Thursday, October 20, 2011

Old or New - 2012 or 2002 - Mag 4

Today's magazine is the August 2001 issue of Girlfriend magazine. Not sure who is on the cover....?

Page 35 is all about "what's hot (in beauty) - the latest products that'll have you shining like a star."
Dual NYC Princess Power compacts are cool, as is Caboodles eyecatcher glitter eyegloss and Timmy Hilfiger's new cosmetics range. I don't know about you but I have no idea what they are talking about.

Page 35

Apparently honey is cool in the makeup industry and is being used more and more often in makeup products. Tea tree oil has been proven to 'zap blemishes' and Stila lipstick is all the range. The star product (the product mentioned by several celebrities) is the Origins Ginger Body Scrub for 58 bucks!

On page 37 we see what's hot and what products "will give everyone else hair envy." Sounds exciting!

Making your own DIY hair combs (or in other words, sticking sequins to hair combs) are pretty cool and the morning after hair look is great to be rocking. (Do I sound hip, cool and groovy yet? Haha) Dramatic red hair is pretty cool and Girlfriend's expert tip suggests that to have straight hair free of bumps, kinks and bed hair after a good nights sleep, cut the leg off a pair of pantyhose and then use it to tie the hair in a ponytail on top of your head. Sounds...interesting...

For the next couple of pages, makeup artist extraordinaire tells us all the makeup looks everyone should know according to their hair colour. I shall simplify it all here
Base - Use moisturiser and a creamy yellow-based foundation (too bad if your skin is not yellow based!)
Eyes - Apparently redheads "look fabulous with a sort of 'windburnt' look." (Not sure what this means.) Use concealer, put a subtle pink shimmer over the lids and sweep a shimmery white shadow over the top. Finish with black mascara.
Cheeks - Use a cream or gel blush to continue the windburnt look
Lips - A reddy pink colour will complete the look, don't use lipliner and finish off with a red or clear gloss

Base - "Aim for a peaches and cream complexion" use creamy foundation and stay away from pink toned beiges. Dab on T-Zone and not on cheeks or hairline
Eyes - "Think Gelato" - pistachio wash on eyes, white highlight on brow bone and taupe browshadow
Cheeks - Peach coloured blush on cheekbones
Lips - Peach lips and lipgloss

Base - Tinted moisturiser, yellow based foundation, NOT pinky beiges
Eyes - Golden colour on lids, highlight brow bones, dark espresso colour in the crease, espresso shadow along bottom lash line
Cheeks - Use bronzer for a bronzed look
Lips - Bronze lipstick with a bronze lipgloss on top

So there we have it girls! That's how you should have worn your makeup in 2001! Some parts I agree with, others not so much. I won't include all of the photos because it takes me SO long to upload them all, but I will show the page with all the products you are supposed to use.

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  1. That's funny! I remember when Josie and the Pussycats came out! I think the tips for blondes are still pretty relevant though. I always look best when I do those things.


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