Saturday, December 24, 2011

Magazine Makeover - Day 1

 Day 1 of 'Magazine Makeover' and I have decided to kick off the challenge with a hair tip from the June 2011 issue of Dolly.

On pages 116 and 117 is an article full of hair ideas - in fact, a whole weeks worth of hair ideas. Now, usually, as my hair is so long, none of the hair ideas work for me, but the 'Wednesday' hair idea caught my eye. It showed a fishtail braid which I had never tried before and thought looked interesting.

Of course, I was not nearly skilled enough to manage it myself, but with a little help from my lovely Auntie I was able to get my hair done in a fishtail braid. Now, warning you right away, it does not look NEARLY as good as the one the girl in the magazine has. For a start, mine is way tighter than hers (which I am aware could be easily fixed). And of course, my hair is brown!

Anyhow, here is how it went!

Wednesday's hair!
 So, to the left you can see that the model's hair is is a fishtail braid on the side. I did mine from the back which made a big difference, and it was a lot tighter than hers.

My hair on the side (just like the model)
So, obviously they are quite different, but I think it turned out okay...

Did I enjoy this challenge: Well, I didn't actually do my hair myself, but I know my Auntie enjoyed doing my hair. I enjoyed trying something new out with my hair. That was good...

Was it hard or easy to do: I found it very hard to do it myself - I attempted it and gave up within two minutes, but my Auntie knew exactly what to do. I think it depends on who does it whether it is hard or not.

Would I do it again - Yes, but I wouldn't make it so harsh. I would soften it and make it looser. I would try to wear it on the side, but I'm not confident that it would go all that well.

Was it successful overall: Yes, I suppose it was fairly successful, although it was definitely not my most favourite hairstyle ever.

At the back - wow my hair looks dark
the photo on the side is my real colour!

The whole page
By the way, the photos of my hair were after a day of wear - hence the reason that it is a little scruffy and there are pieces of hair flying everywhere!


  1. Oh wow, the braid looks perfect!
    btw Your parents chose a real sweet name for you okay. :)


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