Thursday, April 26, 2012

Essence stay with me lipgloss - Me and my ice-cream, Candy bar

With the recent 'Essence Explosion' here in Australia, I have been drawn more and more to Target where the tiny little Essence stand hides in the corner, outdone by it's competition like Maybelline and Revlon. The thing is though, as a beauty blogger you tend to notice the smaller teams in the game and have background knowledge about the brand that perhaps others haven't. This is a real shame in my case though, because I know how damn good their products are (thankyou youtube and millions of blog posts) but the stand is never stocked and all the products are always opened with the product smushed or spread everywhere.

Nevertheless I still make it my mission to double check every time I go to Target in case there is that lipstick I am desperate for or that eyeshadow I am in love with. It just so happened that this time I went, these two little beauties were sitting there waiting for me. They were even sealed and everything!

So, I am going to tell you about my newest Essence friends - The 'Stay with me long lasting lipglosses.'

I picked up the shades 'Me and my Ice-cream' and 'Candy bar.' After some serious testing, I have come to the conclusion that I really like Candy bar - the coral/red colour. 'Me and my Ice-cream' is okay but it is a bit of a nothing kind of colour. Nothing special. More like a clear gloss, although I do think on darker ladies it would probably show up, although it might be unflattering.

There are a few things that make these lipglosses different from others. The first is the sweet marshmallow kind of smell that the lipsticks have too. Clearly this is an Essence thing. The second is the applicator which is shaped a bit like an hourglass. I personally don't mind it - it makes it easier to apply gloss on the bottom lip but harder on the top - but I imagine this would really bother some people. I also, for some reason, really like the packaging of these glosses. They are nice and compact and look quite good with their shiny tubes and sleek black lids. They're nice.

The formula is really quite commendable with it's smooth, non sticky texture. It really does feel lovely to have this gloss on your lips and is the perfect consistency in my eyes . It distributes evenly over the lips, doesn't accentuate and flaky bits and doesn't sink into lines.

Candy bar is very nicely pigmented - enough to give bare lips a signficant amount of colour, but over a lipstick only slightly alters the lipstick shade. Me and my ice-cream is one of those glosses that doesn't really have a colour and on the lips gives no noticeable colour change.Candy bar tints the lips, almost stains them I suppose, which I really like. It means that I can wear it without a lipstick and I get the added bonus of colour even once the gloss is gone.

These lipglosses do claim to stay on the lips for a long time as of course indicated by the name. Do they stay on? Yes, they sure do but they lose their gloss and shine relatively early on. The tint stays on for a very long time - even after eating I still noticed the tint from Candy bar on my lips. I do feel as though it loses its glossy shine pretty quickly though.

I really love how they have no glitter or sparkles in them. I have noticed that cheaper brands often make lipglosses containing chunks of glitter - something that would be attractive to a three year old perhaps, but I myself have grown out of that for everyday wear. These lipglosses are completely block colour - no shimmer, no nothing - which I am a big fan of.

I must also mention that they only cost four dollars. FOUR!

I love these glosses alone or with other lip products. My Savvy one still beats it in the 'best lipgloss' competition but these are pretty high up there. I give it 9 out of 10.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Facing your fears - A Project Pan

I don't know why and I cannot explain it but I have always had this unreasonable dislike towards finishing things. I hate endings (as you can read about it a detailed post here should you require any further explanation) which I feel as though I clearly outlined with the a line from my I hate endings post: "I cannot believe the amount of people that are participating in the project ten pan as finishing ten things would be so utterly distressing." Dramatic? Not at all! (Now that I look back on that post, I've realised it illustrated my unnatural fear pretty damn well. A good post if I say so myself.)

So without further ado, I present to you my own personal challenge...

Project one pan. *Cue crazy screaming and hyperventilation.*

I have (somehow) talked myself into the idea that finishing up some beauty products would be a good idea. Where did I get that idea from? I do not know.

For those of you who are normal and do not mind finishing products (dare I even say like finishing products?!) you probably think a project one pan is a joke. I am here to tell you that it really isn't.

Would you like to know the lucky product selected to be used up? Drum roll please...

My BYS blush in pretty in pink. I chose this because a. it's pretty and should get used more often, b. it isn't giant and I should, in theory, be able to get through it...right? and c. it's cheap to replace and isn't discontinued therefore finishing it shouldn't be too distressing (in theory).

