Friday, August 31, 2012

Miki Lip Balm - Red Apple

Miki cosmetics are those that don't seem to have a stand, the ones that you get as part of a 10 piece birthday gift containing other small knick knacks, the ones that are in small baskets on the counter as you go to buy a beauty haul and catch your eye. Their products cost token prices of about three dollars and they are always mini and adorable.

Somehow I found myself possessing an adorable little lip balm with the cutest packaging. According to their website (which is very cool, for your information) this lip balm doesn't exist. I couldn't find any evidence that they produced such a product, but I know that they do because I own it.

It is shaped as an apple the unscrews in the middle to reveal a bright pink balm. It smells very strongly of raspberry fruit, however it does have a soapy/shampoo kind of smell to it which does result in slight hesitance in regards to using it as a lip product.

The formula is okay, it is not very moisturising but it doesn't seem to be overly drying either. It lasts an okay amount of time and gives a bit of a shine to the lips. I can still smell it once it has been applied which I think is quite good, but I guess that depends on whether you like the smell of it or not. It has no taste, feels a little greasy...there really isn't much to say about it to be honest.

This is by no means an amazing product. It is a bit moisturising, a bit glossy, has a bit of a tint to it, smells a bit be honest the best way to describe it is 'a bit.' It is however very cute, and at a cost of about three dollars who could resist? Even if you just want it for display, I say go for it!

I give this product 5 out of 10 because it is neither good nor bad...just 'a bit.'

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Top 3 Tuesday - Eyeshadow

This week's Top 3 Tuesday is my favourite eyeshadows, a category I really enjoyed doing! I know I am posting this on Wednesday - I am so so would take me so long to explain to you how crazy this past week has been!

1. Essence Eye Souffle in Pas Des Copper
I had no trouble deciding my absolute favourite eyeshadow for this week! This eyeshadow is the best, I love it so much I think I could wear it everyday for the rest of my life and still never get bored. I love the texture and consistency, the formula, shade, packaging and everything else about it! Unfortunately (of course) it is discontinued, however Essence has a similar range of products (their Stay all day long lasting cream shadows) which I haven't tried out but expect would be similar (and their packaging is cooler). I plan on picking up 'Glammy goes to' next time I pass by Essence.

2. Australis Nudist Palette
Despite picking this up only recently it has quickly become one of my favourites. The large shade range within the one palette is really convenient, and being the neutral loving person I am it really suits my taste. It does have things it could improve on however I still really like it.

*You can win this in my current giveaway here!

3. Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow Palette in Autumn Spirit
I reviewed this ages ago (and admittedly it wasn't the best post I have ever done)  but it is still in my top 3 favourites. All four of the colours featured are perfect, including the pink shade which sounds awful but it surprisingly lovely. I only recently discovered it (I had ignored it previously) and now I use it often. I expect this is discontinued too...I shouldn't post about discontinued products, should I?

Close but not close enough...

For my close but not close enough this week I am featuring my Maybelline Dream Mousse Eyeshadow in Suede Sensation. I love this shadow but it has been discontinued for a remarkably long time now, so I figured it probably wasn't right to feature 3 discontinued products in my top 3! I also think that because the one I have is so old it has lost its initial 'wow' factor and is now more of a grotty mess. Nevertheless I still love it!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shrinking Wallet's Giveaway

Shrinking Wallet is holding yet another giveaway. Like last time, it is full of some really cool things. It is international which is awesome, so everyone has the chance to win a MUA Palette, Revlon Lip Butter, MOR Lip Macaroons and a Maybelline Baby Lips balm in Pink Glow. It closes on the 18th of September so check out her blog here.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Face of Australia Liquid Liner - Black

 This liquid eyeliner was probably the first product that caught my attention from the brand Face of Australia. It was featured in a magazine for being amazingly pigmented, super easy to apply and having an incredible brush. Despite this, I still didn't feel as though I would be capable of using it, and that somehow (like always) I would still end up with a disgusting mess if I attempted to apply even the tiniest bit of liquid eyeliner.

