Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Savvy Translucent loose powder

I bought this giant 18.52g container of loose powder when Savvy was selling everything off for three dollars. I didn't have any setting powder (other than this) and I had been finding that in the really hot weather my makeup hadn't been sticking around. I am so pleased with this product!

Even though it says it is translucent, it gives a tiny bit of colour. I am really pleased because I didn't want it to be a foundation but I wanted a tiny bit of coverage too and this is the perfect amount. I apply my liquid foundation as normal and then use this over the top - it makes it stick ALL day, rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, good day or bad. It is amazing.

You know how sometimes powders, well, make you look powdery? This is not one of them! It doesn't settle into any creases, doesn't stick to dry areas, doesn't clump into groups. my skin looks dewey and fresh as it did without the powder, all this does is adds a tiny bit of coverage and makes my makeup stick like glue (without the sticky feeling!)

There is one thing that I cannot stand...the packaging! I hate it so much it's unbelievable. I hate it more than mushrooms and seafood put together, and that is a heck of a lot of hate! You see, the holes are so giant that a massive amount of product comes out. The brush I use picks it all up, I try and apply it to my face and a massive powder cloud explodes in my face. I sneeze, it gets in my eyes, the air from my sneeze blows more power around the room. I yell, I threaten to throw it in the bin, it's a disaster (and a true story!)

So, the packaging was a problem. Until I figured it out. Rule number 1 - Never ever hold it upside down, or even on the side. Rule number 2 - lightly dab the brush in the product. Get as little of it as you can on the actual brush. Rule number 3 - Use the lid to swirl the brush around, ensuring that the powder is evenly distributed across the brush. Rule number 4 - Blow lightly on he bristles of the brush. Rule number 5 - apply to face.

Now I realise that may seem like a lot of rules to apply powder, but it's so worth it. I adore this stuff. It is amazing. For three dollars, it is even more amazing. I want to give it 10/10 but that would be lying, because the packaging is awful. That is why I can only give it 9/10. So sad, so sad...

Oh, I have a question - Maybelline Dream Matte powder. Yes or no? I have heard good reviews, but now that I have this I'm not sure what to do. Is it a "translucent" powder like this, or is it a powder foundation?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

OOTD - Out to dinner

This is my first outfit of the day...well, it's actually an outfit of the night. We were going out to dinner last night, nowhere too posh. I pulled out the shirt and realised I hadn't worn it for ages so I decided that would be what I was going to wear.

I actually bought the shirt from an Op-shop for three dollars, and I really like it. According to the label it was from Valleygirl. I really love the black, woven detailing around the neck, it really adds so much character to it. It wouldn't be nearly as nice if it didn't have it. I love the way it sits, the shape is just lovely. The band at the bottom fits snug on you hips and the material above it doesn't cling. The only problem with that is that another shirt must be worn underneath or else it is a little too low cut. I usually wear a cream coloured tank top from Supre.

My jeans were also from an Op-shop, and according to the label they were from table eight. I bought them for ten dollars and they are so comfortable. I do have to cuff them because they are quite a bit too long, but I could get them fixed if I wasn't too lazy to get around to it.

The shoes are from Rubi shoes. At first I wasn't sure about the red, I had intended on wearing black flats, but I think the purple and the red went well together. As for my bracelet, it is just a simple one from Diva that came in a pack of five, nothing too exciting.

So yes, my first OOTD isn't all that exciting to be perfectly honest, but I think it looks alright.

My bag

What the shoes actually look like - the first photo is so washed out!

Red lips to match the shoes!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Formula 10.0.6 - Face the day, Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15

Okay, so you have probably noticed my lack of extensive product review posts this week. Yes, life is so busy and believe it or not (I'm sure you beauty bloggers will understand) it takes quite a long time to review a beauty product.