Right, so now I have told you about this I suppose I am kind of locked in - like a contract but worse because 100 odd people know about it. Oh dear.

If you are like me (or even if you aren't and can't get enough of finishing products) feel free to let me know in the comments and maybe we can finish some products together! Yay!

Hopefully within a couple of month, or maybe even sooner, you will be seeing proud pictures of a BYS blush with the pan showing through. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Versatile blogger award

I have been awarded the versatile blogger award! Michelle from Grace and Glitter (a blogging newbie but incredibly good one at that) passed this on to me which was lovely of her.

I am to share seven facts about myself then pass this on to five other bloggers. I had trouble finding seven more facts (I think this is the fourth award I have received so that equals a lot of facts!) but here they are:

1. I have never ever had a spray tan - I am happy with my pale self. (Okay, okay, the real reason is that I have only ever seen spray tans go wrong on other people. I am not a fan of the oompa loompa look! Being pale doesn't actually bother me that much either.)

2. I could waste (well, it wouldn't be wasting, would it) a whole day just watching beauty youtube videos and reading beauty blogs if I was given the chance.

3. My most neglected beauty product is highlighter/illuminator. I love the stuff but rarely wear it.

4. I never wear eyeshadow primer. Eyeshadow just sticks to my eyes like glue, and I am crossing my fingers that it doesn't change any time soon.

5. The biggest beauty crime I have ever committed is...probably untamed eyebrows. was a little out of control there for a while!

6. I have never straightened my hair (it's dead straight)

7. I almost never buy products full price - with Priceline around you can guarantee there will be a sale within a month or two.

So that was my seven facts, now I must pass this award onto five bloggers. I really tried hard to pass this on but I read so many blogs I just cannot pick! Keep writing the awesome posts you guys all write because I love reading them, and hopefully it makes you happy!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to go Op Shopping - a simple guide to getting bargains!

Silver - $5, Gold (free after spending $20),
Brown (free after spending $20), purple $3
With the world going crazy for everything 'vintage,' it amazes me how many people can't stand the thought of going Op-shopping. Friends of mine who claim to 'only wear vintage clothes' and have a style that only includes 'retro' fashion, often tell me how they never buy anything from Op-shops. What? How can that be vintage then, if you are buying everything from the chain stores and mainstream shops? They aren't really vintage fans, are they?

I asked a friend about their Op-shop avoidance one day, and discovered that the reason she wasn't keen on them was because she could never ever find anything she liked. She claimed to spend hours looking pointlessly and coming home with nothing but a grumpy attitude. I get the feeling that this is not uncommon.

I like to think of myself as a bit of an expert op-shopper, so I decided to make a post on all things Op-shop. I hope this helps for those of you who struggle to find things when you do get around to stopping into an Op-shop for a visit. I have also included photos of some of my favourite Op-shop purchases.

I compiled a list of tips and tricks:

1. Shop in both big and little Op-shops. Big ones usually get donations from shops, so often there is all this new stuff still with the price tag attached! The little ones are just as great though because you can find incredible things hidden away. Smaller ones are often less visited too, thus increasing the chance of finding something special.

L-R: GirlExpress (target) $8, Havianas (new) $2

2. Keep your mind open. Make sure you let yourself imagine and experiment - I have purchased some awesome clothing and jewellery pieces that I never would have considered otherwise. If it is cheap and there is a tiny part of you that likes it, it is probably worth giving it a shot.

3. Don't give up the search just yet. Op-shops are notorious for having junk that you have to sift through. Even if you don't find anything at all in one shop, don't just decide you hate them and are never going to one again. Some days I buy half the shop, others I just think everything is absolutely hideous and belongs at a dump not a shop!

4. Don't settle for super expensive things... Yes it is charity, but no the prices should not reflect what they did in the shop. One time I went to buy a shirt that had an op shop tag of twenty dollars. I pointed out that it still had its original price on it. The original price tag was fifty, but had been reduced down to twenty five, then down to fifteen. The lady at the Op-shop was very apologetic and gave it to me for five! If you think the price is too much (whether it has the original tag or not) then just ask - they would rather get a small donation than nothing.