Let me tell you the truth - I was wrong, I can apply liquid eyeliner and I can even boast about how easy it is when I'm using this product.

The first problem that I have with liquid eyeliner, is that I want a nice thin line super close to my lashes, but the brush is always too chunky for my clumsy hands. With this liner, the brush is incredibly fine, flexible and just does what it is told. The first time I ever used this product I got it perfect in one shot. I then proceeded to spend the rest of the day telling everyone I met how great my eyes looked.

Another problem that I usually have is that it gets stuck all over my lashes and then smudged all over my eyelids and then I have to spend ten minutes removing all my eye makeup and starting all over again. I made a couple of mistakes on one of my eyes, but I just got a q-tip and in about two seconds (not even) had removed the wonky part and had a perfect line.

I love the packaging of this liner. It has a gorgeous matte black finish and it looks so classy and expensive!

The formula of this liner is beautiful. It is highly pigmented and it lasts all day (although if you rub your eyes continuously or cry it does rub off). It is quite wet when first applied and if you look up it will transfer. I wait about thirty seconds before looking around like crazy to ensure that the liner has dried. It does flake a little towards the end of the day which is frustrating, but it's not that much of a problem for me as by the end of the day I'm so worn out I couldn't really care about my makeup!

With this amazing liner I am able to create subtle thin lines, a winged eye (would would have thought I could ever create a winged eye?!) and everything in between. I was so proud of myself I even included a creepy collage of my eyeballs, just so you can see how awesome this liner is! I still need practise (I seem to start the eyeliner half way which does look a bit funny!) but I'm confident that this eyeliner will allow me to create a nice look. Please excuse the unbelievably creased eyeshadow, a review will be coming soon.

I love this liner and am so impressed, and I believe it costs only $8.95. I have to give it 8/10, because if I can use it, it must be a pretty good product!

*This product was sent to me for consideration but it has in no way influenced my review*

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Top 3 Tuesday - Nail Polish

Time for another 'Top 3 Tuesday!'

This week I rounded up my top three nail polishes. This was actually really quite easy as I have been into reds for soooo long now, and there were two stand out red polishes from my collection. I don't wear nail polish all that often, but when I do, these three polishes are the ones that I always go for, and one of this is always on my toes!

1. Ulta 3 Polish in Pink Colada
I've mentioned this polish quite a few times on my blog, but I have never actually completed a full review. This is my favourite polish ever, and it cost me only $2.50! It is an amazing formula, incredibly beautiful shade and is nice and quick drying. It lasts a while on my nails, is glossy and pretty much has no faults. I love this polish!

*This polish is part of my 1 year giveaway, enter here if you are interested!*

2. Essence Colour and Go Polish in Better Late than Never
This beautiful polish is a very, very similar shade to Pink Colada, just slightly more warm toned. This formula is great and I love that it really does dry in record time. It comes in the more adorable little bottle and costs $2.55. Once again, a cheap red polish that I am completely in love with!

3. Australis Nail Colour in Dusk
I'm probably cheating a bit with this polish here since it is discontinued, but I just had to include it because it is so gorgeous. This golden, bronze toned 'dusk' colour is incredible on the nails. It is a subtle metallic touch that is just beautiful. It is slightly streaky and does require about three coats, but it is so worth it!

Close but not close enough...

This week's 'close but not close enough' pick goes to another Ulta Polish in Watermelon. I really love this colour but with my recent obsession with reds I just haven't found myself wearing it as often. Whilst it is a beautiful colour it doesn't match with everything I wear, so that is the reason it didn't make it into my top 3.

Monday, August 20, 2012

CLOSED - Giveaway - Australis, Bourjois, NP Set, Maybelline, Revlon, Face of Australia, Ulta

Now I'm not going to get all emotional or anything, but I have been blogging for a year exactly today, and what a year it has been! When I first started I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I crashed my way into beauty and flopped my way into blogging, stumbled and tripped up for months before I finally regained my balance and began to make sense of what I was doing. A year later I've still got a lot to learn but I am loving every moment.

