Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Maybelline Dream lumi touch Concealer - Ivory

I picked this up in a deal at Priceline (a very good one at that!) when I was running low on concealer. Since then I have used it like you wouldn't believe.

Since it is a 'highlighting' concealer, I was a little concerned about how I would be able to use it on blemishes and redness around my face. I expected it to be perfect for dark circles, but I wasn't overly interested in highlighting the giant pimple horribly placed in the middle of my chin. I needn't have worried because this covers it up remarkably well and doesn't draw the slightest bit attention to it with its highlighting properties. Thank goodness.

The consistency of this concealer is rather thin and I was surprised by its runny texture. The coverage aspect is on the lower end of the scale, although I do use it to cover both blemishes and relatively light under eye circles.

The brush is so easy to use, and to get more product out you simply twist the end of the pen. I love that I can control the amount of product so easily and apply it precisely with the brush. I then blend it out with my fingers, or when I want really good coverage, with a brush. I was afraid that the brush would catch when placing the cap back on, ruining the applicator, but it is in perfect condition after a heck of a lot of use.
After a month or so using it, I discovered that it works best on the inner corners of eyes - not in the tear ducts where you might apply eyeshadow, but on nose where I get blueish/darker areas. The difference it makes is quite unbelievable!

This concealer stays put with a light dusting of powder, although you must keep your hands away from your face. It doesn't crease, settle into fine lines or cake during the day, but if you do touch it repeatedly it does smudge a little.

It is such a thin little pen that I continually expect it to run out any day now, but it seems to be going strong despite its constant use. It's easy to carry around if you are having a particularly bad skin day, although I found that it gets lost in bags due to its tiny size.
There was a very limited shade range when I purchased this, and it seemed as though the colours were all yellow based. I found to this to work for me but I expect others would struggle to find a good match.
The only real problem I can think of with this is that it can highlight large pores (like on your cheeks or around nose) which bothers me a little. Other than that, it is a pretty awesome product. Perhaps a little more coverage would have been nice, but it does the job.

I give this product 7 out of 10.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My little lipstick collection

Despite the fact that I am obsessed with lip products, I have very few lipsticks (well in comparison to balms and glosses). I've got glosses coming out of my ears, and as for lip balms, I could support the whole of Sydney with lip balms for a month, (perhaps a slight exaggeration) but as for lipsticks, I don't have nearly as many. I don't mind, the colours that I have are used well to their maximum potential, and I am quite content, but when I see a lippy on sale really cheap, I'm sure to snap one up.
Of course everything is relative - I have a lot of lipsticks compared to other people, but when you take a look at some other collections of bloggers and youtubers (is that a word?) it doesn't even make up 1/100th of their collection.

Anyway, back to the point.

I am so pathetic when it comes to bold makeup looks. Neutrals are who I am. Needless to say, I don't have any really unusual colours (like purple) or any dark colours (they just are not my thing!). Pinks are the way to go. I have been wanting a good red, but of course I can't justify paying for one because I know I'll never wear it. I don't go out anywhere remotely formal very often either, so a red lipstick would just be of no use to me.
I tried sorting my lipsticks into pinks, nudes and red/oranges but it didn't really work out like that. It's obvious I tend to gravitate to a particular colour.

Same swatches, different lighting

Lipsticks Left to right:

1. Savvy by DB Jumbo Lip Crayon - Rose
2. Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick - Soft Coral
3. BYS Lipstick - Coral Kiss
4. Savvy by DB lipstick - Rose Dew
5. Loreal Paris Made for me Lip Blush- Blush In Nude
6. Face of Australia lipstick - Lychee Crush
7. BYS Lipstick - Champagne Rain
8. Essence lipstick - In the Nude
9. Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipstick - Metallic Mauve
10. Loreal Paris Made for me Intense lipstick - Pink Fever
11. Savvy by DB lipstick - Pretty Pink
12. BA Lipstick - Carnation
13. BYS lipstick - Sassy Salmon
14. Essence lipstick - All about Cupcake

So there it is, my little lipstick collection. I spent ages picking my favourite lipsticks and they are numbers: 6, 10,11, 14
But to be honest, I love them all.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Knit jumpers - My latest obsession

The marks on the spotty jumper was the camera, not the jumper!

I did have a really good, clever title for this post but of course when it popped into my head I didn't write it down, and now I cannot remember it. Oh well, boring old 'Knit Jumpers' will have to do.

