Saturday, October 8, 2011

Beauty Heroes

I'm really interested in everyones' response to this post. It's all about your beauty heroes.

I was talking to my friends about this recently, and they all had someone who they looked up to in the beauty world, whether it be a family member (I really, really want an older sister! Unfortunately it's not going to happen!), celebrity or even someone who they didn't know but saw on the bus everyday to school as a child!

Me? I have a couple of people that I stand in awe of in the beauty world.

Sarah Tarca, Aussie girl from Adelaide, ex beauty editor in the Australian teen magazine 'Girlfriend' (she has just recently become the editor!) has to be my number one beauty hero. Not because she is stunningly gorgeous (she is very beautiful though!), not because she is the editor of a magazine (a job I am fascinated by!), not because she owns all the lipglosses I want (so jealous!) but because she is hilarious, has the most amazing writing style and makes even the worst beauty products totally loveable. Every month I would buy the magazine so I could flick to her page where she jams as much goodness in that her word limit can handle. Oh, I wish she would write her own beauty magazine! She is brilliant!

A collage I made from magazine pictures of Sarah Tarca!
She is totally fearless when it comes to beauty and tries every crazy, insane beauty product known to man. And, even better, like me she is a lover of natural beauty and thinks makeup should enhance not cover up! I think that fact that she is not a famous celebrity also makes her more like the girl next door, who you love and can relate to in every way. Could she be any better?! I don't think so!

In the glamorous celebrity world, I love Emma Watson and Blake Lively. Both of them are stunningly gorgeous and always look amazing. Ahhhh....

I love how they have such natural beauty - they both look so lovely without makeup. The last photo of Blake is an example of that. She uses some gorgeous makeup to enhance her eyes but gosh does she look good!

Emma is very much the same, whilst the photo of her with the coat looks awesome, she looks just as stunning in the close up photo with little makeup.

The beautiful Emma Watson

And of course, how could I forget Mum, who introduced me to this crazy world and put up with me spending hours buying more (more!) lipbalms to add to my growing collection.

I would love to hear who your beauty heroes are, or who you think has amazing natural beauty.

Emma Watson

Blake Lively - how lovely is a smile!

This is such a gorgeous photo of Blake!


  1. My beauty hero is ... I don't know I have so many !!
    I'm having a giveaway on my blog and I did the body shop review just like u asked me 2 !

  2. Yes, I saw the review - thanks so much!


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