Tuesday, December 20, 2011

If all my makeup disappeared tag

I saw this tag on lovely Gianna's blog, Makeup & Me. When I first read the heading of the post that she had written, I thought it said 'All my Makeup disappeared!" I was shocked and clicked on the link about 100 times, thus resulting in a jammed computer and several 'ding ding ding' noises coming from my computer. Whoops. When it finally untangled itself, I realised that there was an 'if' written in front, which allowed me to relax a little. I mean come on, how bad would it be if all your makeup just disappeared!

Okay, so the tag involves choosing the ten products that you would repurchase IF all your makeup just magically disappeared. I am also going to include a nail polish for the fun of it.

1) BYS Colour changing polish in Salmon
I adore the colour of this polish when it's cool. It's the most amazing mix of pink, red and coral. I could stare at my nails all day when I wear this. It's funny, because reading other people's blogs on the Internet, so many people have said how much they disliked the colour and the fact that it is matte(ish). I must be weird, but I don't care - I am in love with this colour!

2) I would have to keep my Innoxa foundation in Sandstone, because to be honest, it is amazing. I never used to wear foundation, but when I found this super light foundation that covered and evened out skin tone, I fell in love. I will admit that I haven't tried that many foundations in my time, but this is the best one that I have come across.

3) My Covergirl Lash blast water resistant mascara would also be something I would repurchase. It doesn't clump, it really is water resistant and it creates the most beautiful, long, lovely lashes. Ahhhh....

4) My Nivea tinted lipbalm in Guava would definitely be a repurchase. The review I did on it was the first review I ever did (hence why it is so dodgy!!!) and I love it so much. The colour is this subtle pink berry kind of colour, and makes your lips smell gorgeous, look so juicy and feel so moisturised. Amazing!

5) The lipstick I would repurchase is the Loreal lipstick in the shade Pink Fever. If you read the review I wrote, I will never need to explain why I love it ever again! It's just perfect.

Pretty in Pink

6) My BYS blush in the shade Pretty in Pink is something I would also repurchase. Apart from it being so cheap, it is such a nice colour and works with any look I create.

7) My Savvy by DB lip gloss in Pink Diamond I would repurchase. Every girl needs a bit of gloss, and this gloss is just gorgeous. Silky, glossy and smells lovely. Perfect!

8) Maybelline Baby lips in Antioxidant Berry. So cheap. So wonderful.

9) The eyeshadow I would repurchase would be my Maybelline Eyeshadow palette in Autumn Spirit. It has four colours that are so wearable, and I wear them ALL the time.

10) The last product I would repurchase is my Rimmel London Anti-fatigue concealer, because sometimes, well, you need a little extra coverage!

Oh that was so hard. I didn't get to include any of my Rimmel London 60 second polishes, or my new BYS Sassy Salmon lipstick, or my other Savvy lipgloss.That was near impossible, that tag!


  1. Great tag! I dunno what I would do if all my makeup disappeared haha probably have a panic attack! I love BYS blushes, they are so great for such a cheap price xo

  2. They are good blushes. I think I would have a panic attack too, haha!

  3. Awww you're a sweetie :)
    I didn't think it would be hard either, but it was soooo difficult!

  4. That's a cool idea! I LOVE the Nivea lipbalms!


  5. Gianna - I know, it's near impossible!
    Habbott2 - The Nivea lipbalms are brilliant!


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