Just lately I have really fallen in love with Knit jumpers. Never before have they taken my interest, but for some reason I have developed a radar that has the ability to spot one kilometres away, whether it be in a shop or on a person. Yep, I think they're wonderful.

For about a week there was a little explosion of them and somehow three managed to make their way into my wardrobe. Yes!

I thought I might do a post on them...mainly so I can look at them and talk about them (I don't really expect you to take an interest in this post! However if you do...)

The very first one I purchased was from Target, and is my favourite (and apparently everyone else's too - compliments roll in when I wear this). I can't remember the exact price, but I think I got it on sale from $40 to $30 or something. Whatever it was, I am so glad I bought it.

The second was also from Target and was $35. It's spotty, which isn't something I usually go for but in this case I think it is perfect.

Last but not least is my newest one from Rockmans. It's stripes once again, although thin ones, and has cute little buttons on the shoulders. It cost $40.

These knit jumpers are so comfortable and convenient - you can just chuck them on over jeans and you have a whole outfit. And of course they are lovely and warm.

Have you fallen in love with something lately that you had never taken an interest in before?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Covergirl Waterproof Lash Blast Length Mascara

I have been using the Covergirl Waterproof Lash Blast Length Mascara in Very Black for so long now, but have never thought to write a review.

When I look for mascara there are two main things that I want - length and definition. The volume side of things doesn't bother me too much, although I don't want terribly spidery lashes, so a good balance of the three is ideal. I also prefer waterproof mascaras as somehow I always end up with panda eyes if I dare to wear a non waterproof one.

This mascara gives me everything I want - length and definition without making my lashes look horrible and spidery. The formula is not too wet and not too dry and doesn't clump during application. It really does make my lashes longer (or at least give the illusion that it does) and it is brilliant at defining every lash. Because of this, I don't like using it on my lower lashes because I find that it makes them much too long!

I am a big fan of the long rubber brush - the bristles are flexible but still coat the lashes remarkably well. It is easy to apply mascara to the lashes in the inner corner due to the long, thin brush.

Because the formula is waterproof, it is relatively difficult to get off. It can be a pain but I consider it to be worth the hassle. Sometimes waterproof mascaras can make my eyelashes all hard and crunchy, but this formula means that I don't have to worry about them snapping off should I happen to bend them accidentally.

I rarely apply more than one coat because I find that the results after the first application are to my liking, but it does allow nicely for a second application, although begins to get clumpy after a third.

I am able to wear this for a whole day without it flaking or smudging. There was one time where I had an allergic reaction (to what I still don't know) and was rubbing my watering eyes continuously where it did spread a little black under my eyes, but that was an unusual once off, so I'm not going to hold it against it.

The tube is (obviously) yellow which I wasn't particularly fond of in the beginning, but I have grown to like it. Not that it matters of course, it is all about the product!

I cannot remember how much it cost me at the time, but as far as I am aware, they sell for approximately $17.95.

If you tend to gravitate to lengthening and defining mascaras then it is likely that you would be a fan of this, but if you're more of a volume loving kind of girl then I wouldn't say that this is for you. I give this product 9/10.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Femme Fatale Eyeshadows

It's really easy to forget to have fun when you are limited in the makeup you can wear during the week. Whilst I adore my neutral shadows, when I wear the same look every single day it gets a little repetitive, and by the time the weekend rolls around I am not in the mood to wear any at all.

When this wonderful little package arrived in the mail, it made me remember how much fun makeup is - you should have seen the smile on my face when I saw the gorgeous shadows staring back at me! Before I even opened the samples I knew that 'Inscribe' was going to be one of my favourites, and I had my eye on 'Crusader' too.

After my initial ten minutes of excitement - which resulted in an eyeshadow covered camera and glittery hands - it became clear that I was in for a bit of a surprise...these shadows were beautiful.  Space Cow especially is one of the most incredible shadows (the name too) and Obliterate is so striking!

After swatching the samples I knew which shades were my favourite - Inscribe, Crusader and Space Cow. Nevertheless Obliterate, Spirit Bond and Poison are equally as gorgeous, just not shades I will wear as often.

Top - Sunlight/Bottom - Shade
L-R: Crusader, Inscribe, Obliterate, Poison, Space Cow, Spirit Bond
It is clear that these loose shadows are simply gorgeous, but perhaps even more impressive is their pigmentation. The amount of shadow that I used for these swatches was only tiny, yet the colour payoff is incredible.

