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I don't know about you, but I love a good statistic! Here is a collection of the results from some of the polls I have had on my blog. I hope to keep adding to these results as I continue holding polls. I would appreciate it if you participated and added your opinion! All it requires is a click!

I would also love any requests for poll questions, just comment on one of my posts or send me an email at

Poll 1: Your favourite type of makeup product

So, much to my delight, lip products were most people's favourites. Of course, not that many people voted, but for those who did, thank you!

Poll 2:  Living without a product
Yes, I know, only eight people voted, but never mind. I find this quite amusing, despite the fact that lip products were most people's favourites, most people would give lipstick up first! Funny, hey?!

Poll 3: Favourite brands
Sorry about the blurry picture for this one. Even though it said I received 21 votes, if you calculate it correctly I believe you shall find that it is actually 28 - job well done guys, and congratulations to Maybelline!

Poll 4: Would you be interested in fashion/jewellery related posts on this blog?

Thank you for all of your feedback - occasionally I do a fashion/jewellery related post but it is primarily beauty!

Poll 5: Have you tried Essence?
It was nice to see that the majority of you were aware of how awesome Essence is!

Poll 6: What do you think of the Revlon Lip Butters?

Just when I thought that I was the last person in the world to own a lip butter, I discovered that there were other people who didn't (and people who actually didn't really like them!) Thanks for the wonderful response to this poll, an amazing 49 people voted!

Poll 7: Would you ever go to the shops without ANY makeup on?

I found this a really interesting poll. It's great to see that lots of you girls are confident without makeup too!

Poll 8: Why do you wear makeup?

I found this a really interesting poll to conduct - thank you all for participating! 62% said they wore makeup because it made them more confident, 3% because they felt like they had to, 62% because they found it enjoyable and a way of expressing themselves, and 33% to dress up the features that they liked about themselves. 

Poll 9: What do you have the most of in your makeup collection?

This poll didn't run for very long but it was great to find out what it was that each of you tended to stock up on - like me, the majority of those who answered had the most lipsticks! 

What can I say, lip products really are the best!
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