First of all you have to test it out, and I mean really test it out. You can't just wear it for one day and then comment on it, you've got to put it through all kinds of tests to ensure that you have a very good idea about the product. Then you have to write a thorough review, ensuring that it is all 100% true. Then you take the photos, edit them if need be and upload them. If you are anything like me, it's really difficult to find a place with adequate lighting (the only time I have to blog is at night and of course, no natural light is around at that time!) and uploading the photos takes 100 years. So, I know it isn't really a valid excuse, but things have been a little chaotic and unfortunately I haven't been able to post as many reviews as I was hoping for.
Right, I think that is enough blabbing, time for the review.

I have had this product for a while, and the reason I haven't reviewed it yet is because my opinions on it change weekly, even daily at a push! My opinion on it is determined by the weather, my skin and how lazy I am feeling. Yep, it's one of those products.

It was in winter and my skin was behaving pretty well. I didn't really want all that much coverage because I didn't feel as though I needed it, and I wanted to sleep in for a few extra minutes in the morning. Foundation takes a lot longer to apply than tinted moisturiser (well, it does for me anyway) so I figured a tinted moisturiser would be the best option, allowing me to sleep a little longer...

When I first bought it I absolutely hated it, and I know for sure that this was the case with a heck of a lot of other people. You see, when it comes out of the tube it's orange, bright orange. I was quite disappointed because I hadn't expected it to be like this. There were no testers at the shops and the tube itself had a foil seal over the opening so there was no way you could tell what colour it was going to be.  Twelve dollars down the drain!

Because it was winter and my skin was almost transparent, I decided to put it away until summer time. Of course, when summer finally rolled around I forgot about it until the very end when it was almost too late. Still, I gave it a good shot and came to what I hope is my final opinion regarding this product.

In order to use it I have to work hard. It requires a lot more effort than foundation in terms of applying it. Because it is so orange, even when I have tanned skin it still isn't the correct colour. I have to use it so sparingly an blend blend blend! Once I feel as though I have blended enough, I blend some more, just to be on the safe side. One positive thing that I can say about it, is it does give a nice, healthy glow. Because the colour isn't perfect, I looked more tanned, but not in an awful "Eww, buy the right foundation you crazy lady!" kind of way. More of an "Ooohhh, have you been on holidays in Hawaii?!" kind of tan. It just requires so much effort to get there!

It has an SPF 15, Aloe and Vitamin A. It is supposed to be good for the skin, in that it doesn't clog pores. I think at first it feels a little heavy and greasy, but after a little bit it feels fine. Another thing I like about this is that it really lasts throughout the day. It was about 38 degrees today, so I was sweating a heck of a lot, but it still stayed on so well, without primer.

The smell is a funny one, some people don't mind it and others hate it. I think it smells like sunscreen that has been covered with a sweet perfume. I personally can tolerate it, and I don't feel as though the smell stays with you once it is on your face. It's supposed to be a moisturiser, but I think you need to apply your usual moisturiser too. It's not drying, but it's not overly great moisture-wise either.

This is one of those products that you should not buy unless you have found a tester and have worn it for a day prior to buying. I know people that really like it, and people who think it is possibly the worst beauty product in the entire world.

Me? I think I shall give it a 6 out of 10. I'll use it up but I won't be buying any more. I will however, continue to love the names they give their products - check them out!

L-R - Blob, unblended, tiny bit blended, completely blended (completely
blended is on the far right (you can't see it))
Sorry, I had no idea how long this was until I was just about to post it!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

To curl or not to curl

Lately I have had my heart set on the idea of getting an eyelash curler. I'm not at all sure how this idea managed to wriggle its way into my head, but I can tell you that it's not getting out. The things that I want to know is whether an eyelash curler is worth it? My lashes are naturally reasonably long, and the curl they have is alright, but would an eyelash curler be a sensible thing to purchase?

If so, is it worth getting a cheap one or should I spend a bit more cash on it? I have seen them ranging for dirt cheap to really, really expensive and I just have no idea what they are worth.

