Friday, January 6, 2012

Savvy jumbo bronzer in Teracotta

 Bronzer and I haven't always been best friends. When I was first starting out with makeup, I had very little idea about where on Earth bronzer was supposed to go, let alone whether I was interested in using it to contour my face or give me a healthy glow. I have advanced a little since then, and I have a little more information about what to do with bronzer, and I can safely say that bronzer and I get along quite well.

I had heard good things regarding this product prior to purchasing it, so I was expecting a lot. It is very large in size (Hence why it is called a Jumbo bronzer!) and has a pretty pattern of the sun and stars. Much like the Savvy blush I reviewed, I found that it crumbled quite easily. Too much brush swirling, and you end up with a powdery mess.

The bronzer itself isn't nearly as pigmented as the blush. The swatch below needed to be done twice because one swatch didn't show up. I quite like the fact that it isn't too pigmented, because it allows for such easy blending and gives a gorgeous, natural colour.

The shade really suits me and doesn't make me look muddy. It is completely matte so it is good for contouring, but I also use it to give a nice glow.

The lasting power of this bronzer was really good. When it wore off I swear there was still a hint of colour, so I personally didn't feel it necessary to reapply at all.

I really like this bronzer. I only have two others, so admittedly I haven't really tried too many to compare it to. Despite this, I think for the bargain price (even full priced it is still a bargain) it is so worth it. It is the best bronzer, the biggest bronzer and the cheapest bronzer. A damn good bronzer I say! I give this product 9 out of 10.

L-R: Revlon in Deep Bronze, Savvy in Teracotta, Maybelline in Forever Warm


  1. Lovely review and it's a great rating that 9/10 :)

  2. Thanks Lancy...the more I blog the better I get, I think. I love getting good products!


  3. Yay! I love that bronzer so much. :D

  4. Glad someone else likes it too!


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