Thursday, October 27, 2011

Exhibit Lipgloss - 02 Watermelon

This was a lip gloss that I bought very cheaply on an impulse. I saw it sitting lonely on the shelf and decided to just get it. I'm glad I did though, because it is really lovely.

I am actually quite pleased with the size of it but I know that my friends hate it. It is thirteen centimetres long (my other lipgosses are only about eight) and it means that there is quite a lot of product included. It has a little hole in it at the top so you can hang it off your keyring, but I wouldn't do that.

It is this very bright pink colour but it applies on quite sheer and only has a slight hint of pink. It looks so beautiful and glossy, although it is a little thick in texture. I personally like it but I know others would find it to be too thick. Then again you can easily control how much you put on - if you don't want it on thick, don't put much on!

It smells nice, not really like watermelon but a nice sweet smell all the same. It is a little on the plastic smelling side but I consider it to be not too bad.

I usually wear it by itself but it looks lovely over a similar colour of lipstick. It's a shimmery kind of colour and has tiny golden flecks of sparkly (but they are not noticeable on the lips). I love wearing it because it make my lips so glossy and they just slide around!

As for its lasting power, it's not amazing but not one of the worst I have ever seen. It does kind of soak into your lips a little which is nice. It isn't drying either which is good. I will be wearing this more often!

I give this product 7 out of 10.
Look how big this lipgloss is!


  1. This looks like a steal! I so hate the Nivea lipgloss. I felt cheated

  2. It is a steal! You hated the Nivea lipgloss! I didn't mind it, in fact, I quite liked it! Such a shame it wasn't for you...


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