Monday, November 14, 2011

Girlforce lipglosses

As I mentioned in my previous post, 'A cool discovery', I recently found a whole lot of lipglosses that I wasn't aware that I owned. I have decided to do a review for you all!

I found out that I owned five of these lipglosses, in a nice big range of colours. It was a bit odd though, because the only thing written on them was the word 'Girlforce.' Other than that they were completely plain, not even shade names. I decided I would have to make up my own names!

I decided on: Pink Coral, Plum Rose, Pink Punch, Pearl and Plum Bronze.

It was after naming them that I realised they all started with 'P'! How stupid of me! I know I used 'Pink and Plum' twice which was also silly, but honestly, they were essential in showing the true colour of the lipgloss. Argh, lucky I'm not a lipgloss namer in real life!

Up - Down: Plum bronze, Pink Coral, Pearl, Pink Punch and Plum Rose
You can't see in the photo, but Pearl really does have a pearl shine to it.

Right, moving along, onto the review.

I actually really like these lipglosses. They are a little sticky, however they have awesome lasting power. The only bad thing is that when they do start to wear off, they leave silver sparkles on your lips. I find this so odd, because until they wear off, you don't see any silver sparkles, it is only when the colour has gone that you find yourself with shiny, silver lips!

Pink Coral is brighter than what I would usually go for, however I think I have fallen in love.

Pink Coral
You know how you usually find that the product doesn't look as good in the picture? Well, with Pearl, it looks so much better in the picture. Yes, I said better! In real life it leaves this white residue on the lips, and distributes so unevenly. It looks nice in the picture, but in real life it isn't nearly as lovely!

 Plum Rose is the most natural looking of the whole lot. It also has the best formula out of the whole lot. It's lovely and creamy and not nearly as sticky, yet still has the same lasting power. It almost looks as though it has gold sparkles in it.

Plum Rose

 I really don't like the colour Plum Bronze. I hate it! It is so not my colour, much too dark and brown. Yuck. It makes me feel like some futuristic witch! It is so gross!

Last but not least is Pink Punch. It looks very similar to Plum Rose but a brighter, sparklier version.

Pink Punch
I actually really love Pink coral. I really, really love it! Too bad the tube is so small, and that it is nearly empty. Gagh, whenever I find something I love it is some bizarre product that I can't find anywhere!  If anyone knows of a lipgloss or lipstick (I would love a lipstick) that is a similar colour to this, please tell me! Saying that, I also love Plum Rose. If anyone knows of a lipstick in the plum rose colour, give me a shout! I am so glad I found these!

L-R: Pink Coral, Plum Rose, Pink punch, Pearl, Plum Bronze
I really loved these lipglosses, with the exception of Plum Bronze. (Pearl does look lovely in the photo). They have a nice smooth formula (even Plum Bronze) and wear well. I am going to give them 8 out of 10. I will definitely be wearing them more often!


  1. Lovely shades :) Nice Review and you gave nice names for all of them :D :D :D keep it up this good work..:) I love this post :)

  2. Thankyou Lancy, I'm glad you liked this post!

  3. These are super pretty! I really like Plum Rose and Pink Coral. Thanks for the review.

    ...and you're right, the brownish one is sorta yucky looking. :(

  4. The brown one is awful! Glad you liked the review


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