Still, eyeshadows can be as amazing as they want, but when it comes down to it, it's the price that influences whether I end up purchasing it. For an indie makeup brand from Australia, the prices of the products are unbelievably affordable, and they ship worldwide!

You can buy samples for $1.10 in order to allow you to discover your real favourites before purchasing the full sized product. I don't know about you but I think that is a pretty good deal, and it allows you to test out several different colours. The full sized products cost five dollars, which is on par with brands like Essence and BYS (ie. very affordable).
Space Cow (lighter), Spirit Bond (darker)

So what makes these shadows different from others? Well, these have a wow factor like no other shadow I have come across. Both Space Cow and Spirit bond in particular have the duochrome style going on, and simply put - I love it! They are all so much fun to wear and play around with and you can achieve so many looks. As previously mentioned, the pigmentation is great, as is the lasting power and the texture is wonderful. Loose pigments are a little messy, but if you can get over that then it is so worth it!

Products come with an ingredients list and other information regarding whether it is vegan and lip safe. The website is so easy to navigate around and so aesthetically pleasing.
My experience with communication has been incredibly positive, with email responses the same or following day. The samples arrived within three business days and were sent off immediately.

This look I achieved with the shadows Inscribe (on the lid) and Crusader (highlighting the inner corner).

If you have a spare five dollars or so (and let's face it, us beauty bloggers always seem to have an excuse to spend five dollars on makeup!) then I would recommend going to their website and having a look at their products - I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Additionally, four out of these six shadows are currently $0.90 for samples, while stocks last.

Have you ever tried any of the Femme Fatale products? Which of these shades do you think would be your favourite?

*I was sent these products to review however this has not at all influenced my review in any way.*

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Australis Retractable Lip Brush

I purchased this lip brush what seems like years ago but was actually only a little over a month, for three dollars from Target. At the time I had no other lip brush (but was on the lookout for one) so when I saw this I really had no other alternative but to get it.

There's not all that much one can say about a lip brush, but I'll do my best to be thorough.

The bristles are lovely and soft, dense enough to apply product well but not rock hard either. The brush itself is a bit of a strange design - it can be pulled into two parts, which is great for travel as you can put a cap on the grotty brush itself, but it also means that it is not particularly sturdy. This can be problematic when applying the lip product, but it isn't that big a deal. I thought the brush would be too small to apply a decent amount of product, but I found it to be perfect.

I preferred to use the brush to outline the lips with the lipstick, and then fill in the lips without the brush. The results were still neat and precise, but didn't take as long to achieve. It was also useful for evening out the lip colour, as some lipsticks don't apply evenly.

It usually sells for $7.95, and I don't think I would purchase it. The reason I would give it a miss is not because I don't like it, but because I don't feel the need for a lip brush everyday - only do I use it for special occasions or when I'm wearing a really bright lipstick (and that doesn't, unfortunately, occur too often).

I give this brush 7 out of 10.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Things to do with old nail polish bottles

 As those who read my blog will know, I hate finishing beauty products, so rarely do I have an empty container. It was only recently when I received a nail polish that was off (or so I believe) that I ended up with an empty bottle after getting rid of the reeking polish.

For some reason, instead of simply throwing the bottle out, I felt the need to keep it. "But why?" one part of me said. "Because...because..." I had no idea, but I decided to find out some things to do with empty nail polish bottles.

Here are some things old nail polish bottles can be used for:

1. Holding more nail polish
Incredible, right?! No really, as I recently discovered, it is possible to customise your clear nail polishes by adding an unloved eyeshadow and shaking. A spare nail polish bottle means that you don't have to contaminate a whole clear nail polish, and you can keep your new custom colour! Cool!

2. Storing loose eyeshadow
I find that loose shadows always seem to make their way all over my face, but I still seem to love them so much. I found that the best was of applying them was to put some on the back of my hand, dip the brush in and then apply (like you would liquid foundation) because it meant that I was able to control the shadow a lot better. By storing loose eyeshadows in empty nail polish bottles, it's convenient to travel with, able to be applied to the back of the hand using the brush or by tipping it out, and it's very pretty.

3. Crafty materials
If you are into crafty things, sometimes you need to store something but it only needs the smallest of containers. Glitter, for example, is perfect when held in an empty nail polish bottle because it only needs a small container and can be utilised using the nail polish brush. Putting PVA glue into the bottle would also be very useful, with the brush too.

