Sunday, December 4, 2011

New polishes

While Christmas shopping I saw that there was a polish sale on the Rimmel London 60 second nail polishes. Well, no, what I actually saw was a huge crowd of people with hands flying everywhere as they frantically grabbed at some product I couldn't quite see. The 60 second nail polishes were half price ($4 instead of $8), what a bargain! I wriggled my way through and joined the mess of crazy people, and came out (thankfully still in one piece!) with three new polishes.

So, I picked up three new shades making my whole 60 second collection a total of four. Yay!

I already had the shade 430 Coralicious (sorry about the terrible photos on the actual review, the colour looks awful!) and now I have the shades 810 Blue my mind,  230 Portobello Pink and 415 Instyle coral, too. I think Coralicious is still my favourite but Instyle Coral is pretty damn close!

I will be posting individual reviews for each of these polishes soon (you know, once I have actually worn them properly) but unfortunately I am unable to wear polish for a few weeks (my dress code does not permit!) but once I hit holidays, I'll get reviewing!

Here is a little taste of what you shall be seeing! I only applied one coat on each of my nails, so that is why they are not fully opaque.


L-R: Instyle Coral, Coralicious, Portobello Pink, Blue my mind

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