Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rimmel London 60 Second Nail polish - 430 Coralicious

I got this nail polish in a little 8ml bottle in such a rush! I was racing through the shop in a rush to get a few things before running to a friend's house, and I spotted this little gem on sale for $4. Most of my nail polishes are between 12 and 18ml, so this one really is mini, and I wouldn't spend more than $4 because of the amount you get, but it as definitely worth it!

I chose the colour Coralicious, which might I add, is loud and bright and very out there and in your face! It looks red/orange/pink in the bottle, but it comes out as more of a pink kind of colour on my nail.

It claimed to have an 'express brush' that allowed you to apply it onto your nail in one second. It wasn't lying! Its flat brush was a feature that I really liked and it really did only take me one second to apply it to each nail.

I was skeptical that it was actually going to dry in 60 seconds, but much to my disbelief, it was true! I love this so much, because I am very impatient when it comes to nail polish and I barely wait longer than two minutes for my polish to dry. This results in the worst manicures you will ever see! This 60 second nail polish will be the answer to all my problems!

The '1 second' claim

The colour was really good, and I only needed one coat to make my nail opaque (which was fortunate because there obviously wasn't much of the product - 8ml)

I can't comment on whether it chips or not, because I only wore it for two days, however while I was wearing it it didn't chip. I am currently wearing it on my toes and it is lasting a long time - then again, nail polish always does on your toes!

Another thing I like about it, is that it comes of so easily with nail polish remover - there is nothing worse than sitting there for hours trying to get your nail polish off!

I give this polish 9 out of 10.

Wow! That photos makes me look incredibly dark and wrinkly!
The colour in real life is a little pinker.

* I have updated my 'Who am I' page with some photos of my favourite beauty products. Some of them I have reviewed, and others I am currently reviewing!*


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  2. Thankyou Lauren, so lovely of you to say that! I really appreciate it! Thankyou for allowing me to see yours!


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