huge beauty guru reveals to the world their 'shower routine' - aka "The gazillion lotions/gels/creams/scrubs/insert other product here that are breeding in my shower." The videos are usually very long, often exceeding ten minutes, and contain literally 15-20 products. Honestly guys? Do you really use that many products?

I don't know about you, but when I am showering I would be lucky if I get around to washing my hair. I shower first thing in the morning, and to be honest, I'm not in the mood for an elaborate 25 step routine involving hundreds of products.

Right, now my rant is out of the way, I can get on to the post. These are the products that I use, and as you can see, it is a humble four products.

First is my Clean and Clear Blackhead clearing scrub. It is fairly rough so I only use it once or twice a week. I cleanse my face in the morning and night when I don't use this product.

Next is my I love...strawberries and milkshake body wash. This smells so darn good and lathers up really quite nicely. On the days that I am looking for more of a scrub, I use my Lux glamorazzi shower gel which contains small pieces of loofah  and has a gorgeous citrus fragrance.

Last is a gorgeous berry smelling soap that I got from a tiny little shop in the middle of nowhere. This soap is so lovely and gentle, and smells incredible.

Of course I have missed out on shampoo and conditioner, but at the moment I have been changing it up pretty regularly anyway.

So there it is, a terribly simple routine in comparison to other big beauty gurus I know, but for some people who use soap and water it is pretty complicated!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Face of Australia Face Base Primer

I have never ever used a primer before in my life, so this review was quite a scary one to make. First of all I have nothing to compare this to so I really can't be sure that what I am saying is correct. Secondly, primers are really difficult to review because unlike eyeliner/blush/lipstick etc. you can't actually see the difference that it makes, at least not directly. It is easy to imagine things - imagine that my foundation looks smoother, imagine that it is staying on longer, imagine, imagine, imagine. I have done my best to complete an accurate review but if you are interested in purchasing this, I would probably check out some other reviews beforehand too!

As I mentioned, I had never tried a face primer before so when I was sent this to review, it was a little daunting. I had never felt the need for a primer as I'm lucky that makeup tends to stick to my face so I wasn't really sure that it would give me any truly incredible results anyway. I must say, I was pretty critical of this product, a little harsher with my judgement perhaps than with other products, but it still came out impressing me.

This does make my foundation and concealer last longer. I was a bit cynical in regards to it making my makeup last longer, but it really does - especially on those days when it is remarkably hot and sweaty and even the luckiest of us find our faces bare by the end of the day. I won't say that my makeup looked as good as when I first applied it, but honestly, that is a bit of a ridiculous expectation from a product anyway.

It does create a smoother base for my makeup to go on, and makes my skin feel lovely. It was pleased that it didn't weigh my skin down, make me feel as though I had makeup caked on or make my skin congested. Now that I have started using a primer, I feel a bit strange when applying my makeup without it, like I have missed a vital step.

Perhaps my favourite thing about this product was the way it made my makeup look 'fresher' for longer. You all know what I'm talking about when I refer to makeup looking 'fresh,' well I truly believe this product keeps it looking like that for longer.

This is oil free and contains Vitamin E and Chamomile...not that I even know what benefits those ingredients have on my skin. It is completely clear once rubbed in and has no fragrance.

I must say, I am impressed with this lightweight, non greasy primer that in my highly doubtful and judgemental opinion, definitely works. For the price of $11.95 it is very affordable and worth investigating. I think it is unnecessary for me personally during the day, but I use it for nights out or days where I need my makeup to last longer than usual and it does a very good job.

I give this product 8/10.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jaci Walker 10 colour blush palette giveaway!

Jaci Walker is giving away a beautiful 10 colour blush palette! The giveaway is international and closes on the 24th of October.

If you are interested, please head over to her blog and enter!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monthly Favourites - September

Yet again we meet to celebrate the end of another month...September! I will admit right now that this isn't the most exciting collection of monthly favourites, but there are some goodies in here!

For my skin this month is the Maybelline Dream Lumi touch concealer. My skin was absolutely atrocious this month and I spent the majority of my time trying to cover up my blemishes. This concealer saved the day!

For eyes is an absolutely beautiful eyeshadow duo by Collection by Bloom, containing a gorgeous bone/champagne colour and a khaki/olive green shade. Both of these shadows are just perfect and I have worn at least one of them all month.

On to lips we have an Australis lipgloss in Contemporary which for some reason, I have really taken to. Initially when I first purchased the product I didn't love it but I definitely didn't hate it, but I have been really reaching for that particular shade all throughout this month.

For the 'other' category I have consistently worn this beautiful (yet very simple) ring. Mum bought it years and years ago from a little market in the middle of nowhere and it has survived the years and found itself on my hand on a daily basis. I love it.

Lastly is nails, but I really couldn't come up with a nail favourite for this month as I just haven't worn any polishes or anything!

Monday, October 1, 2012

All about SPAM - the most amusing...and the strangest!

Just lately I have noticed a real explosion of spam comments on my blog (which of course are not published due to the settings I have for comments - which, by the way everybody, I do realise is quite annoying but there isn't any alternative because I get crazy spam comments like the ones below).

I have very little idea as to why I have been getting soooo many lately, but blogger is doing an amazing job filtering them and sending them to the little spam folder, so it isn't too concerning. Instead of getting frustrated and having a rant, I thought it might be amusing for everyone if I shared some of them. I hope this makes you smile!

"Hello, its nice post regarding media print, we all be aware of media is a fantastic source of facts. My blog:..."

"Thanks for FINALLY talking about >"Maybelline Baby Lips - Mango Pie< Loved it! Also visit my body building website:..."

"Everyone loves what you guys tend to be up too. This kind of clever word and coverage! Keep up the amazing works guys I've added you guys to my blogroll. my web paige:..."

"I know this is off topic but I'm looking into starting my own weblog and was wondering what all is required to get set up? I'm assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I'm not very web smart so I'm not 100% sure. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks My web page::..."

* would appear as though you have a fair idea as to how to start a 'weblog' considering you have been so kind as to link your blog in the comments!*

"Email me at _______ - I may have a surprise for you."

"Post-operative dietary and exercise care after breast augumentation cosmetic surgery Aumento De Mamas Precios Breast Augumentation Capsular Contracture Prevention Fotos Aumento De Mamas Breast Enlargement Financing - Cash without Any Hassle Also see my web site:..."

That doesn't even make any sense!

And perhaps the most amusing one I have received...

"you're actually a excellent webmaster. The website loading velocity is incredible. It sort of feels that you are doing any distinctive trick. In addition, The contents are masterwork. you have performed a wonderful process on this matter! Also visit my web-site:..."

What a compliment! What do you guys think, do you feel as though I am using trickery to make my website loading velocity quicker? :)

I think I might do these 'Spam" posts every now and again because I find these comments hilarious (and I hope you do too). Let me know some of the best spam comments you have ever received!
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