5. ...although if you do love something and it is a little pricey (and you can't get it any cheaper) just remember it's still cheaper than if it was new. Sometimes it is just the way it is and you can't get that awesome jacket for cheaper than twenty five dollars. Sure, it is a bit expensive for an Op-shop, but ask yourself these questions. 1. Do you love it? 2. How much would it have cost new? 3. Is it worth it?
Scarf: $3, Belts $2 each

6. If it is broken, don't write it off. Particularly for those crafty girls, if something is broken, is missing a button or needs the hem sewn up, don't just dismiss it completely. You can purchase a button or two and sew them on yourself, or superglue that one broken chess piece together. Often you can get a huge discount on things that are broken or damaged too.

7. Keep an eye out for sales. Some Op-shops have particular days where they have sales. Sometimes they have deals (like fill a bag for $5 - best time of my life that was!) or 'anything with a blue spot 50% off.'

8. Make sure you try things on! I have found that often the sizes do not match the clothes (which is why they are in the Op-shop in the first place). Just like in regular shopping, sometimes clothes don't look nice on the hangar but look great on (and vice versa).

9. Check things carefully before buying them. Keep and eye out for any breaks, stains, rips, chips because sometimes people are lazy and use the Op-shop as a rubbish bin.

10. Don't just think about yourself. When looking around keep an eye out for stuff your friends or family might like. Friends have bought me some gorgeous stuff from Op-shops, and I have bought toys and things for family members.

L-R : Finders Keepers $15 (it's sequined!),
Sweetacacia $8, Valleygirl $3
11. Allow yourself lots of time. You don't want to be in a rush when Op-shopping. You won't find anything, I guarantee.

12. Go with friends. That way, even if you don't find anything it's still a lot of fun. Friends also find things you never would have and keep your mind open to new things.

13. Don't go to get a particular thing, you will never find it. Unlike regular shops where you go in the hope of finding a particular things - a summery maxi dress for example, you can't do that with Op-shops. While you are looking for that maxi, you may overlook the gorgeous coat sitting there so cheaply.

14. Last but not least, donate your things too. The only way Op-shops can survive is if other people give back. One man's trash is another man's treasure!

Op shops are good for: photo frames, scarves, jewellery, magazines, cutlery, board games, shirts, jackets/coats, handbags, shoes (although sometimes they are gross)
Don't get - underwear, makeup, dirty/stained clothes, worn down shoes
Hard to find - CDs, DVDs, books

I love op shops because you can get things that aren't 'in fashion' right now and find wonderful unusual and different pieces. I love it even more when it is dirt cheap.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Australian beauty at its best - products I am proud to call Australian

So since starting this blog, I have been reading incredible reviews on all these gorgeous, high end, American/English brand products. I try to resist reading them because I know all that will happen is that I will end up desperately wanting something I can't have, but it never works out. Ever. If I had a money tree, I can guarantee I would own a significant amount of makeup from overseas brands!

So, I have decided to do something about it, and no, it does not involve splurging and buying a ship load of American/English makeup (I wish). I am going to get over myself and recognise the products that Australia has to offer. How? I am going to list some of the best products Australia has to offer (in my personal opinion) so that someone else can have a turn to drool and be jealous! I would love it if other Aussies contributed to the product love and listed their favourites down below (or created a post referring to this one, much like you would with a tag).

It can include brands that are Australian but ship products world wide - for example BYS is an Australian company (from Melbourne to be precise) but they do export products all over the world.

Face of Australis lipstick - Lychee Crush
I expect this would come as no surprise to anyone who owns this lipstick or has heard about it - several bloggers are huge fans of this little beauty. The perfect nude and such a good lipstick all round. I have a review here if you are interested on my further thoughts regarding this product.

BYS blushes
Another favourite amongst many Australian beauty bloggers, are the BYS blushes. So cheap, so pigmented and so lovely, these little beauties are something to be jealous of. Reviews can be found here and here. I did find that one colour suited me much more than another (hence why there is such a difference between the reviews) so your opinion could be based on whether you have found your perfect colour match!

BYS lipsticks - Sassy Salmon and Champagne Rain
Although the packaging is a bit of a let down, these lipsticks have a lot going for them. The price is a huge standout, but the product is pretty good too. Yet another Australian product worth being jealous of. I have two reviews here and here.

Savvy lipglosses
I know this is nothing new and would come as no surprise to many followers, but I adore these lipglosses. Shiny, glosses, non sticky, sweet smelling, pigmented. Yeah, I'm a fan, and you should be too! Read about them here. I can't guarantee that the Savvy by DB brand is Australian, but I am pretty sure it is. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Australis creme blush
When I first reviewed this, I didn't give it in incredibly wonderful rating. It wasn't bad but it wasn't amazing either. I don't know what I was thinking because it is actually an amazing product. I think it was because I had never really used a product like it before, but I have since altered the review to reflect how amazing it is. So worth buying.