My custom made polish - oh so pretty!
4. Flowers
Obviously you won't be able to fit a rose or anything in a tiny nail polish bottle, but you know those tiny little flowers that are so adorable you end up picking, then throwing away because they wont go in a vase? Well, now they can be put on display! I would only recommend using really pretty nail polish bottles that are in nice shapes and don't have writing on them.

5. Candle holder
Depending on the size of the bottle and its opening, this might be ridiculous, but some polishes have reasonable sized openings, perfect for small candles or incense sticks. You can be guaranteed they won't topple over.

6. Paint storage
I know quite a few people who are really into painting and other craft like that. Apparently empty nail polish bottles are brilliant for when you've mixed paint colours together for a particular art piece and you only need a tiny container to hold it. Who would have thought?!

7. Get arty!
I didn't come up with this one myself, but filling the old bottle with coloured water (water and dye) and then hanging them from strings by a window. All the pretty colours would make patterns as the sun shone through them. I can imagine children liking this one!

8. Nail Polish Remover
How convenient, especially if the brush is nice and strong. Empty nail polish bottles can be filled with nail polish remover for quick touch ups or instant polish removal.

9. Fancy sign holders
You know how at fancy parties or dinners there are those card holders...empty nail polish bottles would be such good bases!

10. Furniture touch ups
Some furniture has lacquer on it and by keeping some of that in an empty nail polish bottle, as soon as there is a little chip, scratch or ding on the furniture it can be attended to immediately.

Make sure you clean old nail polish bottles prior to using them - some chemicals are best left in the polish, not on your eyes.

Obviously some of these ideas will not work for particular bottles. Some of these ideas would only be effective if the bottle is particularly nice, with no stickers or writing on it and a good shape (like the one I have).

I would love to know any ideas you have for reusing old nail polish bottles!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Maybelline Shine Sensational lipgloss - Tempting Toffee

The Maybelline Shine Sensational glosses have been around for a long time, and were one of those products that I always wanted but never actually got around to purchasing. You know those products - the first magazine ad that comes out catches your eye. You fall in love with the product, seeing how gorgeous the model looks and promise to pick one up on the weekend. By the time the weekend gets around you have other priorities like grocery shopping and other riveting activities and forget how much you desperately wanted it. When you are in priceline you remember how badly you need it, but when you get to the stand the colour you want is gone or the price is three dollars more than you remember. You tell yourself that you will pick it up next time but you never actually get around to buying it. Yes, that is what this product was like for me. I desperately wanted it, forgot about it, wanted it again when I remembered, repeat, repeat, repeat.

The reason I did end up picking this up was because in Target they were having a $5 off all Maybelline products sale (awesome!) making this a total of six dollars, the cheapest I had ever seen it. From the beginning I always wanted the Glamorous Guava one but for some unknown reason, I chose the Tempting Toffee one instead. I still do not know why. Perhaps it was because it had no shimmer or because the colour in real life did not at all look like what was on the model, but to be honest I am glad I went with the flavour that I did.

At first I was concerned this was going to be a bit of an old lady colour - brown and boring - but it is actually a lovely rosy pink colour that is pretty much perfect. I love how it has no shimmer or glitter (although other flavours in the range do if you are into those kinds of glosses) and that it's an in between colour - it's not red, pink, coral or nude, it's simply in between.

It comes in a tube with a slanted applicator so it is pretty easy to apply. The consistency is quite thick but not overly sticky. I do feel as though it can be quite heavy on the lips but that of course comes with a lipgloss with a thicker consistency. It's smooth and creamy which of course is what we all want in a lipgloss.

Perhaps the most popular aspects of this lipgloss is the scent and taste. It does smell sweet and has a slight taste to it which is quite a pleasant one. I had expected it to have a stronger taste but I am quite glad that it doesn't...I am able to refrain from licking my lips every few seconds.

The lasting power is pretty good, of course eating and drinking gets rid of it in a flash but general lasting power isn't bad.

I really like the packaging of these with the different pictures on each tube, coressponding with the flavour.

Overall it is a bit thicker than I usually go for but it is tolerable. It smells nice, tastes nice, feels nice and generally is nice. It could be more pigmented for my liking and I tend to go for the doe foot wand applicators but this tube is fine. I give it 6 out of 10. If I saw them on sale for $6 again I would probably buy them, but not at full price.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Can nail polish expire?

Based on a recent experience I had with nail polish, yes, I do believe it can go off.

