Friday, October 21, 2011

OId or New - 2012 or 2002 - Mag 5

Today's magazine is the Dolly September 2003 issue, with the lovely Delta Goodrem on the cover.

Page 101 is where the beauty begins, and this page is packed full of things to talk about.

Our trend alert is mauve, and it is recommended for wearing on the eyes, nails and lips. It is described as 'as step up from pink but not as out-there as punk purples.' It is also supposed to suit most girls. For the eyes they say to only apply the shadow on the lid, no further than the crease. For the lips they suggest you go sheer and glossy, and for the nails, apply two coats.

Also on the page, is Kelly Rowland's must have product (mascara), and that her favourite makeup look (natural). There is a list of new products that have entered the beauty atmosphere, including lip, fragrance and eye related products.

It then moves on to what your favourite eyeshadow colour says about you. Actually, I'm not sure if they mean favourite colour in general, or eyeshadow colour, but it is on the beauty page so I shall assume they mean eyeshadow colour! I'll list it here.
Red - The power colour, you are ready for anything. It helps you overcome your fears.
Orange - You're wise and enjoy living life to the full. It helps make your relationships balanced.
Yellow - You're full of sunshine and happiness. It helps you focus and make intelligent decisions
Green - You're calm and can handle things well. It helps you be thoughtful to everyone.
Blue - You're a confident person. It helps you communicate effectively.
Violet - You are connected to who you are. It puts your mind and body in harmony.
White - You're peaceful. It helps you deal with things differently; you see the bigger picture.

Yeah, I think they were referring to your favourite colour in general. Well, they did put pictures of eyeshadow. I don't know!

It then had a little bit about how to put on pencil and liquid eyeliner. I agree with their instructions.

104 was the most exciting page though, because it was 'trend spotter - all the wild looks that rocked Australian Fashion week.' There were six looks:

1) Retro glam at Sass and Bide - Shade brown eyeshadow onto lids and line lashes with black eyeliner, then use mascara or false lashes. Rub pink blush onto apples of cheeks and use pink gloss on lips.
2) 20s at Gabriel Scarvelli - use false eyelashes and apply a line of charcoal grey. Baby pink blush and matte lipstick Pain nails with pink polish and white polish on tips.
3) Pastel at Third Milennium - Colour eyelids in aqua and draw a thick line underneath eyes. Tip ends of lashes with mascara. Creme, pink blush onto cheekbones and glossy pink lipstick onto lips. Crimp ends of hair and backcomb crimps.
4) Mauve at Fashion Assasin - Colour eye area in beige and then shade mauve shadow from outer corners to eyebrows. Line eyes with black liner. Make a big quiff with hair.
5) Electric blue at Marcs Baby Doll - Aqua eyeshadow on lids from lash line to crease of eye. Flick colour out to side. Shade blue liner out to side and along lash line. Create a fake beauty spot with liquid eyeliner. Blue mascara. Pink blush on cheekbones and pale pink lipstick.
6) Red at Billion Dollar Babes - False red eyelashes and red mascara. Mauve eyeliner down bottom. Bright pink blush on under eye area and cheekbones and bright red lipstick.

I don't know about you, but no way would I try red eyelashes with pink blush under my eyes and red lippie. Oh my! Not would I go the full on blue-eye look.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the whole 'Old or New - 2012 or 2002' series of posts. I did, but I am saving the best for later on. I have a whole new idea where I use my magazines for beauty purposes, and hopefully it will be just as fun, if not even better!


Questions? Opinions? Feel free to comment as I love to hear what you have to say!

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