As a part of the celebrations I thought it was only fair if I held a giveaway. It is international. Please bear with me as this is my first time I've held a giveaway and I haven't got much idea of what I am doing. I did my best at selecting interesting products that I thought most people would be able to use.

The Australis palette featured is mine, obviously you will get
a new one! I just wanted to show you the shades.

The prize I am giving away is as follows:
Bourjois Eyeshadow in shade 08
Australis Nudist Eyeshadow Palette
Maybelline Baby lips in Cherry
Maybelline Makeup travel bag
Ulta Polish in Pink Colada
Revlon Colourstay Eyeshadow Quad 05 Blushed Wines
Face of Australia lipstick in Lychee Crush
Napolean Perdis Set Mascara and lipgloss trio

I have put links to each of these (if I have reviewed them on my blog) in case you wish to get more of an idea of the product.

The rules for this giveaway are:
- You must be a follower of my blog (one entry)
- You can earn an additional three entries if you make a post about this giveaway, including a photo and linking this post
- You can earn an additional two entries if you put a written notice/picture (including a link) about this giveaway in your blog's sidebar
- Anyone under 18 must gain parental permission prior to entering this giveaway
- This is an international giveaway
- Unfortunately I will not be able to replace anything that is lost or broken in the mail
- The giveaway closes at Midnight GMT on the 21st September 2012
- If the winner does not respond within 7 days after I send them an email, a new winner will be drawn

To enter, please leave a comment containing these things:
- Your name (GFC name)
- How many entries you should get, out of a maximum of six (linking your blog post or blog (for sidebar) accordingly)
- Your email address (so I can send you an email should you win)
- (OPTIONAL) A post from this blog that you like, for example a haul post, reviews on particular brands, ring collection, TAG etc. (so that I can get an idea of what you like me to post about)

I would also love it if new followers left a link to their blog so that I can check them out (old followers can do this too if they wish!).

As you would expect, all products are new (the Australis palette featured is mine as I wanted to show you the shades but you will get a new one!). I have removed the cardboard packaging for the Maybelline lip balm as it was too bulky to fit in for postage.

Good luck to everyone and thankyou all for supporting me and my one year old blog!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lipstick Queen Fifteen Minutes of Fame Gloss - 1 Minute

I received this product as a gift, and I had never heard of the brand before, never seen these products and had no idea where they could be bought from. The packaging had very little information on it so that didn't help, but after a bit of research I found out that it was quite a big brand (and it has a very cool website).

These lipglosses are part of a range called 'Fifteen Minutes of Fame Pop Art gloss.' What I think is really cool, is that there are fifteen shades of gloss in the range and each of them is named after each minute, so it goes from one minute (which I have) all through to fifteen minutes.

The lipgloss has pretty cool packaging with black stripes and a logo being the only thing present on the gloss itself. It is not like a normal lipgloss, it has a wind up mechanism that allows for the precise amount of lipgloss to be dispensed as you please. There is a twisty end that clicks as you turn it around, and on the other end is a small brush that fills up with gloss. This is very similar to the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer.

As mentioned, I got the shade '1 minute' which is the lightest shade. It is almost transparent which is a shame because I would have much preferred one of the darker shades It is glitter and shimmer free which I am very pleased about, and is a light milky pink colour. This is a very thick gloss in my opinion, and can actually get quite sticky, especially if you apply too much. The only good thing about this is that it lasts a fairly long time on the lips, but I don't like the feel and texture of this gloss so I don't want it to last anyway!

It does give a very high sheen but it looks as if you have just dipped your lips into a bucket of slime due to the fact that it is so thick. I think it may be different if I had a different shade, but because this is basically transparent, it doesn't look too good.

