Thursday, January 5, 2012

Magazine Makeover - Day 6

Today's challenge comes from the magazine 'Cosmo girl.' It is an American Magazine I believe, and I used the August 2007 issue. I flicked through and came across page 58, lips with two different colours. 'Oh my!' was my first reaction. 'Never in a million years!' Still, I was interested in having a shot, but was not willing to step outside the house with it on. I was also wanting to tone it down significantly, so I picked two colours that were a little closer in colour and shade in comparison to the lips on the model.

I tried it with each lipstick having a turn on the top and the bottom. I like it better when the bubble gum pink is on the top and the hot pink is on the bottom. What do you think? This is what it looked like...Did I pull it off? (Haha)

It was so much fun to try out, but I would never wear it in public! It is also quite difficult to keep like that because I am someone who smushes their lips together when wearing lipstick, gloss and balm. For those who love daring makeup, I suggest you give it a go because it was wonderful fun, and I reckon other people could pull it off! Like the model for instance, she makes it look totally normal!
Bubblegum pink on top, hot pink on bottom

Sorry, the quality of this is not as good as the other one

Just as I finished this challenge, I was flicking through a recent magazine (the December 2011 issue of Girlfriend) and I spotted this exact look on one of their models! How weird is that! I was so excited!

Girl on right rocks this look! She also makes it look normal...

The girl in Girlfriend magazine inspired me to try again, but with two shades of lipstick closer in colour. I used the BYS lipstick in Sassy salmon and the BYS lipstick in the shade Coral Kiss. I like it better than the lipsticks in two very different shades...what do you think?

The teeth look awful, they're not that crooked!


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