Savvy bronzer
This is my favourite bronzer and it was so cheap! It gives that glow Australians are famous for and it will last forever with its jumbo size!

Face of Australia Illuminator in Angel Flame
This is probably one of my prettiest makeup products and it certainly draws in the compliments. Admittedly it doesn't get enough recognition and use that it should, but when I do use it I am reminded of just how lovely it is. See my thoughts here.

Natio Eyelash curler
I wasn't aware that Natio was an Australian brand until I did a bit of researching for this post. I decided to include my Natio eyelash curler because even though it made me realise how curly my lashes are anyway, I would miss it if it suddenly disappeared.

Lucas Papaw Cream
The last product if of course, Lucas papaw ointment. This multi-purpose ointment is so well known amongst the Aussie beauty girls!

So I hope those of you living overseas got a chance to be jealous of some Australian products. Aussie girls, please add to this list if you feel I have left something out. I'm happy to test some more Aussie products out!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Garnier BB cream - Miracle skin perfector

I know I missed all the hype and that the Garnier BB cream (or miracle skin perfector) is 'so last week' but I saw it for $6.99 the other day (apparently half price) and couldn't resist the offer. The reason I hadn't bought it earlier was because I was using the Formula 10.0.6 Face of the Day Tinted moisturiser but now that it is getting cooler, it is much too dark for my skin. I haven't had much success with tinted moisturisers in the past so I tried to make an educated decision. I knew of people who adored the Garnier BB cream but was aware that one of the main problems was the limited shade range. I tested it out in the shop (by the way, it was actually Coles where I purchased it, and they are currently selling Maybelline mascaras for $10! Who would have thought you could save $9 on mascara by purchasing it at the supermarket!) and it matched perfectly in the shade 'light.'

I was so eager to try it on so when I got home I tested it out. My first impression was that it was a lot greasier than I had anticipated. It does soak into the skin a little as time goes on, but I personally don't feel that it ever settles properly. Even at the end of the day I feel as though it is still a bit greasy and is sitting on the skin rather than blending into it.

Another thing I immediately noticed was that it was so small! It is only 50mL of product (which I think retails for $15 - a bit expensive if you ask me) however a little bit goes a long way. It is a really sheer coverage. It doesn't cover blemishes but does even out redness slightly. It isn't buildable in my opinion either. I find that by adding more on, it just got greasier and made me look a little orange, but didn't actually increase the coverage. I would not suggest you buy it if you are looking for good coverage, because this really doesn't offer much in terms of coverage.

I was surprised at how oily it felt. My skin is slightly oily along the T-zone, but my skincare occasionally makes my skin a little flaky. I never have any real trouble with an oily face at the end of the day, except with this product. I found that after a day of wearing this BB cream I had something that resembled an oil slick across my forehead. Not pretty. This was easily fixed with a powder, but I was a bit disappointed.

The scent is also another factor I must mention. I was surprised at the floral/citrus kind of smell. It's not amazingly strong but it does linger on the skin. It is barely noticeable though, one would only notice if they intentionally went to smell your face...and who does that? It also has an SPF of 15, which isn't much but it is better than nothing!

I wouldn't buy this at full price because it's pretty expensive for a super sheer cream that makes me feel greasy. If it was half price and I had run out...maybe I would buy it. Maybe.

Who would I recommend it for? Someone with dry skin who wants a tiny bit of coverage. It would also be ideal for someone young with perfect skin who likes makeup but isn't interested in a full coverage foundation everyday.

I can't see the problem with the before shot...
Can you?
The last thing I would like to mention are the big claims plastered all over the box. I have always thought that BB cream is just a fancy pants name for a tinted moisturiser. I know others would argue with me because BB creams (apparently) do all these magical things that tinted moisturisers can't, such as:
- Reduces sun spots and imperfections
- Corrects signs of fatigue and dullness
- Has 24 hour lasting moisture
- Smoothes and makes luminous the complexion of the skin
- Reduces redness
- Gives a healthy glow
- Is "a miracle on your skin!'
(all taken from the box it came in)

Rarely do I take any notice of these types of claims, but for some reason I had a big problem this time. Maybe because it claims to be a miracle - and it really isn't. If it really did all that, I think everyone would own this 'magic' cream. Anyway, in this case you can't believe everything written on the box! I will give it this though - it reduces redness and smoothes skin (or appears to make the skin look smoother) As for long term improvements, I don't see any.