At first I really liked the brush type application, but as I began to use this product more it became stiff and sticky as it was stuck together with old gloss that hadn't been used up in the last application. Bits of fluff got stuck to it and it became such a mess. It really put me off this type of lipgloss.

I have no idea how much this product costs, where you can purchase it from or if they are even still being sold, but what I can tell you is that I don't think this product is worth it and that there are so many other glosses with better formulas and better forms of application to choose from. I give this gloss 5 out of 10.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

2 more blog awards!

I have been lucky enough to be granted two awards from Alia at Taking over the world a pair of shoes at a time, and from Ira at Ira's. These are the Liebster award and versatile blogger award respectively.

Each of the awards have set rules but since I have been blessed to receive these two awards before, I'm going to change them a little.

 Liebster Blog Award

Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
They must then answer the 11 questions given to them from the person who tagged them.
They must create 11 more questions for the people they tag.
They must then choose 11 more bloggers (I'm going to cheat and choose only three) who they then pass the tag onto.

So, 11 things about myself. This is hard because in the other awards I have listed things about myself too, but I will give it a shot.

1. I am left handed.
2. I always cry in sad movies.
3. Public speaking doesn't bother me.
4. When I'm alone I sing really loudly to the radio.
5. I do not own an umbrella and do not intend to buy one.
6. I really want to travel overseas to do some volunteer work.
7. When I have spare time my favourite things to do are read and write.
8. I try to appreciate the small things in life, like smiles, letters and compliments.
9. My favourite flowers are daffodils and gerberas and I own a small venus fly trap!
10. Four qualities I really admire are compassion, determination, love and understanding.
11. I often ask 'would you rather questions' and 'if this happened, how would you respond' questions.

Now to answer Alia's 11 questions:

1. Who's your favourite blogger. I'm sorry but that is an impossible question! Each blogger is different and each has a reason as to why I like them so much.
2. What are your favourite posts to read? My favourite posts to read are product reviews, NOTD posts (mostly because I can't do any of them!) and 'top 5' posts.
3. If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go? Anywhere warm!
4. If you could go on a shopping spree with anybody, who would it be? All of my closest friends, what fun!
5. Hidden Talent? Sadly, I do not possess any hidden talents.
6. Favourite pair of shoes? My slippers/ugg boots.
7. Favourite clothing store? Cotton On.
8. Did you watch the hunger games? I certainly did, though the books were so much more enjoyable in my opinion.
9. What are you collecting? Well it's not that I am intending to do so, but I am slowly but surely developing my makeup collection. I also collect handwritten notes, letters and other important and sentimental documents.
10. Celebrity crush? Emma Watson and Florence Welch.
11. Favourite bag? This one in the picture to the right. So cheap and a no-name brand but has been with me for ages.

And lastly, the questions that I set are:

1. What is your favourite flower?
2. What is the best gift you have ever received?
3. If you could only ever wear one shade of lipstick, what would it be?
4. What was the last thing you ate?
5. Have you ever eaten anything adventurous?
6. Would you rather be stuck inside your house for a week with no contact with anyone else, or wear your pyjamas to work for a day?
7. Does travelling interest you? Is there anywhere you really want to go?
8. What inspired you to create a blog?
9. What is something that has surprised you about blogging?
10. What would you tell yourself from five years ago?
11. What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?

For the Liebster blog award I tag:
1. Tara
2. Alizzet
3. Emma

Next is the Versatile blogger award!
For this award you need to list seven things about yourself and then pass it on to some other bloggers who are then to do the same. Not overly complicated, but gosh it is difficult coming up with more facts! I decided to make them a list of my favourite things.

1. Food? Bread, Anything with sugar
2. Singer/Band? Florence and the Machine, Regina Spektor
3. Book? Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
4. Makeup item? Lipstick/Lip balm
5. Clothing item? Jeans/Denim Shorts
6. School subject? Science
7. Type of shoes? Flats

It was too hard to come up with more amazing bloggers, because you all deserve to be tagged!

