Sunday, October 23, 2011

Savvy by DB - Lip Jewels, Pink Diamond

Savvy is a really cheap brand here in Australia, and I bought a lipgloss from it ages and ages ago. It is from the lip jewels lipgloss range, in the colour 'Pink Diamond.'

The smell of this lipgloss is just aweseome -it smells sugary, like lollies. It has no taste (which is probably a good thing!) but the smell is really great. Having said that, it would definitely be too much for those who are not really into scented products. Fortunately, I am.

It isn't the slightest bit sticky, it just glides on nice and smoothly and feels brilliant on your lips. It has the slightest hint of a pinky colour, and is slightly shimmery, but not too much. It really works for me and suits my lip colour really well. I wear it almost everyday, because I go for natural makeup and this compliments and works with that.

The applicator allows you to apply just the right amount of product really easily. The only complaint I have is that some of the product seeps out onto the rim where the lid is screwed in, which means that there is a little bit of wastage.

The formula is perfect - smooth and creamy and not sticky. If I was to change it, all I would do is make it a little more pigmented. Otherwise, it's perfect. I have to give this 10 out of 10!

I really must try some more of their products, because if they are anything like the lipgloss, I would be very impressed.

You can see where the lipgloss leaks onto the rim -
I cleaned it before I took the photo though!


  1. Aha. I'll ask my sis to pick up these for me because they are coming back. how much do they cost? Does savvy have other products as well?

  2. They cost about six dollars, but I have noticed that lately they have been on special from two to four dollars! Savvy has other products (from bronzer to eyeliner, foundation to mascara) however I have never tried any of them and have no idea what they are like!

  3. Thanks Candice. That's a huge help. next time I talk to my big sis I'll ask her to get hold of these for her spoilt brat little sis :P


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