I give this BB cream 6 out of 10.

L-R: Unblended, blended

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jewellery Storage and tips

Just a quick little post on how I store my jewellery. I used to have all my jewels in little plastic bags in containers. It was fine, except that I had to rummage around for ages trying to find a particular piece. I also found that I turned to the same old thing everyday because I just couldn't be bothered.

I wanted a way that allowed me to see every piece, was easy to access pieces and kept them untangled and separated from one another. This is absolutely perfect.

Sure, it's not rocket science and for lots of people, it's the logical option, but it was only the other day that I thought of it. It's not original, I am sure lots of people do this with their jewellery, and I am not claiming to have come up with it - but if you don't store your jewellery like this then I suggest you consider it. It is magnificent.

It's also a really cheap way of doing it. The corkboard can be purchased from any cheap dollar store, and drawing pins don't cost much. If you wish to jazz it up a bit you can cover it in fabric prior to hanging the jewelley, and spotlight has cheap cut offs.

I did have a couple of concerns at first, but it seems to be all okay. I was worried that the drawing pins wouldn't be able to hold up some of my heavier jewellery pieces but I haven't had a problem with that at all. I didn't want it to be hideously ugly, but I think I can deal with how it looks because it is just so handy! I could make it prettier by having some nice fabric over the top of the brown corkboard, but that would require effort and right at this point in time, I am seriously lacking in motivation to do so. I could also get matching pins but I'll deal with it for the while.

As you can see, I am a big fan of the cheap jewellery you can purchase from Diva, Equip and similar stores like them. It's fun, cheap and means that you can change you jewellery often to suit your look. I don't store any of my more expensive, precious jewellery on the corkboard because I feel safer with it packed away.

A couple of tips about cheap jewellery - it tarnishes really easily because it is so cheap. Avoid getting water on it - remove rings when washing hands and don't go swimming or wear any jewellery in the shower. A layer or clear nail polish is wonderful in preventing tarnishing, but doesn't do much in regards to fixing it! To fix tarnished jewellery, invest in a polishing cloth. I purchased one from Diva for $4.99 and it works magic! As you can see in the photo, the grubby parts come right off, leaving the jewellery shiny and new.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Model Co Eyeshadow in Bronzed Goddess

I picked up a magazine a week or two ago when I was in need of some mindless reading (don't get me wrong, I am the first person to admit I have a slight - or maybe not so slight - love for magazines, but they are hardly great medical textbooks, are they?!) and it came with a Model Co eyeshadow trio. I wasn't aware of this when I bought it as it came in a 'lucky dip' type thing and it was hidden by foil, and I ended up with the eyeshadow in the shade 'Bronzed Goddess.' At first sight I was in love with the colours but really not expecting anything. After all, it was a freebie in a magazine, how good could it really be? It claimed to be worth $39, but we all know these claims are a load of rubbish, right?

Wrong. When I got home I looked it up on the internet. I like to research my makeup and since I had never come across this brand before I figured it might be a potential brand for the future. Believe it or not, it does sell for $39! I checked out all the possible shades and I am overjoyed to say that the shade I got is my absolute favourite. Score!

When swatched, I found that each of the shades were definitely my kind of colour. The lightest colour was a little bit chalky and came out in glittery chunks, but I figured I would probably be able to work with that. The pink colour looked lovely and the brown seemed to be very pigmented. They were a little glittery but I figured that would be okay.

The real decider was when I tried to apply the shadow to my eye. The pink barely showed up, in fact, all that showed up was huge chunks of silver glitter. The lighter colour was awful in texture. It applied in glittery chunks, unevenly with a heck of a lot of fallout. As for the brown, well that was just a mess. What seemed like a pigmented shadow, like the others, had more glitter than colour. It wouldn't blend and just crumbled.

I gave it a second chance, but this time used the sponge applicator it came with to apply it rather than my own eyeshadow brush. Admittedly, it did go on much nicer but I really struggled to create a nice look without a brush. The brown would not blend at all, so that looked awful. Of course, the sparkle was still unbelievable which is a big problem for me.