Once again, thankyou to the lovely bloggers who nominated me for these awards.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top 3 Tuesday - Lipgloss

I'm going to kick start my new, exciting blog series 'Top 3 Tuesday' with my current top 3 lipglosses.

Each week I will feature my top 3 products from the chosen category, link the reviews I have done on them and describe each of the products relatively briefly. I will select the products not only based on their brand, formulation etc. but their shades too - this might mean that I have three products from the same brand that are different shades. I will also include a 'close but not close enough' product that just missed the cut for one reason or another.

This week is lipglosses, one of the most loved and most recognised makeup products amongst ladies of all ages. I was always more of a balm/lipstick kind of person, but that didn't mean I wasn't a fan of the classic lipgloss too!

My top 3 picks:

1. Savvy Lip Jewels Lipgloss in Pink Diamond
I absolutely love my Savvy lipgloss, and it is probably the cheapest of the three! I purchased it for three dollars a long time ago and I still wear it frequently. I love the texture, shade, formulation, lasting power and of course price, the only problem is that (of course) it is discontinued. I must check out one of their new lipglosses...

2. Essence Stay with Me long lasting lipgloss in Candy Bar

L-R: Essence, Australis, Savvy
This was a semi raved about product for a while there and it was when Essence was just new to Australia that I purchased this. I bought it for four dollars and I really loved this bright (but subtle enough for daily wear) shade that contained no shimmer or glitter. It is a lovely formulation, tints the lips when it wears off and it an all round good lipgloss.

3. Australis Lipgloss in Jazz
I purchased this as part of a set, and this is my favourite of all the shades. It has a nice formula and once again remains shimmer free. It isn't overly sticky, has a nice formulation and I have grown fond of its mini size.

Close but not close enough...

For the 'close but not close enough' award is my Maybelline Shine Sensational lipgloss in Tempting Toffee. This gloss tastes incredible, is a gorgeous colour and has an alright formulation, but the reason it didn't make my top 3 is because it isn't packaged with a doe foot applicator, unlike the other three. I have discovered that whilst I don't hate the tube glosses, I really do prefer the application wands.

Let me know if you like any of these glosses, or if you have any other glosses that are your favourites!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Top 3 series? I need your input!

I love 'Top' posts. Those 'My top 5 blushes' or 'My top 10 eyeshadows' posts and videos are so exciting and allow me to find out about cool new products.

What would you think if I did a 'My top 3 ____' series? Would that interest you? What kind of products would you care about and want to know my top three of?

If I was to do this series I would feature my top 3 blushes, lipbalms, lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeshadows, foundation/concealers and perhaps nail polishes. Maybe I would even do eyeliners at a push. I would post regularly on a Tuesday, and I would title them 'Top 3 Tuesday,' until the series was complete.

I'm excited about this idea, but I would really love it if you could leave me a quick comment simply voting 'yes' or 'no.' If I don't get a response I will simply just go ahead and do it!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

MAC in Target?!

You may have heard a whisper or two about this exciting news, but if you haven't, Target is going to stock MAC products!

According to their online catalogue, select stores are going to be selling a small range of MAC products at lower prices, including lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes.

I don't know about you but this isn't something I really imagined would ever happen, but I sure am excited about it! I actually don't own any MAC products but that hasn't stopped me from drooling over them and making endless lists of all the beautiful products that I will buy 'one day!'

The prices listed in the catalogue are as follows:
Studio fix powder plus foundation - $29
Blush Powder - $24
Lipglass - $21
Eye Kohl Pencil - $19
Lipstick - $21
Eyeshadow - $19

Now I am a bargain lover and can't stand the thought of paying more than I have to, but I am pretty sure that these prices are ridiculously cheap in comparison to what these products usually retail for. According to Target the foundation is supposed to sell for $49, the lipstick $36 and the eyeshadows $19. What a bargain!