Another thing, is using an eyelash curler damaging to your lashes? I know people use them all the time, but people use straighteners too and we all know what that does to your hair!

So, if you have any knowledge regarding eyelash curlers I would love to hear your thoughts!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The big one zero zero

Wow. 100 followers has finally occurred. I have 100 followers. Oh my goodness.

So yes, when signing in today I was greeted with the little "100" on my dashboard. Of course, I have been logging in daily (well almost) for a while and had seen the numbers creep up, but honestly, it doesn't feel quite real.

For those of you who have been following for a little while, you are probably aware that I, uh, know very little about blogging. I just crashed into the beauty world and flopped into the blogging world, which I suppose you can imagine isn't the greatest of combinations. From there I tripped and stumbled my way through, and here I am now with 100 followers. It can't be true!

I just want to say a massive thankyou to everyone, especially those who have commented and assisted me from the beginning! I love reading your blogs and can't thank you enough for your input on the blog.

And now it is time for a very happy blogger to get off the Internet and do her list of jobs that have been piling up for quite a while!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Maybelline Bronzer - Forever Warm

 I got this bronzer quite a while ago but never really got into it because I had my Savvy by DB Jumbo one! I decided to try and use it a little more the other day, and figured I may aswell complete a review on it. I am aware that they aren't being sold anymore, however I have seen them at Gloss stores, and of course, Cheap as Chips!

Unlike my Savvy bronzer, this isn't matte. It is quite obviously a shimmery bronzer when swatched on the hand and applied to the face, but in the pan it looks matte to me. It has a sun pattern in it and comes with a tiny brush. Seriously, I don't understand why they put a brush in when you clearly cannot use it!

The first thing that I noticed was that it wasn't particularly pigmented. I thought the Savvy one wasn't pigmented, but in comparison to this one, it is amazing! Whilst this is kind of frustrating, when I really think about it, it is probably a good thing. Because this bronzer isn't matte, I don't use it for contouring but more for giving me a nice glow. If it was too pigmented it could easily look muddy and horrible.

It can appear to be a little orange on the my skin. This is definitely one that I reserve for summer. I don't wear much bronzer in winter anyway, but I can guarantee if I was to wear some, this wouldn't be it. A summer bronzer only!

The packaging is fine...not too fiddly to open, not too flimsy. It seems to tick all the boxes in that respect...

One thing I will mention is that it feels quite silky. That might sound a little funny, but when applying it on the skin it feels less like powder and more like a silk. It claims not to clog pores, and it is one of those products that actually feels like it won't clog them. It's very lightweight and feels good on.

The lasting power of this bronzer is what really lets it down. It only lasted a couple hours max on my skin, whereas my Savvy one was much, much better.

I do like this bronzer, but because my Savvy one is just so much better it makes this one look dreadful in comparison. I give this bronzer 6 out of 10.

Left - The Savvy Bronzer brush
Right - The brush you get given

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ulta Nail Polish collection

Base - Rubi Nail polish in
Ace of spades
Sparkles - One coat of Confetti
I seriously have Ulta Nail polishes coming out of my ears! I have absolutely no idea how I managed to aquire so many, but I thought I might do a little collection post, just for fun.

I've done several reviews on my Ulta Polishes before, so if you are interested in them have a look here, here and here. These polishes are the cheapest of cheap, they are practically free. As you would imagine, no one really takes much notice of them because they just firgure something of that price would be the most awful quality imagineable. That definitely stopped me from purchasing them for a long time, until finally one day I did.

Oh how I managed without them I just don't know! These are such good nail polishes and the colour range is sooo big. Sure, they do chip in the end and some of them need a couple of coats for full coverage, but these things just don't matter when you stop to remember the amazing price you pay.