It also creased pretty quickly, then rubbed off in no time at all. After reading several online reviews it appears as though other people have actually liked it. I know that the magazine was trying to get rid of unwanted stock, hence why they had a random two prizes per magazine. I am wondering whether the shadow I received was a bit old, had suffered unfavourable temperatures and had been bashed and battered around a little too much for its own good. Whatever the case, I am not particularly impressed.

My favourite part is probably the packaging. The packaging is really lovely, with an inbuilt mirror and sleek black covering. It comes with one of those sponge applicators, but I prefer to use my own brush. It's nice and heavy and feels sturdy.

Did I like these eyeshadows? No, not at all. Waaaayyyyy too much glitter, poor quality in that it crumbles and has so much fallout and the pigmentation and blendability (ooh, new word!) of the shadows vary significantly from one to another. Would I spent $39 for it? Absolutely no way whatsoever.

I give this 3 out of 10, although I am going to give it the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe it is just old and had been bashed about too much for its own good.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Haul - Rubi Shoes, Equip and more

So yesterday I found myself at the shops (it is happening so frequently these days, I swear the car has a mind of its own!) and of course came home with a thing or two.

I went there to go to Priceline because, if you didn't know, they are having a deal where you spend $60 in one transaction and get a beauty bag worth $220 free. I wasn't sure if I was going to go for it, and in the end I decided not to. I have a heck of a lot of makeup already, and I really don't need any more. Yes, there were so many things I wanted, and I could have easily picked up $60 worth of products, but in the end it's spending $60 that I could have saved. It is a lot of money to spend on products that I will probably love for two minutes, maybe two weeks at a push, and then have pushed to the back of the draw. The stuff inside the beauty bag was lovely but did I need it? No.

I did however, end up picking up some jewellery, shoes and clothes (the shoes and clothes I actually needed).

I went to Equip and saw two rings which I kind of fell in love with. I think they are gorgeous, and they were five dollars each (one was on sale from $9 to $5) so I ended up purchasing them both. There is currently a thing going on where you give your email to them instore and they send you a 50% off voucher for next time. If you visit Equip frequently, make sure you get on board.

I bought two pairs of shoes from Rubi Shoes, because I love my flats and I wear them all the time. As a result my old ones are getting a bit worn out and falling apart. They were $20 each but the deal was two pairs for $30, so that worked out well.

I bought two T-shirts which aren't particularly exciting but I need them as basics for winter as I currently have NO warm shirts. The grey one was $8 and the red $15. They should be pretty easy to dress up with scarves, jackets, long necklaces and what not. Oh I am so not looking forward to winter!

I didn't buy this in the haul, but I figured I may as well include it anyway because it is new and exciting. My mother bought a bag for $40 and one week later decided she didn't like it because it didn't have enough pockets inside (or something like that) so she gave it to me which was nice of her. I really like it, so I shall be using it more often.

In terms of beauty, I did buy a liquid eyeliner for $2. I don't actually have a liquid eyeliner and I'm not sure that I will ever use one. I bought this to see whether it gets used. If it does, I will buy a better quality one - this is just a bit of a tester. I also bought a Paw Paw cream but it is a different brand and comes in a lipgloss type tube with a slanted applicator. That was $2.70.

Not sure what's going on there with the line in the middle...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips - Mango Pie

What can I say, I am addicted to Baby Lips.

I know, I know, where is my self control? You have to give me some credit though, I've had to pass these little lipbalms for weeks now, seeing them all shiny and beautiful on their little hooks, calling out my name, and I resisted...until now.

Seriously though, I was going to buy a sack of potatoes, and when I saw that 2.5kg of potatoes was three bucks, I figured I could probably afford another three dollars for a beautiful lip balm that I was guaranteed to love.

I know others will love it too, because if you take a look at my top three most popular posts, you will see that they are my reviews on the other flavours in the range! That's right!

So, what do I think of this one?

It is so damn pretty! They have hit the jackpot with their designs because every one of them has sucked me in - except the Cherry one perhaps. This yellow and pink beauty looks just awesome.

Now I am a mango hater, I can't stand the things, but I really do not mind the scent of this. It doesn't seem to be as strong as my other balms but that could just be my nose. Whatever it is, it is a nice smelling balm (as expected).

The moisturising factor is the same as all my others, pretty darn good. It stays on for a long time, feels great (not too waxy etc.). You have heard it all before, and if you haven't here are three more reviews on them! Here, here and here.