This may be the excuse I have been waiting for the purchase my first MAC product! The only thing that I do think might happen is that they only stock the unloved, unpopular shades. Hopefully this is not the case!

For those of you who own a MAC product or two, do you have any suggestions? I'm most interested in the lipsticks, then the eyeshadows then the blushes and I would love to hear your shade suggestions. For lipsticks I'm thinking Creme Cup or Lovelorn and for the eyeshadow Woodwinked or Naked lunch.  As for the blushes....I have no idea!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Face of Australia - Lip Crayons

This is the last review I have to complete on the products I purchased in my latest haul, and it is a very good note to finish on.

I don't recall the first time I heard about this product (although there is a 99% chance it was in a blog post) but from the moment I saw them I knew I had to get them. I had been looking at the Clinique chubby sticks for ever but knew I would never be able to justify paying so much for them, and had an inkling that at some point another brand would come out with a cheaper alternative. I did not however, not expect it to be cheaper by so much!

Clinique Chubby Sticks (please correct me if I'm wrong) retail in Australia for $35. Yes, you read that correctly. These Face of Australia ones come in a pack of three that retails for $15. Yes, you read that correctly too. Honestly, the difference between these is $30 per single product, isn't that absurd?! Even if they had charged $15 for one I still expect I would have purchased one. Thankyou Face of Australia.

The first thing I am going to mention is the awesome packaging. The chunky clunkyness (not a word but it should be) of these little beauties is so likeable, I could just hold them in my hands all day. They are like toys for grown ups and they look so damn pretty. The colours and the twist up end and the pretty little pictures combined with the lovely looking font makes for one incredible product. Gosh, the packaging is almost more exciting than the actual product (almost).

When I first purchased these I was most excited about Cupcake and Macaron, not so much about Sundae. I thought that Cupcake would be the one I would use the most although I didn't actually expect it to show up on my lips considering they are reasonably pigmented. This is in fact true, but it still makes a considerable difference and does make my lips appear a juicy pink. Macaron enhances my natural redness and Sundae is surprisingly lovely. It's not an awful brown like one might expect, but a gorgeous natural looking colour (although you do want to go easy on the application).

Guys, I could sit here all day and ramble about every tiny detail but I still don't think I would be able to tell you how great these are. Cupcake is the first lip colour that I have used consistently (without the break of any other colour) for two weeks straight. These are the first products that I carry around in my bag without fail (yes all of them).

They are beautiful, subtle yet buildable tints of colour, all three of the shades are gorgeous, they are moisturising and even smell nice too. They last a pretty decent amount of time, give a juicy looking finish and have a fun wind up mechanism which eliminates any inconvenient sharpening. There really isn't much more that I can say

I tried to give you lip swatches but they don't show their real beauty. Hopefully you can get some sort of idea of how they show up on the lips though it really does differ from person to person. (By the way, my lips aren't as funny looking in real life, it appears as though my camera loves taking pictures of my lips at most unflattering angles!)

I'm so pleased with these amazing little products, I am going to give them 10 out of 10. They are everyday hints of colour that are glossy looking, moisturising and so easy and fuss-free.

Top to bottom - Flash, No Flash
Left to right - Macaroon, Cupcake, Sundae

Monday, August 6, 2012

Australis Nudist Palette

There never was a whole lot of hype about this product on the Internet, but it caught my eye when I saw two or so bloggers mention it briefly. Something about the selection of neutrals in a compact, sleek little palette sucked me in and I found myself searching far and wide for it. It was nowhere to be found, until one day when Target was selling them for $4.88. Of course I gave a little squeal and rushed off to the price checker (just in case my mind was playing tricks on me). This is the only lot of eyeshadows I have been using since, and it is safe to say I am a pretty big fan, although it does have its faults.