Base - Lily White
Sparkles - Confetti (one coat)
The two photos with the sparkles showcase the newest of my Ulta polishes - Confetti. (Ignore the disgusting paint job I did, I didn't actually wear this polish I just did it so I could take a photo and then take it off straight afterwards!) It is a clear based polish with green, blue and purple sparkles. I personally am not all that keen on how it looks in the bottle, but on black it looks incredible, and on white it's not too bad either. As you bloggers would know, sparkly polishes often don't show their true beauty on camera, and this was no exception. For someone who really isn't into sparkly nail polishes, this is really, really nice.

Just recently I was given five polishes, (including confetti). I must admit, most of them I wouldn't usually go for but I was pleasantly surprised with how I warmed to them.

The photo to the left shows confetti on it's own, Mojito (green), Blue Marlin, Tangelo and Orchid. Each of them have two coats except for Orchid which only has one.  As you can see, Tangelo is the brightest and is probably the one that I would go for the most out of all of them. Orchid looks so lovely in this picture, but it is actually this metallic polish with a gold kind of sheen to it. Really not my kind of polish! Ihave never really gotten into blue or green nail polishes so these were never going to take my fancy, but the blue one I think looks quite nice. Who knows, I might need the green one day...

So, I have 11 Ulta polishes in total...and that's only the beginning of my nail polish collection that isn't Ulta! My favourite Ulta polish is probably Pink Colada, then Watermelon, then Plum Violet.

If you are interested in seeing any of these up close on my fingernails or a review on a particular one (the formula does differ from polish to polish) then just comment because that is very easily accomplished. I just felt as though I needed to do a collection posts, and I enjoy seeing a whole heap of polishes at a time rather than just one.

Do you guys own any polishes from this brand? Have you had a good experience with them?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I wish I had known before I started blogging

When I first became a blogger, which feels like a really, really long time ago but was actually not that long at all, I really did not know much about blogging whatsoever. I had no idea about what went on, felt as though everyone would hate me and it really stopped me from enjoying it at first - I was too busy worrying about it to actually enjoy it. I would have benefited from reading about important things to know as a blogger, but of course I never read anything of the sort. I just learnt from my mistakes and the advice of other bloggers and here I am now.

So, I thought I might create a post listing lessons I have learnt and things that I think is important for a blogger to know. I recently stumbled across a whole heap of new bloggers, all of who have such brilliant blogs already, and I thought that maybe they would find this post useful.

Stick to a theme
Obviously I personally wanted my blog to be primarily about beauty. I am hoping to start branching out into fashion, but it is mainly about beauty. I think it is really important to stick to a theme that you are going to have your blog about, because it draws in relevant and interested readers and they know what to expect. Whether it be food, lifestyle, beauty or fashion, keep it to some sort of theme.

Write about your passions
Or at least, something that you are interested in. When I started this blog, beauty wasn't really something that I was obsessed with. Let me tell you, this blog has fuelled the explosion of my new interest in everything makeup and beauty. I never thought it would (and could) be so much fun. Sure, I may have spend a significantly large amount of money on beauty in comparison to previous years, but it has been so much fun and been the cause of so much enjoyment. Write about something you love, because there is nothing worse than someone writing about something they are not interested in, it really shows in their writing.

Pictures tell 1000 words
One of my better photos - clear and easy to see colour,
shape, consistency etc.
When I first started this blog, it had no photos. Why? I actually have no idea! A reader mentioned it, and man I am so glad she did! I can't thank her enough because it made me realise how vital it is to have photos on your blog. They are so important, especially with product reviews because they can explain so much more than words ever will. It is also really important to have good quality photos too, where possible. A plain background and good focus makes a huge difference.

Quality means so much
It is important to write when you are in the mood for writing. The stuff that I write when I don't feel like writing is absolutely rubbish, and it is bad for everyone. Good quality posts are incredibly important and make a huge difference to the quality and likability of your blog.