They are all as good as each other, except for Cherry but that is because I am not particularly keen on the scent.

Yes, this was a bit of a lazy review but you all know how much I love these, and how much I recommend them. They are popular and are sold everywhere, so you shouldn't have much trouble finding one. Hopefully you at least enjoyed the pictures!

For those of you who have tried these, let me know your favourite one - mine is the Limited Edition one in Protecting Berry. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Maybelline Superstay 24 hour Foundation - Sand Beige

I have been waiting to post this for what feels like weeks but hasn't really been that long. When I review a foundation I like to wait a while to get a really good idea of what it is like, after all there are so many factors one must comment on and consider when reviewing a foundation, and because they are often pricey, people like to research them beforehand.

I shall start off with the packaging. The glass bottle is something that I really quite like. It's nice and heavy and a lot classier than the alternative flexible tube packaging. It's not overly good for people who like to carry their makeup around with them and reapply because it is so heavy, but I only carry lip products around with me so it makes no difference in my eyes. The one thing that I am not pleased with is that it doesn't have a pump, you have to pour the product out. I have found that I can get a full face coverage from the little foundation that collects in the cap when you tip it upside down, so I avoid potential spillage disasters that way. Still, when it comes down to it I really couldn't care less about packaging if the product is good.

My first impressions of the foundation was that it is relatively thick, compared to other foundations I have used in the past. It dries pretty quickly so I apply it in sections over my face. If you like to dot it on everywhere and then blend it in, I think you would struggle to apply it evenly. It has what most people describe as a medium to high coverage (I personally think it is pretty high) and has a matte/satin kind of finish. It claims to have a coverage of 24 hours. I haven't tested that claim out, but I usually wear it for about 12-15 hours (without powder) and it is perfectly fine at the end of the day.

I tried it out using my fingers and a brush to apply. I much prefer to use my fingers because I can control how much product I wish to use, whereas with a brush you need to use a lot. I use this very sparingly because I don't always wish for a super high coverage. I also like this because it means that it will last me a long time and I will get my money's worth.

It feels nice on the skin and looks pretty flawless. Of course, stubborn blemishes and dark under eye circles still need to be covered using concealer, but other than that it definitely covers redness and uneven skin. It does, however, make you look at little flat and 2 dimensional. I fix this using bronzer or highlighter when I am going somewhere special, but for everyday it really doesn't bother me too much.

I found a colour that matched me well (Sand Beige) but I know others who really struggled to find a good colour match. It sticks to dry or flaky skin really badly. I have slightly oily skin, but with my skin care (which works very well) occasionally my nose gets a little flaky. This foundation sticks to it like glue which is my main problem with this foundation. You have to scrub and moisturise your face well before applying it.

I would say that it is buildable - I use very little with my fingers and can't avoid using a heck of a lot with a brush, both ways I never have trouble with a cakey look or anything like that. When buying it in the shop, it is one of those foundations that is super important to test first because the colour in the bottle is different to on your skin. It looks quite grey in the bottle.

As promised, it does withstand sweat and humidity. Even on the hottest of days it doesn't transfer onto anything or rub off in the slightest. Impressive!

It hasn't affected my skin (blemishes or irritation) at all, but then again, very few products do.

This is not a foundation that I wear everyday (well, I was so that I could review it but I won't from now on) because it is a higher coverage than I am used to, but for special occasions with a bit of highlighter it is pretty damn good. I will also wear it when my skin is playing up because it covers redness and mild blemishes well.

I give this product 7/10.

My dog wanted to help out!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Get to know me tag

I was recently tagged by TiffanyNicole from Happily Everandom for the "Get to know me" tag. I have to say, I really like the range of questions and would be interested in seeing the responses of others too.

So, let's get cracking.

1. What is your favourite beauty product that you have?
Just one, is that a joke?! I can't pick just one makeup product (I have approximately five favourites in the lip section alone!) so I will pick my Savvy brush set - I would be lost without it!

2. What was the hardest product to get your hands on?
Believe it or not, the hardest product to get (that I own) was my Lush lipscrub. There is only one Lush store close to (or reasonably close to) where I live, and I never ever go near it so it took me ages to actually getting around to driving there and purchasing it.

3. What are your favourite clothing brands?
That's tough - probably Cotton on, ICE, Factorie, Occasionally Supre is good for the basics like white T-shirts and, well, that's about it! I also get a lot of awesome clothes from Op-shops. Valleygirl is nice, Sportgirl and Dotti are good too but often you can buy similar pieces of clothing from Cotton On for a fraction of the price.