This palette is made up of a selection of pre-existing Australis eyeshadow shades. There aren't any special ones that cannot be found in another palette which is both a good and bad thing. It means that you can purchase one in a smaller palette (a trio, in fact) if you find yourself in love with that particular shade but sometimes it feels a bit special if you get one that cannot be found in any other palette. Eight shades ranging from very light to dark are found in the palette, as described below. (Some do not have individual names)

Shades included in the palette (left to right)
Intensify Trio Bees Knees Shade 1 - Definitely the highlight colour of the palette. I think this shade is absolutely gorgeous. Although it does border on too light and white, the slight golden tone to it saves it. I am a huge fan of this for my inner corners or brow bone highlight. It has this unbelievable ability to draw light in and it just glows.
Paparazzi Perfect Snap Attack - This shade appears to be a little more peachy/honey coloured than its friend left of it in the pan, however when applied is more of a silvery/white kind of shade. I really like this shade in the pan, but I'm not as keen when it is applied.
Intensify Quad Chock-a-block Shade 1 - Perhaps my favourite of all the shades, I use this as an all over lid colour when I'm feeling really lazy. This peachy/honey champagne kind of colour is super subtle but brightening and awakening. It's pretty similar to my skin tone so makes my eyes appear as though they are awake and glowing, not covered in shadow. The only problem is that this is the chalkiest of the lot.
Intensify Trio Bees Knees Shade 2 - Whilst this isn't a matte shade, this is the least shimmery of the lot, and also the least pigmented. Nevertheless this is another one of my favourite shades from the palette because it can be used however you like without much thought. It's a lovely warm, light chocolate brown.
Intensify Quad Choc-a-block Shade 2 - When I first saw this shade I knew I would like it but have trouble wearing it. It's an amazing coppery brown, highly pigmented shade (at least in comparison to the other shades) that looks so metallic and gorgeous. I still haven't quite figured out how to wear this 'safely' (I'm not exactly brave when it comes to eye makeup!) but I still love it to bits.
Paparazzi Perfect A lister sista Dark - This is a cooler toned dark brown with very slight plum tones to it. It is a lovely colour but I usually go for the warmer toned shades as opposed to the cooler ones.
Paparazzi Perfect Snap Attack - This is a purpley/grey brown which I'm really not the biggest fan of. It's not a bad colour by any means, I just won't wear it very often.
Intensify Quad Chock-a-block Shade 3 - Last (and in my opinion least) is this dark brown shade. I find it to be 'dirty' looking and too dark for my personal liking.

I'm not going to lie, this isn't the most pigmented bunch of shadows you will come across, but I personally really like it for that reason. I like subtle eye looks so for me it's a palette that I can apply and wear comfortably and with ease. They can all be built up for stronger looks, but some of the shades (especially the lighter ones) can look pretty similar to one another.

There have been many complaints have been about the fact that there is no matte shadows, which I have to agree with. A matte shade (or two) would be nice, but I still love the palette and would have paid full price for it despite the abundance of shimmer.

I don't use a primer (I never do) but these shadows last a reasonable amount of time. By the end of the day there is slight creasing and a medium amount of wear, but this doesn't bother me in the slightest. If I wanted it to last I would apply a primer or even just a bit of concealer beforehand.

There is no denying that Australis has tried to imitate the well known Urban Decay Naked Palette...I say 'Yes!' I love a cheaper alternative every now and again!

I love the packaging of this product, with its matte black finish and clear plastic front that allows you to get a peek at all the shades. It does come with a double ended sponge applicator, but we all know what I think of them (ie. not much).

I believe this retails for around $10 to $15 (though I could just be making that up) but I found it soooo hard to spot! Let everyone know in the comments if you have seen them around anywhere lately, because the last I saw of them was in Target on sale (and I don't think they are there anymore).

I give this palette 8 out of 10, because whilst it is awesome, the lack of matte shades, the chalky shade and the not so incredible pigmentation could be improved.
Yes I have goosebumps, It was so cold!