Respond to comments as much as possible
Comments are the best things. I was afraid of them at first, I just thought they were an invitation for negativity, a breeding ground for hate comments. I am pleased to say that I have not received any comment that has upset me or offended me. In fact, every one of them has been so lovely and positive, and every time I see one on the dashboard it makes my day. Without comments this blog would not be anything like it is now, and it wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable for me to write.

Interact with readers - what do they want?
Whilst readers shouldn't decide on everything, their opinion is important too. It is important to listen to what they want to read and what they are interested in. By no means does that mean you should stop writing about what you love - let's say that's movie reviews for example - and write about the life cycle of a maggot just because someone else is interested in that, but it is important to have a relationship with them too. Polls are a good way to interact.

Blog often, where possible
It's so frustrating when you begin following people and you love what they write about, and then they don't write anything for three months. I think it is important to blog regularly and consistently. Of course things happen, you get busy and you don't post for a week or two. No one is going to hold that against you, but three months with no explanation? That's rather frustrating.

Interesting and attractive photos from time to
time make all the difference.
Make your blog aesthetically pleasing and easy to read
A huge factor that influences whether I follow someone or not, is whether their blog is easy to read and relatively nice to look at. That doesn't necessarily mean pretty flowers surrounding the headings, but if it has a good, solid layout it makes a massive difference.

Spell with care!
Spend time reading over your posts in order to eliminate spelling mistakes. I cannot stand reading blogs where every second word is spelt incorrectly. I don't care about the odd spelling mistake here and there, but when it is blatantly obvious that the author couldn't care less about spelling, it really bothers me!
Read other, similar blogs
I learnt so much from reading other beauty blogs, the reviews and everything in between. You hear about products to look out for, what people want to know about products and the styles of other writers. Most importantly, it is great fun.

Don't be afraid to make your own rules
When I first made my blog, I really didn't like how it looked and the colours and what not, but I was really reluctant to change it because I thought that maybe there was so blogging law that said 'Thou shalt never change their blog appearance" or something of the sort. I am so glad I ended up changing it! Don't be afraid to go ahead and do what you feel like.

I would love for you guys to comment with your own advice and experiences too!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sparkly silver nails

Recently I had the opportunity to dress up, and of course no costume can go without gorgeous nails to match, so I spent some time working on my, rather neglected, nails.

My costume was two colours, pink and silver, and I decided to highlight the silver on my nails. I often wear pink polish too, so I wanted to make things a bit more exciting and wear a polish that had been hiding away for a while.

I began by giving my nails one coat of silver polish. The one I used is actually completely unusual, for it has no brand or product/shade name. All that is on the bottle is a 'B.' I couldn't find anything about it on the internet. Anyway, this mysterious polish is absolutely brilliant and gives the most gorgeous colour and coverage. It surprises me every time when I apply it, because the colour is so striking and opaque. It's gorgeous. It is so brilliant and shimmery, I love it to bits. It dries remarkably quickly, so I decided to apply a second coat, just in case. It really wasn't needed, but I just wanted to marvel at how streak free it is, how lovely the polish looks and how quickly it dries.

After completing this, I used my BYS Glitter Polish in Silver Moon for the first time which was very exciting. I bought this specifically for the occasion, despite having heard some not so positive reviews. The base of this polish is clear which I was really pleased with, and it contained different sized hexagonal glitter pieces. I did feel as though the large glitter was a little to big, but it didn't really bother me all that much to be honest. The consistency of the polish was very thick, which meant that when applied on your nail it took a while to dry. It required lots and lots of coats in order to get a noticeable amount of glitter on there - getting the big chunks on were incredibly hard. Of course, this meant that it took hours and hours and hours to dry. I actually applied it about and hour before bed, and by then it was still too wet to actually use my hands. I went to bed and hoped with all my heart that I would not wake up to find my nails completely ruined, and let's just say that I slept very still that night. Only my thumb was a little dented and messed up, but the rest of my fingers looked lovely. Lucky!

