Monday, December 5, 2011

Impulse - Goddess

I think it is time for a body spay review - we haven't had one of them for a long time. Goddess was one that I found instantly appealing. I'm not sure why, apart from the fact that it looked gorgeous (don't they all?) there was something that just pulled me towards it.

The can is a pale yellow colour and is covered in orange and yellow hearts, circular jewels, ribbons and stars. It's really lovely. I think it might even be one of my favourite looking cans yet (do I say that every time?)

It is described as having 'a blend of exotic oriental scents and citrus notes.' At first spray, to be honest, it just smells like alcohol but soon it turns into this lovely fruity scent. It's quite subtle in comparison to some of the other impulses, so a lot is required if you wish to get a good whiff of this lovely scent.

It's really sweet - more orange smelling than lemon. It is also quite floral, but not too heavy, light floral. Does that make any sense?! It's a really light kind of scent and isn't very noticeable. It's quite a young kind of smell too.

I don't really think that the name for it is quite right. I would expect a fragrance called Goddess to smell of vanilla and musk and really rich, creamy kind of flavours. It would be better suited to a different name.

I like this lovely smell but it is just too subtle and not all that long lasting. I give it 7 out of 10.

What it smells like: Sweet citrus, light flowers and water
Where I would wear it: To a picnic in the garden
Who would wear it: Someone shy and girlie who is kind and sweet
Season and time to wear it: Spring during the day

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