Sunday, October 16, 2011

Old or new - 2012 or 2002?

I have some exciting news...I have hit 20 followers! It's pretty exciting for me, and I'm sure all of you who have thousands of followers are having a bit of a laugh, but it's still exciting! Anyway, to celebrate I am going to try something different.

I've had an idea - I'm not sure if it is going to work, but I know it is going to be fun all the same!

I have 165 teenage magazines. Yes, I collect them, from Op-shops, from books stores, from anywhere really. I have 31 magazines from the years 2000-2004 (including 2004) and I think it would be really fun to have a look through some of them and see what their beauty pages contained and see if there was a slight chance that their beauty advice was relevant for 2012 - will they make a comeback in 2012? Will they start a trend? Yep, it's going to be ridiculous and I hope to find some shocking looks inside.
I'll just post pictures of the magazine pages to show you some of the beauty from back then, so we can all have a laugh!

I hope you enjoy this and that it turns out okay! I am only going to do five because it gets a bit repetitive.
I also have another really fun idea to do with magazines but it won't be doing it for a while until I'm sure it is going to work...stay tuned, and enjoy the next five posts!


Questions? Opinions? Feel free to comment as I love to hear what you have to say!

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