So, I was really quite impressed with my sparkly nails. It's interesting because I have never ever taken an interest in sparkles. Even as a really little girl I would always prefer the "normal nail polish" (as I called it back then) over the attention seeking sparkly polishes that all the other little girls seemed to be in love with.

Although it never ever shows up quite as nicely in photos compared to real life, I did my best to show you my show stopping nails. They really do not appear to be as extravagant, but it was the best I could do. The combination of the striking silver and three different sized glitter particles (from the smallest in the mysterious polish to the giant sized in the BYS polish) made them amazing!

I would give the mysterious polish a 9/10 and the BYS polish a 6/10.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Okay, I know I have been a bad blogger. Kayla from Kayheartsmakeup awarded me with this award on the 2nd of February, and I haven't made a post about it until now. I am so sorry Kayla, and I hope you understand that I really, really appreciate it. The reason that I haven't made this post is because a lot has been going on lately and everything has been a little out of control, but hopefully everything will calm down and get back on track.

Okay, onto the award.

There are three different aspects of the award that need to be addressed - thank whoever gave it to you, share seven random facts and then pass it on to seven other bloggers.

Right, seven random facts. I think I will make them all beauty related because I have shared seven random facts before when I received the "Tell me about yourself award."

1. The first beauty product I ever had was a strawberry lipbalm
2. The beauty product that I love but always forget/can't be bothered/don't have time to use is...blush
3. If I had to live off one beauty product for the rest of my life it would be a tinted moisturiser or tinted lipbalm
4. The product that surprised me the most was...the Avon colour trend fruit lip balms (and not at all in a good way!)
5. My all time favourite lipstick colour is...oh this is hard. Nude? No, light pink, no nude, no...
6. Eyeliner hates me.
7. The product that hasn't arrived in Australia that I am most desperate to try is the Revlon Lip butters.

So, there we have it.

Now for the dilemma. I am supposed to pass this on to seven other people...I always find that only two people take any notice, which is often because they have received a million other awards. In the spirit of Valentine's day, I think I will just shout out to all of you whose blogs I read and share the love with you all. I love coming home from a loooooong day, getting on the computer and catching up on all your posts, it is just awesome. So thankyou everyone!

Monday, February 13, 2012

I love...Strawberries and Milkshake Body Wash

I am a sucker for magazine advertisements. Yes, I see something and if it is well advertised, I want it immediately. I know that that is exactly what they want to occur and that I should try and resist these urges, but seriously, I don't mind. I'm quite happy to develop my beauty wish list based on the advertisements I see in the magazines. So, it was no surprise when I saw this ad (shown below) and decided I needed the product.

Actually, now that I think about it, it kind of is surprising because the advertisement isn't particularly good. Anyway, I was in need of some body wash/shower creme and anything with the words "Strawberries" and "Milkshake" is sure to be a winner, so I decided I was going to have it. Yes, this little - well kind of large - bottle was going to be mine.

And it was, but not the way I thought it would be. A friend of mine bought it for my birthday, with a couple of other lovely things too. It even had a pretty white ribbon tied around it!

So, is it as good as I had expected? Yes it really is! As usual I am going to start with the fragrance because after all, that is the most important part!

It smells absolutely gorgeous, reasonably similar in fact, to my Strawberry body butter. I could smell this non stop for the rest of my life and I would never get sick of it. It's so creamy and sweet, if this was a dessert, it would be truly incredible. The strawberry scent is very noticeable which I like - this is not a subtle scent at all.

The body wash itself is amazing. It lathers up so well and gets all soapy and bubbly in no time. It feels so good on the skin and it washes off really well (you know how sometimes you have to spend hours scrubbing trying to get the soap off, well this isn't one of those products).

A fair amount is required per use, however the bottle is 500mL which I think will last a pretty long time. The flip top cap is really handy and easy to use in the shower. I have had one with a screw top lid once which was the biggest pain ever, so this is magical to me!

