What I look for in a product

I have added this page just so you can get an idea about what kinds of products I like and what I am looking for when I do my reviews.

Foundation - Obviously it must match my colour, or I won't even bother. It needs to look as natural as possible while still even out my skin tone and cover up minor imperfections. It can't dry out my skin and must be long lasting. I personally like liquid foundations over powder foundations.

Concealer - I like both stick and liquid concealer and it must be natural and blendable. I like it when it matches my skin tone exactly as opposed to salmony/green based concealers. 

Blush - I love pink blushes, thought peachy and coral tones are gorgeous too. I like it to be a mix of matte and shimmer and must blend well. I want it to be long lasting and not cause any irritation.

Bronzer - It cannot look dirty or orange on my skin. I want it to blend well and be long lasting. It want it to give me a subtle glow.

Mascara - Call me crazy but I don't want too much volume when I get a mascara. I like natural, defined lashes. Lengthening mascaras are my favourites, I am a fan of waterproof formulas and my mascaras cannot clump!
Eyeliner - I like gel eyeliners the best as well as a good liquid eyeliner every now and again. I like both black and brown liners, and the pencil liners must be creamy and not to dry to apply. Waterproof is good, but I'll be alright if it is not.
Eyeshadow - I prefer pressed eyeshadows that are highly pigmented and in natural colours. They must be reasonably long lasting and I don't want any fallout within a couple of minutes after applying.

Lipstick - I like the natural looking lipsticks the best. I like a bit of shimmer sometimes, but I love the matte look the most. I want it to be creamy and not drying, I want it to last but not seep and leak out of the lip area.

Lipgloss - I want it to smell good, be non-sticky and feel good on the lips. I like a hint of colour or shimmer, but no glitter. I want it to be not too thick and not too thin in consistency and be wearable for anywhere - casual or dressed up!

Lipbalm - It must be moisturising (obviously), smell good, be long lasting and I do like a hint of colour (but it is not essential). It mustn't be gritty, too thick, too thin, slimy, sticky or any other gross textures! It must be creamy and not to dry in the stick. I like them to be in a stick rather than a tub, but it's not essential.

Nailpolish - I like the colours red, pink, purple, silver and orange. It must be long lasting and chip resistant, glossy and smooth (even - no streaks!). It must dry in a reasonable amount of time, because I am not patient enough to wait!

Body butter - It must be moisturising, smell great and be non sticky. It must soak into the skin and make it look smooth and supple. It must be easy to apply and distribute across the skin evenly.

Cleanser - I like foam cleansers a lot. It can't smell too bad, be too harsh on my skin or dry it out.

Scrub - Must not rip my face apart, yet still needs to clean my skin well and get all the grot and dirt off of it. Cannot smell too strong or make my skin tingle.

Moisturiser - Cannot be too thick, stinky or unable to soak in. Must not add to the oil on my face or make me look unnecessarily shiny!

Mask - Must make skin feel smooth and supple, and totally cleansed. Cannot cause redness or pain whatsoever, or smell like something has gone rotten!

I like fruity/floral scents with a hint of sugar. They can't be too overpowering. I don't like musk or other heavier, woody kind of notes. I like the bottle it comes in to be attractive...it's all about the bottle!
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