Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Physicians Formula - Pearls of Perfection

I wasn't really sure what these translucent balls were for, because my Mum gave them to me, so I looked up some reviews on the internet and found lots of different responses. Some said it was wonderful for setting makeup, others said they only wore it by itself. Some hated it more than anything, and some said it was one of their favourite products of all time. Some even said they crushed up some of the balls and used it as an eyeshadow! Well, it left me feeling a little confused, to say the least.

I decided to try it out in as many ways as possible to see which was the best for me. I tried it first of all by itself. I wasn't too impressed to be honest - it gave a little shimmer and sparkle, but wasn't incredibly amazing. It didn't look horribly powdery like some of the other products do, and it doesn't feel like you have dipped your head in a bucket of chalk but it really didn't do much at all.

I then tried it as a way of setting my makeup and found that it was actually pretty good. I may have been imagining it but I really felt as though my makeup lasted longer when I was wearing this. I also like the subtle glow that it gives you.

I didn't crush up one of the balls for the eyeshadow, but instead used the loose powder that had gathered at the bottom. It was gorgeous! It looked to be this golden, glowing colour that was still natural and beautiful! I loved it! It is definitely my favourite way to wear this powder, however I wouldn't buy it just for the use as an eyeshadow.

When dusting it over my face, I had to be careful not to apply that much because I really didn't want to end up looking like a cheap disco ball!

I really liked this product, but I probably wouldn't go and buy it again because it really isn't something that I consider to be essential. Saying that, however, I do wear this almost everyday just because I have it and figure that I might as well wear it!

I personally quite like the packaging, although I know a lot of people find it really ugly. I think it looks a bit classier than other products because it doesn't have the coloured yellow plastic with metallic writing or anything outrageous like that.

I wouldn't go out and buy this product, because like I mentioned I can survive without it, but it is relatively good and I definitely don't hate it. I give it 6 out of 10.

This photo captures what they look like in the sun and in the shade
Win win!


  1. I've always wondered what exactly these were for.. Thanks for this :P

  2. No problem, it is rather confusing!

  3. i never seen this in the drugstores

  4. I've always seen these and wondered what they were... So you don't crush them to use them???


  5. Heidi - No, I don't crush them to use them. I just use a large kabuki brush (or something similar), swirl it around in the balls and brush it over my face! It is confusing, especially as the packaging mentions nothing about how to use it!


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