Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I found a dupe

 I've never done a dupe post, but I think I may do them more often because I seem to be doubling up in shades within my makeup collection - especially with my lip products!
Top - Maybelline, Rhinestone Pink
Bottom - Girlforce, Pearl

Remember when I did that post on the mysterious glosses I found that had no name? Well, read it here if you have no idea what I am talking about. Anyway....

I found a dupe for my Girlforce lipgloss in the shade I named Pearl! It is....
Maybelline's Superstay Powergloss in ... a shade that is not written on the lipgloss. For goodness sake!

L- Girlforce, Pearl
R - Maybelline, Rhinestone Pink

I had to go to the shop and try and find a match for this lipgloss, and I eventually found out that it is called Rhinestone Pink. Why on earth did they only write the shade colour on the packaging that you tear off?

It is almost the exact same colour as my Girlforce lipgloss in Pearl, except that it applies evenly and stays on a little longer. It is less 'white' as well. That might sound stupid, but with the Girlforce lipgloss, when it gathered in the creases of my lips it went a little white in colour, however the Maybelline gloss really doesn't.

With the swatches on my hand they look exactly the same, whereas in the tube the Maybelline one looks to be a little sparklier.

Girlforce, Pearl
  However, on the lips they look a little different. Here you can see on the left that Pearl appears to have a little more colour than Rhinestone, however I think that may be because it is a little more in focus. You can also see that it became a little white gathered in the crease between the two lips whereas Rhinestone most definitely did not do that. In the tube it looks as though rhinestone has large bits of glitter, however on the lips you can't see that as much. The side photo shows the sparkles as little.

Maybelline, Rhinestone

Maybelline, Rhinestone
I'm hoping to have a review on Maybelline Rhinestone either tomorrow or Thursday, I just have to upload the photos.

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