Friday, October 28, 2011

What a makeup mess!

Sometimes when I have a busy week, my makeup draw can get a little out of hand. Okay, a lot out of hand. This week it got so out of hand that I was disgusted with myself. It was so bad, I am embarrassed to post this picture up. So why am I going to? Because I am proud of how I have fixed it up. It is SO much better now that I have fixed it up. Thank goodness, because it couldn't really get much worse!

Before the great clean-up
 I didn't even know that it could ever get so bad. I had so much trouble trying to find stuff in there, that I ended up playing 'whatever makeup you pick out with your eyes closed is what you will wear' every morning. Needless to say, it inspired me to clean up the disgraceful mess.

I decided that I really needed to go online and have a look at some makeup storage ideas. Seriously, I needed help. I wanted an organised system, that would allow me to find things quickly and easily.

Well, this is what I came up with, and whilst it isn't exactly what I wanted, it is definitely better than what I had before!

At the very back are some spare hair ties, a backup moisturiser and more lip balms (yes more!). In the top left box is all my face products - foundation, blush, concealer and bronzer. The next box on was really whatever I couldn't fit anywhere else, and included more lipbalms, Lucas' Papaw ointment, gel eyeliner and Physicians formula pearls of perfection. Under the blue thing, is my DB 48 eyeshadow palette. The blue thing itself was actually for holding pencils, for I filled it with my eyeliners and lip liners, and the small brushes that I owned that would fit in there. The two green baskets contain lipsticks, lipglosses and lip balms. The spotty blue box in the bottom right is the rest of my eye products - shadows and mascaras (oh, and a brush).

So there you have it - it is much better than before that is for sure, but it is still not amazing. Until I think of a better idea, this is how I shall have it.

By organising this, I also found out that I have lost my Nivea Strawberry lip balm, which is funny because I never use it and in theory it should be in the draw. That's rather frustrating...

 Anyhow, I am glad that it is all sorted out because now I can actually find things!


  1. Haha this happened to me as well! I finished uni this week and my draw was such a mess! I finally got some new little colorful containers, and sorted everything out!

    Looks good Hun :)

  2. It so easy to make a mess, but it takes so much more effort to clean it up! Thanks!

  3. Nice! I am still in the process of organizing mine and it's about 100x worse than your before!

  4. Mess!! This looks in apple pie order compared to what I've got!! LOL!!
    Still i manage to find everything from my chaos :D

  5. It really wasn't that bad? Wow, and I thought it was terrible!
    Nice to know that not everyone is able to maintain an organsied makeup system!

  6. You have inspired me to sort out my MESS lol.Great post.


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