Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Back to the 80s

I love events where you dress up! I recently went to an 80s party, and gosh it was fun! I enjoyed making my costume and doing my makeup more than the event itself, but it was so worth it!

I went crazy with the eye makeup, stacking on the blue and pink eyeshadow. My mother assisted me with the makeup, informing me that this is exactly how she wore her makeup! Oh my goodness! Thank goodness she has altered her makeup since then!

80s eyes!

It was so much fun doing the eyeshadow. Because I always stick to my neutrals I never get to play around with colour. Dressing up is an awesome excuse to go crazy with colour and come up with some interesting designs.

As for the lips, I wore some bright lippie, although looking back it could have been brighter! I think I was pretty brave with the crazy eyes and crazy lips!

I am so proud of my costume. I think it looks so cool, and it took so much time and effort to find everything! I love the crazy colours, and the tights are just awesome.
My hair was in a super high side pontail, with a fluorescent pink hair scrunchie. It was very eighties!

I'd love to hear about any cool dressing up you guys have taken part in!


  1. So funny! I went to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party that was pretty interesting..

  2. That WOULD be good! How hilarious!


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