4. What is one product that you can't go without?
Lipbalm, I die without lipbalm.

5. Are you a nail polish fan and what is your favourite colour right now?
I do enjoy a bit of nail polish, but I wouldn't say it's my favourite of all things. My favourite colour at the moment is a discontinued polish (suprise, suprise!) by Innoxa called Hot Chilli! It's gorgeous and so shiny!!

6. What best describes your makeup looks most?
Definitely neutral and natural. I love the simple brown/taupe eyeshadows, a touch of bronzer, flawless skin and a bit of pink lipstick. Ahhhh

7. What's your best beauty tip that's worked for you?
Use makeup to accentuate your favourite features, not cover up supposed 'flaws.' Keep it simple and natural - the aim is to make YOU look gorgeous, not look like you are wearing stacks of makeup.

8. Are you a drugstore or high end person?
Drugstore, most definitely, purely because it is affordable. I can guarantee I would love high end though, if only I could justify spending 50-70 bucks on a lipstick or 100 dollars on an eyeshadow palette...

9. What is one drugstore product that you think tops high end?
My Savvy lipgloss. It's the perfect consistency, and even better - it's three dollars. I think you can get good drugstore lipsticks too.

10. What's your favourite perfume? *I changed this question so I hope that is okay
I absolutely love my Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh perfume, it's so good!

11. What's your favourite hairstyle right now?
Long and loose waves/slight curls

I tag anyone who wants to do it! I would love to read your responses.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Essence Lipstick - All about cupcake

I had seen the Essence ‘All about Cupcake’ lipstick mentioned in numerous hauls and monthly favourite posts and youtube videos, but I hadn’t actually read an in-depth review on it. When I made a trip out to Target to purchase some Essence products, this was on the top of my list.

This lipstick cost $3.95 and it was actually the only lipstick left that hadn’t been torn open and smushed into the lid and various other cosmetics (don’t you hate people who do that?) The whole cosmetics stand, in fact, had been pulled apart and the contents sprinkled/smushed/plastered/dripped all over the other cosmetics, except for this magical lipstick and the Ballerina Backstage section of the stand.

For those that are unaware of how Essence compares to other brands here in Australia, I will give you a quick overview. The Essence prices are pretty much on par with BYS products (approximately $4 for a lipstick, the same price as an average coffee). Australis lipsticks are about $12.95, Maybelline lipsticks at $16.95 and Loreal lipsticks at $24.95, so Essence is cheap cheap cheap! They have a small range of products in comparison to brands like Maybelline and Rimmel London, and are only sold at Target stores (a pain for us Priceline lovers!). I have only tried two Essence products, but I feel comfortable making the prediction that for the same price as BYS, the products are of a better quality (and from reviews I have read and watched, I get the feeling that the quality of the products in more consistent throughout, completely unlike BYS products.)

The tube is an average size with the cap on, but when you take the cap off you see that unlike other lipsticks which extend into the cap, this one stops halfway. It’s not the sturdiest packaging I have ever seen, but it is one thousand times better than the BYS lipstick packaging. It also has a sticker on the bottom showing the colour which I like. Even better, the colour of the tube changes according to the product too, which is unlike any other brand I am aware of.

The colour of this lipstick doesn’t appear to be all that incredible in the tube, which is exactly why I love it. When you apply it you get a choice of super sheer, or you can build it up. The natural pink colour is incredible, and gives your lips a juicy, glossy, plump and moisturised look. It’s one of those, ‘your lips but better’ products that you can keep in your handbag and wear for any occasion. Whenever I am not sure what to wear, in a hurry or just want an instant ‘makeover’ this is the lipstick I slap on. It’s gorgeous! It is also pretty long lasting.

The formula is so creamy and moisturising, and my goodness it smells amazing. I could smell it all day. It is identical to the fragrance of the strawberries and cream lollies, with a bit of marshmallow mixed in. Best part is that it lingers even once applied. If only it tasted how it smelled…
In full sunlight

So like the eye soufflĂ© I recently reviewed, this is one of those products that have stolen my heart and I think will be a favourite for a long time. At only four dollars, this lipstick is so worth running out and purchasing – I will definitely be getting more!

I’m going to have to give this product 10/10.

In shade
I've been getting creative on photoshop!
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