Sunday, October 30, 2011

What a Makeup mess - Updated!

Since organising my makeup stash, I have found a better way to do it so I thought I would quickly post a photo.

I found a cutlery draw at the shops for two dollars, and even though it's not my favourite colour in the world, it allows for a more organised makeup draw. Unfortunately it doesn't hold as much makeup as my previous storage idea, but it looks better and is less cluttered.

I now have to find somewhere for a whole basket of lip products and my 48 eyeshadow palette. Hmmm...


  1. I actually really like this idea! I have 6 or so smallish containers that i've divided up my things into, but I really want some acrylic storage containers.
    Thats just as good as an idea tho!


  2. When I saw it in the shops the idea came to me, but I expect it's hardly original. So far I think it is quite good and works well.

  3. I would love to see a whole set up! Your organizing skills our on point- great idea, we actually have a couple of those kitchen utensil holder thing-a-ma-bobs, perfect for my new set up...well I dont have my desk done yet but I will post it when I do

  4. Yes, it seemed to be working well, until of course, I bought soooo much more makeup. Now it just doesn't fit it all in. At the moment makeup is just splattered all over my room. I must do something about it!


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