Monday, December 19, 2011

BYS Sassy Salmon and Coral Kiss Lipsticks

Sassy Salmon
I have two BYS lipsticks to review today, in the shades Sassy Salmon and Coral Kiss.

If you read my last post you would be aware that I have been looking for these lipsticks for a while, particularly Sassy Salmon, since spotting them on Lilit's blog Makeup and Macaroons.

The brand BYS isn't too hard to find but I have had so much trouble finding these particular shades. It seems that they are relatively popular!

I usually stick to the safest, nude, natural coloured lipsticks and Sassy Salmon is a lipstick that is definitely within my comfort zone! Still, I decided that a bright lippie whilst a little more daring is still wearable, so I went for Coral Kiss too.

Coral Kiss

I tried out Sassy Salmon first because it is the one I am most comfortable with. The lipstick itself is quite creamy and easy to apply. It is nicely pigmented and the colour I just love. The packaging is okay, but I found that the lid gets a little stick on, and then when you pull it off it clips the side of the lipstick and takes a chunk out.

It lasts a reasonable amount of time, but the thing that I don't like is that when it wears off it is a little patchy. It doesn't matter too much with this colour because it is light and close to my lip colour, but if this was a bright red I would be annoyed.

I was able to eat a small snack and drink a glass of water and it didn't rub off too much. I am really pleased with this lipstick, because despite these few annoyances it cost three dollars! Some of the lipsticks at Priceline cost up to 40 dollars, with the average being between 15 and 25! You can't complain with three dollars!

Sassy Salmon
Coral Kiss was very, very bright in my opinion. Still, a good friend of mine would consider it to be tame, she is the queen of bright lippies!  This colour was more pink that coral I think, but in the photo it looks less pink.

Coral Kiss was less drying out of the two lipsticks, but it wasn't that glossy overall. This one stayed on for longer and didn't go as patchy when it wore off. Overall it is a better formula, which is a shame because I like the colour of the other one better.

I wouldn't wear the colour Coral Kiss everyday but I guess it is just my opinion and what I am comfortable with. If you love brights then I am sure you would be able to pull this off!

L-R: Coral Kiss, Sassy Salmon
 So, overall what are my thoughts on the BYS lipsticks? I am so glad that I tried them! They may not be the best quality lipstick in the world, but they certainly are the cheapest and the quality is very good when you take the price into consideration.

I would recommend buying one to see what you think, because I know people differ in opinions. A friend of mine hates these lipsticks, purely because she is used to the highest quality, super expensive lipsticks. I like them and suggest you give one a shot, after all it's not like you would lose a whole heap of cash by doing so!

I give these lipsticks 6.5 out of 10.

Coral Kiss- in real life it is 
more pink in colour


  1. I have Sassy salmon (I won it in Hannah's giveaway) and it reminds me so much of Nicki Minaj! I really want to try that coral colour now :P I love berry and coral lipsticks :)

  2. I love lipsticks in general!!! It does remind me of Nicki Minaj! I never thought it, but now everytime I put it on that's what I'll think of! Haha!

  3. I love Sassy Salmon! Will defiantly be checking it out.

  4. Sassy Salmon is my favourit too! I hope you like the lippie!

  5. Im loving the Coral Kiss! I am looking for the perfect coral lipstick at the moment... But not sure I can pull it off? (Im blonde, think coral looks best on Brunettes!)

  6. I hate it when you know exactly what lipstick you want and you search high and low but just cannot find it. Keep looking, you'll find it, eventually!


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