Sorry about the ridiculously long review full of many unnecessary photos, I just got a bit excited!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Monthly Favourites - July

Here I am again completing another monthly favourites post! I really enjoy doing this because I get some time to look back over the month that has just been and remember all the cool things I got up to (ie. all the exciting new products I purchased!)

For the face category this month I have been obsessed with my Savvy Bronzer,  though unfortunately it is discontinued which is a real shame because it is a pretty good, affordable product. Admittedly it is a little strange that I have been wearing bronzer in the middle of winter, but I guess I am craving that summery glow! Winter is a miserable time so whatever I can do to make it more like summer is worth it!

For a couple of months I have been going through a red polish phase, and this month was no different. Over the course of the month I wore three different red polishes, an old discontinued Innoxa one, an Ulta one in Pink Colada and my newest red polish by Essence in 'Better late than never.' Red polish is the best!

For eyes this month I have been playing around with my newest eyeshadow addition, the Australis Nudist Palette. I am yet to complete a review on this but to give you a hint, I am a huge fan. The colours could be more pigmented, but they suit me just fine.

Another product that I am yet to review are the Face of Australia lip crayons (which by the way, are amazing). I picked this up in a haul with the Australis palette, Revlon lip butter and Bourjois blush (see below!) and I have to say, it is probably the best haul I have had - every product is wonderful.

This last category is typically reserved for jewellery or other random things I have been loving throughout the month, but for July I am going to have to cheat by having another face product. I have been wearing my Bourjois blush every single day this month and, aside from the scent, I think it is awesome. For five dollars, it was a damn good purchase!

There you have it, my July favourites. Let me know if you like any of these products and I hope you all had a good month of July! Keep and eye out for upcoming reviews on the Australis Nudist Palette and the FOA Lip Crayons.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Essence Gel Eyeliner - Midnight in Paris

Being absolutely useless at applying eyeliner is simply something that I have had to come to terms with and accept. I honestly belive that it is something that no matter how hard I try or how many times I do it, I will never be able to achieve it easily. Don't get me wrong, I am capable of applying eyeliner and doing what I consider to be a pretty darn good job, it just takes me half an hour, six tries later, a heck of a lot of frustration and sore eyes.

Out of the liquid, pencil and gel eyeliner options I find gel to be the easiest to apply, without a doubt. It is for this reason that I bought the Essence Gel Eyeliner in 'Midnight in Paris.'

If you have read a review on this product before you are probably aware of how smooth and creamy this product is. Some gel eyeliner are rock hard and drag on your eyelids as you apply them, this eyeliner most certainly is not. Even if you touch it with the lightest hand a significant dent will be left in your product. This makes it so easy to apply.

It is also wonderfully pigmented. Take a look at the picture below and you will know what I mean, this is black as black. I personally wouldn't wear this daily, but for a night out or special occasion, this is perfect.

I like my eyeliner to be subtle, the kind that when you wear it you trick people into thinking you have incredible, dark, thick lashes. I am able to create the thinnest of lines, as well as thick ones with ease.

It doesn't transfer at any stage when worn and claims to be waterproof. I haven't done any crying or run through a torrential downpour whilst wearing it, but I would agree that it is waterproof on everyday terms. The swatch that I applied on my hand would not budge - I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed but it stuck it out the entire time. I'm impressed.

The packaging is right up my alley with the glass bottom and plastic lid. It's sturdy and relatively attractive.

I think that there are four colours in the range - a black, brown, purple and navy. I'm not entirely sure about navy, I have only ever seen the black and brown ones. When purchasing them ensure that the one you buy hasn't had someone stick their finger in it, I myself nearly bought one that had half the product scooped out.

I am highly impressed with the consisteny, pigmentation and lasting power of this ridiculously cheap product. Gel eyeliner fans will be impressed with this. As you can see from the picture of my eyeball below (no mascara, eyeshadow or anything besides eyeliner) it really makes my lashes look thicker, especially when you are a little further away and it just appears as though your lashes are wonderfully full and dark.

I give this product 9/10.

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