I love the packaging. Even though it is so simple I think it is really affective. All the text is wonderful, and I spend half my time in the shower reading it! The front of the bottle says "Fall in love again; there's something about the super smoothness of my thick creamy aroma, united with a burst of fresh strawberries, that leaves your senses elated and your taste buds-a-tingling!" Well, fall in love I did! On the back it's just as wonderful. Although, I was kind of disappointed when I read "I am not a food. Please do not try to eat me." Haha!

There was only one problem that I had with this, and that was that it didn't last on my skin. In fact, as soon as I got out of the shower the fragrance had left me. Is that common? Do shower gel fragrances usually stay on the skin or not?

Apart from that, I loved this product, which fits in with the product name, and give it 8/10 (yes, I am really disappointed the fragrance doesn't stay!) The lip balm is next on my list, and I'm sure that that will be just as good.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Makeup and sport is not a good mix

I am constantly surprised at the sheer number of people who wear makeup when they play sport. Is it just me, or is it a little bit odd that people load their faces with foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer and lipstick before they play a game of netball. Yes, there are several girls in my team who feel required to look like supermodels 24/7 and in their eyes that means wearing a full face of makeup, even while playing sport. Gosh, some of the girls wear more than I ever do and somehow manage to play a hard, fast game of netball.

I tried it, once. I was wearing a thin layer of foundation and a concealer on a couple of my blemishes. I was not wearing mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer or lipstick unlike many of the other girls, but I found it to be just plain awful. Let me tell you, there is nothing that feels worse than your foundation sliding off your face due to excessive sweating, having your concealer run down your neck as you wipe the beads of sweat off your brow. It's revolting and I don't know how they do it when they have ten times as much makeup as me. Do others feel the same or am I alone in my opinion?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Body Shop Strawberry Body butter

I have been wanting this body butter from the Body shop my entire life. "So why didn't you get it you crazy person!" you must all be thinking. To be honest, there were a couple of factors involved.
The first was that I didn't like the price very much. Yes, I may be a little tight with my money, but here in Australia some of the things from the body shop are too over priced for my liking. Another factor was that I had heard some negative reviews about the product, mainly that it was greasy and felt awful on the skin. Some hated the fragrance too because they felt that it was much too overpowering. Yet another factor was that I am someone who quite likes just drooling over a product, dropping in to see it when I happen to be at the shops and talking about how wonderful it will be. More often than not, a product isn't nearly as good as you imagined it. It was a nice surprise to find that this one was even better!

I was given this with a couple of other things from a friend for Christmas. She had heard me talking about it and had a liking for body shop products herself, so she bought me one and one for herself!

I must begin the review with the smell. It is the most beautiful smelling body butter I have ever come across. The fragrance is incredibly strong which is exactly how I like it, and it is one that you will never, ever get sick of. It is very, very sweet and I do have to be very disciplined when I use it as I really, really want to eat it.

It is incredibly moisturising, I use it daily on even the driest skin areas and find that it works like magic. I know they have body butters where the tubs are divided, one side having the everyday body butter and the other having the  more intensive one for very dry skin. I don't think it is worth it as I found this to be perfectly fine.

It soaks into the skin very well and doesn't leave you with a horrible greasy feeling. Well, not too greasy, depending on your skin it can take a little time to soak in. I think that is the only problem that I have with it, and even then it is oh so slight.  Your skin feels soft for ages after use.

You do need a fair bit of product and so I found that I started to use it up very quickly which was rather frightening. If you think I'm crazy, all will be explained here.

I think the actual tub looks lovely, simple but so effective. Strawberry is definitely my favourite in the range, but if it is not your think I'm sure you could find something - there are soooo many different body butters to choose from!

I used this on mild sunburn and I swear that it actually help reduce it. I know it reduced the pain at least but I think it is secretly some magic product for sunburn (I could be imagining this but my sunburn was almost gone the next day after a good lathering of the body butter!)

