Friday, June 27, 2014

Covergirl Lip Smoochies in #luv u

Being a bit of a beauty fiend, very rarely do I come across a product in Priceline that I've not seen or read about before. When I saw the completely foreign 'Covergirl Smoochies' on sale for $3 I knew I couldn't go past it. I have a love for lip balms, particularly those that are tinted and more like a lip butter. This appealed to me on many levels and for such a bargain I had to try it out.

I can see why this initially slipped my attention. It really isn't packaged in a way that I find appealing, and by looking at this I would assume that it is targeted towards younger girls. Now having tried this product I think this may be true because it is a tinted balm that isn't too pigmented, however I would recommend it to adults too because it's just perfect!

I personally don't like the green and pink colours together and certainly dislike the name 'Smoochies' with the 'oxxo' and the horrendous shade name '#luv u." Perhaps I'm just being picky but I think it's just painfully childish. Another thing I can't stand is when a lip product extends beyond the tube so every time you pull the cap off you are at risk of taking a whole chunk out of your lipstick...of course this lip tint is like that!

When it comes to the product itself, however, I simply cannot complain. This is a gorgeous rosy berry shade that suits my lips perfectly. It is most definitely a shade that is wearable for every day but just adds that extra touch to make your makeup look complete. I like that it is not too pigmented but also contains a noticeable amount of colour.

It has a slightly fruity fragrance however there is that underlying traditional lipstick, waxy type scent. I don't notice the fragrance at all when it is on my lips.

Because this is more of a balm than a lipstick, the lasting power isn't amazing however I think it is perfectly reasonable. Due to the fact that this product can be applied without a mirror, it really doesn't cause any kind of inconvenience. I find it to be relatively moisturising and it feels lovely on the lips because it glides on and feels almost silky to wear.

Overall, this is a lovely product however I think it would have been better received in the beauty world had the packaging and overall 'feel' of the product not been so...immature. There really is no point targeting makeup and beauty products to children of 10 years old so I think brands should stick to the classy packaging like Revlon does because it appeals to a larger group of people.

What do you think, am I just being picky?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Essie Nail Polish in Mamba

This blog has risen from the dead and I am back once again after about two months off! It feels a little strange to be honest, and although this probably doesn't make much sense, I'm actually a little nervous! I don't think I'll be posting terribly often because year 12 is taking over my life, but I hope I can post more often than once every two months!

Anyhow, the interesting stuff - Essie's nail polish in Mamba.

This is the first Essie nail polish I ever got my hands on after having spent years drooling at everyone else's Essie blog posts. I knew I needed to try the highly acclaimed brand out, I just couldn't really justify spending twenty dollars on a single nail polish when I had perfectly good brands I could get for less than five. Nevertheless, when they arrived at Priceline for $18 and I had a $5 voucher I snapped it up for $13 and crossed my fingers that it would be a worthwhile purchase. I will add that I was a little skeptical that they were legitimate Essie polishes after Target's MAC debacle but what can you do...

Well, this was very much a worthwhile purchase! This polish is just gorgeous! It is nude perfection in a polish! I usually have a lot of difficulties trying to find a nude polish that is flattering and doesn't wash everything out and this does the perfect job. It also touch dries at the speed of light which is something very important to me because I am so very impatient and also matches almost every outfit.

My only issue is that it chipped after three days even when I was wearing a top coat. Admittedly my nails aren't in perfect condition so that might have something to do with it, but I was a little disappointed especially because they are one of the more expensive polish brands on the market.

Still, I love this polish a heck of a lot and would recommend anyone like me who was a little hesitant to just take the plunge.

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