Monday, January 2, 2012

Magazine Makeover - Day 3

Today I decided to go for a magazine not from Australia. I found this little gem in an Op-Shop, and I discovered that it was actually from the UK. I quite enjoyed reading it, though it had very few pages - only 98! (My girlfriend magazines have approximately 170 pages!)

Today's magazine was the June 2011 issue of 'Bliss.' I searched through this magazine and loved looking at all the products from overseas. I was excited when I came across an item that I actually had, and decided to base today's challenge on it.

On page 68 and 69 was an article called 'Hair and Beauty SOS!'. It had tips and tricks on everything from dull skin and sudden spot outbreaks to dandruff and frizzy hair. I focused on 'sparse lashes.' They advised to condition lashes at night (which I didn't do) and use an eyeliner on the top to make the lashes look fuller.  With the eyeliner, mine was brown rather than black. I used the exact eyeliner suggested in the magazine (Maybelline Eyestudio gel liner) except in the different colour. Still I hoped that it would look okay, and here are the results.

You may be thinking, "Wait! You're cheating - you said all the challenges had to be something you hadn't done ever or within 6 months!" Well, you clever little cookie, you would be right. But here's the thing, I am very scared of dark liquid/gel liner. Very scared.

The first reason is that I suck at putting it on. The second reason is that I am afraid it is going to end up all over my face. So, for the past six months I have stuck to white eyeliner on the inner corners of my eyes. (Very eye brightening, by the way!) Even though I did a review on the eyeliner and posted it before this, I actually did this first and then posted the review (sneaky, huh!)

So, this challenge is going to be very hard for me, purely because of my lack of skill. Oh dear.

Right, do you want to know what happened? You are in luck, because that is exactly what I am about to tell you! (I am in such a silly mood today!) I spent ages and ages trying over and over again to get it right, and then finally I finished with something I was pleased with.

Here's what I used

I put a reasonably thick line on my upper lashline (with great difficulty) and was at first not really sure whether I liked it or not.

This photo seems as though the eyeliner isn't very obvious, but in actual fact it was quite dark. Not sure what's going on there... Considering I wasn't wearing any mascara, I do think my lashes do look a little thicker. I do like this look and would do it again. I think I need a better eyeliner though, because it really isn't as dramatic as it was supposed to be...


  1. This does make your eyelashes look quite thick!

  2. Hey love, I've given you a Liebster blog award :)

  3. Oh thankyou so much Gianna! Very much appreciated!


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