Do I love this product? Yes I do, I shall be purchasing more should the end of the world come and I run out of it. I give this product 9 out of 10.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My (little) ring collection

I have decided to post my collection of cheap rings, you know, the ones from Diva and the likes. I love cheap rings because they add to the outfit and believe it or not they draw in compliments like you wouldn't believe! I get more compliments on some of these rings than I do for my clothes, shoes and makeup! I don't know what it is but there is something about them!
I haven't always been such a ring was really only 2011 that I really got into them. I received a couple of them as gifts and the rest of them I bought either really cheaply at markets or when they were on special at Diva or equip. I wouldn't have paid more than five dollars for any of the rings!

As you can see from the first photo, I am definitely into silver more than I am gold. Of course none of these rings are actually real silver (except for the one with the purple stone) but I don't really mind. The only thing that does really bother me about this cheap jewellery is that they go all gross and discoloured in absolutely no time at all. It's so frustrating! Still, what should I expect when I pay so little. I have to try and stop myself from getting too attached because in no time they are unwearable.

 The yellow ring I can remember getting for fifty cents at a market. I think I have worn it about twice. I wasn't all that sure about it but a couple of people have commented that they quite like it. It looks a little cheap and tacky to me but oh well, it is a very fun and happy piece of jewellery!

A couple of those plain silver rings came together in a set, I think I remember paying five dollars for them. I have worn them a heck of a lot, and now they are all gross. So disappointing.
My most commented on rings
 The rings in the photo to the left are the ones that I receive the most compliments on. The purple one is one that my mother has given to me. I think it has made the rounds with several of the females in my family, and now I have ended up with it. I think it is probably my favourite of the lot, even though it is so simple. The next one along was fifty cents and (very surprisingly) it seems to be very much loved by everyone else who saw it. I was totally shocked, I mean, it's nice but not that nice. The next one is incredibly commented on, more than any of the rings. I am quite fond of this one. And, last but not least, this little five dollar beauty is one of my favourites and everyone elses favourite too!
My favourite rings
The rings to the right are all my favourites. The white one and the striped one are very simple but I think they compliment a lot of my outfits (which are mainly made up of grey, white and black) very well. The leaf ring is one that was kind of love at first sight. As soon as I set eyes on it I had to buy it, especially as it was so cheap!

So, that is my little ring collection. Please note that I am not bragging or anything of the sort, but I really enjoy looking at posts similar to this on other people's blogs. If you don't like this post, please feel free to refrain from reading it.

The rest of the rings

A little bit out there!

My only non-silver rings!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Australis Eye pencil - Black

There are a couple of beauty bloggers out there who are huge fans of Australis beauty products. The only Australis product I had ever used was their nail polish which I reviewed here. I decided it was time for another product.

I admit that I haven't got the best relationship with eyeliners, but this one added to my eyeliner dislike.

This eyeliner is not long lasting. I wasn't expecting it to be amazing because it isn't waterproof, but it does not last longer than about an hour. I personally think that if it doesn't last for even an hour then that product is just not worth having.

Left line: Several strokes
Right line: One stroke

When swatched on the hand it appears to be relatively pigmented, but when I tried to apply it to the eye I had to go over the line several times. Of course this meant that my lines were messy and not at all accurate. I rubbed it gently to see how smudge-proof it was and it spread all over my hand. Going about my daily business it was about twenty minutes before it had spread everywhere and there was only this really faint line where I had applied it.

It was also very dry and when I had to go over my eye several times, it pulled and irritated me. I ended up with sore, red eyes due to the fact that it pulled and tugged so much.

There is a very good range of colours: black, brown, navy blue, olive green, white, blackest black and silver.

So, the formula is terrible, the lasting power is awful and as for the price? Well, it reflect that. I bought this eyeliner for six fifty on special, and I think it was marked down from $8.95. Yes, it is cheap but I do not at all think it is worth it.

I give this product two out of ten.

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