Only recently I received (well purchased I suppose) a small bag of makeup goodies from a garage sale/charity type thing where at the end of the day they were trying to get rid of them and I donated a token amount for it. Within that bag, well, the makeup wasn't all that magnificent but there were one or two things that were worth it.

Inside was an Avon nail polish, or rather 'Nail Soother' which I was quite curious about. The chunky, angular bottle with the gold topped cap looked rather classy and had it not had 'Avon' written all over it, I would have presumed that it was of a more expensive brand.

Anyhow, as soon as I opened it there was a foul smell. It was so strong and potent. I don't know what possessed me to put it on my nail, but it was very much a failure anyway. Much like oil in a fry pan, rather than a thin layer coating the nail evenly, it drew back into 'blobs' that sat on the nail and slid around all over the place. What on Earth?

I haven't even experienced anything like this before, but can nail polish go off? No just separate of change colour a little, I mean really go off!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder - Cream

I purchased this as part of a deal where I could buy three Maybelline face products for thirty dollars. I posted about it here, but basically I ended up buying a foundation, concealer and powder all for ten dollars each. I actually saved a total of  $28.85. This powder usually retails for (what I consider to be a ridiculous price) of $18.95. Whilst I really like this powder and think it works so well, I would not spend almost twenty dollars on it, especially as it is one of those products you don't even see!

The reason I bought this as part of the deal in the first place was because I had heard endless - no literally, endless - reviews raving about how amazing it was and that it was their holy grail product and that they would never ever change. I figured it had to be pretty good, which it is, but I won't be joining the 'I love Maybelline Dream Matte Powder more than my life' party any time soon. I do think that it may have been my ultra high expectations though too - I mean, how much can a powder do really?

Apparently it gives a light to medium coverage but I'm not convinced, which is absolutely fine with me because I had the intentions of putting it on top of my liquid foundation anyway. I picked up the lightest shade in Cream which, when swatched, does appear to be a ghostly white but doesn't even give the slightest hint of a white tinge on the face. I wouldn't wear it on its own if I was looking for coverage, but for a powder over a foundation it is perfect for the job.

I am impressed with how it feels on the face. Some powders settle into your lines or feel terribly chalky and disgusting, but I don't even notice if this is on. When my little cousin was doing my makeup (Oh how fun that was!) she went a little over the top with the powder yet still it felt perfectly fine.

My favourite part though, is that it does what it says and keeps your face matte. There is nothing worse than an oily face at the end of a summers day, but this little beauty does a magical job of keeping your makeup and skin completely shine free.

I kind of took it for granted though with my regular foundation because I had never really had much of a problem with oil. It was when I got my Garnier BB cream that I realised how good this powder actually was. The Garnier BB cream made my face the oiliest mess I had ever seen, but somehow this powder managed to keep it matte all day, which is practically a miracle.

I must also mention the amazing packaging. I was not expecting the bottom to slide out and reveal a mirror and applicator so that was quite magical! But seriously, I love the packaging and find it so handy, although I prefer to apply it with a brush as opposed to the powder puff supplied.
So yes, I really do love this product but I can't seem to understand how it got quite so much hype. Unike a lipstick or eyeshadow palette, you can't actually see the product when it is on your face, which in my eyes makes it kind of...well...boring. No doubt is it a product I am so glad to have but it's just one of those boring essentials that doesn't excite me too much (and I do think $18.85) is too much.

I give it 10/10.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rimmel Eyeshadow Quad - Sun Safari

I have really been getting into my neutral eyeshadows lately, and I think it was my Essence Eye souffle in Pas Des Copper that started it all off. I have been using that with various other beautiful brown or taupe shadows to create some gorgeous looks. When I saw this Rimmel Eyeshadow quad in Chemist Warehouse the other day on sale for five dollars, it seemed only reasonable that I pick it up. 

It's in the shade Sun Safari and contains four absolutely gorgeous colours, totally my types of shadow. Unfortunately, this quad makes two bad eyeshadow reviews in a row. The last eyeshadow I reviewed was the Model Co. trio, which like this Rimmel quad, had great shades but just did not impress. Poor pigmentation, chalky shades and lack of staying power has once again caused problems. Perhaps I should refrain from purchasing cheap eyeshadows in the future (although the Model Co. trio sells for $39!) but brands like Essence give me hope that a dollar or two can give you quality shadows. I have always had wonderful luck with cheap makeup in the past (oh the products I have managed to get on sale!) but I'm starting to think my luck has come to an end. Do I really have to resort to spending millions on makeup?!

