Thursday, December 22, 2011

Summer+2011=What the?!

Summer is the most wonderful time of the year - holidays, heat and happiness. So why oh why has Summer so far been so disappointing?! Because the equation hasn't added up. The mathematician in the sky has left out a vital piece of the puzzle. Hello?! It's not rocket science!

The equation for summer is supposed to equal this:
Summer+(year we are in)=holidays, heat and happiness

The equation for this year's summer is this:
Summer+2011=holidays........What the?

You see what's missing? The heat and the happiness! Argh! Since December the first, there has literally been about two days of heat. We have had rain, storms, cold, snow..Okay, maybe not snow, but we may as well have because it's just that awful.

Summer is meant to be hot. You are meant to be able to walk outside in a tank and denim shorts and say to yourself, "Oohh, I'm feeling a little warm today. Let's go to the beach!" So far the scenario has been more like walking outside in your jeans and cardigan saying to yourself, "Oohh, I'ts so unbelievably cold I am freezing my butt off. Let's go inside and be miserable."

Okay, I may be a little melodramatic, but seriously, I've already made my way through miserable winter. It's time for the sun to come out! For the insanely happy nail polish colours to coat your fingernails, for the ice blocks to replace breakfast, lunch and dinner, for your dress code to only include tank tops, shorts and a bikini.

Okay, I'm done with my rant. I think I'll get back to beauty business tomorrow.

Last Summer with one happy dog

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