Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bio Oil and dreaded stretch marks!

Sometimes beauty isn't all that glamorous. Pimples, ingrown hairs, sweat and the topic of this post...stretch marks. Yep, though I'd rather pretend they don't exist the truth is they are pretty much inevitable at some point in your life. Often stretch marks occur when there are great changes in weight thus resulting in the skin being stretched a little further than its natural elasticity allows for. Erin from over at The Beauty Box recently wrote a really great post in more depth about stretch marks, so if you are interested check it out here.

For me, the beginning of my stretch marks occurred during my early teenage years simply as a result of growing up and changing shape as every girl does. Though I'm quite lucky in the sense that I don't actually have that many and they aren't terribly deep, the issue I do have is that at the moment they are dark red in colour. They will fade over time however I'd heard so many good things about Bio Oil and decided to give it a try to see whether or not they would be effective.

I have only been using this for about a month now (and the minimum time they recommend you use it is 3 months) so I don't feel that I can comment on the results just yet but so far I'm really enjoying it. I use it in conjunction with a vitamin E cream, applying this oil at night because it is a little thicker and I don't want it to get all over my clothes, and the vitamin E cream in the morning.

As I mentioned, due to the fact that this is an oil it does leave a slight residue and take a while to soak in. Having said that, I'm really impressed with the way in which it can be massaged into the skin leaving it supple and moisturised without excess residue or oiliness.

This product comes in an easy to use little bottle with a screw top lid. Surprising I don't find that it's all slippery and greasy from the oil, in fact the packaging means that it's clean and simple to use. I'm really glad that the bottle is transparent because you can see how much of the product you have left. I like the simple print and the clear logo on the front of the bottle, with simple instructions for use on the back.

I was surprised to realise that this isn't just for stretch marks, but also aids with scars, uneven skin tone, ageing skin and dehydrated skin. I personally wouldn't use this on my face as I feel it is a little too heavy for that, but it's perfect for use on the body. This is also safe for use during pregnancy.

I find the scent to be quite mild. It reminds me a little bit of the smell of babies but I'm not sure why! Often I find that oils have quite a strong and unappealing scent so I was really pleased with this one.

In terms of the price, if I remember correctly this cost around fifteen dollars for 60mL. I'm not entirely sure how this compares to other oils on the market but I think it is quite a reasonable price considering this will last me for months!

So far I'm quite impressed with this product although I'm yet to see drastic results. I would love to hear your thoughts about this product if you've used it before.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Monthly Favourites - April

April is over and this year is totally flying by! I hope you all had a lovely Easter, I myself enjoyed simply lazing about reading and writing and lying in the sun! Almost all of my favourites for this month are new additions to my collection and I am so thrilled that I have some new things to play with! If there isn't a review on my blog already there will definitely be one coming up soon!

Lips: This was the most unexpected favourite of all, simply because I didn't even know these existed until I was in Priceline and saw the Covergirl Smoochies Lip Balm in the shade 'Luv u' for only $3. I had no idea what colour to pick up so I went for a nice Berry looking shade and I have worn it every single day since purchasing it because it is just so natural and flattering. I am a huge fan!

Face: I rediscovered an old favourite of mine, the Maybelline Superstay foundation. Somehow I have gained a little bit of a tan so it matches my skin almost perfectly, and as a result I've been using this more often. It is a medium to full coverage foundation so I don't wear it everyday, but I just love the gorgeous finish it gives.

Eyes: Without a doubt the eye product I have been reaching for most this month is the Loreal Colour Infalliable Shadow in Tender Caramel. I managed to grab this little bargain for $2.10 at Target and it was the best buy because it is such a beautiful brown shade. I cannot recommend this enough!

Nails: I have two nail favourites this month, the first being an Essie mini polish in Meet me at sunset. I have adored this bright orange shade and I am so lucky to have won it in Erin's giveaway! The other polish I have enjoyed wearing is the Essence topper in Black Dress and White tie. I don't always give into special effect polishes but this was irresistible (and for obvious reason too!).

Other: Lastly is the other category, and this month I have decided to include not a product but a hobby I have really enjoyed. I've been struggling a bit lately and have found writing (whether it be poetry, blog posts or journalling) to be so very helpful and enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone because it really helps sort your thoughts out!

I hope you've all had a lovely April!

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