Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Old or New - 2012 or 2002 - Mag 3

Another Dolly magazine today, but this one is from January 2004 with Guy Sebastion on the cover.

Our first 'Trend Alert' is on page 71 and is frosted makeup. It shows a picture of Christina Aguilera with a lilac coloured frosty eye and pale lips. I quite like how her makeup looks. It advises that you keep the focus on one area, either the eyes, cheeks, nails or lips. I myself don't mind a bit of frost but I don't know how everyone else feels about this. I'd love to know your opinion on this one - are you a fan or are you someone who is happy for it to stay in 2004!

Next page (page 72) has a bit of a crazy product - lipsticks that change colour. You see, when they are in the stick they are coloured a dark blue, orange and hideous green. According to this magazine they change colour when you apply them to your lips. I would hope so!

They are advertised as so:
"Freak your friends out with these Nutrimetics mood magic colour change lipsticks. They transform into sheer red, pink and berry tones with the heat of your skin. Cute!"

On the same page is says that coral, peachy and mango orange nails are in (fine by me) and that to find your perfect blush colour you should just take note of the colour or your cheeks after exercising (sounds like good advice to me). It also has an article on how to fix sunburn...

A horrid photo of the colour changing lipsticks!

Apart from those freaky lipsticks, I think this page is pretty relevant to modern day times!

Page 74 talks about going for the natural, "I'm-not-trying" glow. It 'loves' nude lips with a hint of sheer gloss, tinted moisturisers and sheer bronzers and flushed cheeks. It sounds like a look I love.

Not bad for a magazine seven years out of date!

Oh, I have to show you this advert too, I just love it!


  1. I posted a comment before but apparently it didn't go through :/

    I can't believe how long ago it came out. I mean, given I was in grade 6 in 2004, but still..

    Loving these flashbacks :)

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying them, maybe I shall do more than five of them...

  3. HAHA I had those lipsticks! I had the green one, the colour of it was actually quite nice xD


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