It's clear in my swatches that these shadows are not pigmented. Even on my finger tips (where shadows usually show up so well after direct swatching) it's unclear as to the difference between each. It's so disappointing because, as I have already mentioned, these shades could create such a brilliant look if only they translated onto the eyelid well.They come up as glitter with a lot of fallout. In the picture of my eyelid, I am wearing all four of the shades and the only one you can see is my inner corner highlight. That shadow is the best out of the four, being the least chalky and most pigmented.

The staying power is very poor. Most shadows stay on my lids all day, even without a primer, but these last a couple of hours maximum. It's difficult to tell though because you can barely seem them on the eyes even moments after application.

The texture of these shadows isn't particularly good. They are chalky and a little gritty due to the small amounts of glitter that are present in three out of the four shades. The fallout is ridiculous, and even after cleaning it up once having initially applied the shadow, throughout the day more fallout made its way across my cheeks and under eyes.

As I always do, I gave this a chance in the hope that maybe using different application methods may give it an opportunity to prove itself. I used brushes, my fingers and the sponge applicator that it came with to apply the shadow and none of the methods allowed me to get a nice look. The sponge applicator gave the best colour pay-off but was awkward to use and didn't allow for blending or accuracy. My fingers were useless, getting glitter everywhere but not actually showing any colour, and brushes were the easiest to use but were useless in getting colours to show. In summary, no application methods were affective because, simply put, the eyeshadows are awful.

Yes, yet again I have stumbled across what appears to be an amazing set of eyeshadows only to find that looks are deceiving. I'm crossing my fingers that it won't be three bad reviews in a row, but I am keeping my eyes out for some nice neutrals to pick up.

I give this quad 3 out of 10.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Sunshine Award - A burst of happiness for your day!

Jasmine from Sweetaholic beauty (an amazing blogger by the way) passed this award on to me which I was so excited by because it is so different - rather than seven 'facts' about you (which I can never come up with) you are to list ten things that make you happy (awesome!). You then tag other bloggers and pass on the happiness!

I loved coming up with my list of happy things! Hope it makes you happy too!

1. Receiving hand written letters at the end of a long day. Instant mood lifter!
2. Walking in the rain with an umbrella over your head and a long button up coat...almost makes winter tolerable, don't you think?!
3. Opening up the freezer to find a brand spanking new tub of did that get there?!
4. Having exactly the right amount of change in your pocket to purchase what you are going to buy
5. Eating home baked bread. Enough said.
6. Thinking you had completely forgotten something only to find it in your pocket.
7. Red balloons...and red frogs...and red apples
8. Bare feet in the grass
9. Products on sale
10. A newly made bed

I tag/pass this on to:
Tiffany Nicole

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Monthly Favourites - April

This is my first monthly favourites post so hopefully it's on the right track!

I have decided that I will have five categories each month - eyes, face, lips, nails and other - and I will include one product from each category at the end of every month.

First up for lips is my new Essence lipstick in All about Cupcake. I have used this almost every day since I purchased it and every time I put it on I am reminded of just why it is that I love this lipstick so much. It is the most amazing everyday colour.

For eyes I have another Essence product, the Eye Souffle in Pas Des Copper. Once again an amazing product, I have fallen in love with the texture and colour of the product. I have also been impressed with the pigmentation of the shadow, this small little tub will last me absolutely ages because you only have to use a tiny amount of product for the results to be effective. Love this!

For the face I have my Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. You can read about it in my haul here, but I am hoping to post a lengthy review soon. At first I didn't think much of this product, but then I discovered how damn good it really was. How? By applying it over my new Garnier BB cream, the product that makes my face the greasiest I have ever seen it. This powder stops the oil completely ALL DAY which in my opinion, is quite an achievement.

For nails I have my Ulta nail polish in Pink Colada which is the most beautiful red ever! It kind of fits in with the Autumny feel around the place, although if you ask me it's pretty much winter already. How depressing!

Last by not least is my 'other' product. I have had my Body Shop Strawberry body butter for a long time, but I rediscovered it in April and have been smelling amazing all day long. It does interfere with your perfume but the strawberry smell is just so gorgeous, I just don't care!

Hopefully this post was at least a little bit interesting for you. My apologies for the lighting in the first two photos, it's so dark and miserable early when I have time to photograph the products. I have been so busy in the past week, hence my severe lack of posting, but I'm hoping to get back to posting regularly from now on.

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