Friday, January 6, 2012

Magazine Makeover - Day 7

Today's magazine is called 'Young, Hot and Famous.' I have only ever seen it at one Newsagent, which indicates how popular it is here! I don't know anyone who has ever heard of it here in Australia, and I don't know where it comes from. The magazine itself is alright, not too bad, but it's just a mystery where on Earth it came from!

Today's challenge was one about hairstyles, and I chose to do the look named 'Romantic up-do,' shown on Taylor Swift.

I expected this to be difficult, but not impossible. Because my hair is so long, I find it difficult to recreate looks that aren't specifically done on long hair. Usually buns are hard because they are so huge, but I thought that maybe this would be okay.

My hair is naturally really straight, so in order to create the waves as shown, I tied my hair into a damp plait the day before. When I woke up I had beautiful crinkly hair. I wasn't able to brush my hair because it would have brushed the crinckles out, so I had to gently pull any knots out with my fingers. The more I fiddled, the straighter and straighter my hair became. Oh dear, I could tell this was going to be a disaster.

I didn't even bother following their instructions. Boby pins would never ever hold my hair up.

As I tied my hair up into a ponytail, it was looking disastrous. My hair was not doing what it should. I tried pulling bits out of the ponytail in order to create a looser head of hair. Bits flew out everywhere and I looked very lopsided. I fiddled and fiddled, and of course by then most of my hair was looking scraggly and limp. So much for the crinckles. As I tried to twirl it up into a bun it fell out everywhere, pieces flying in every direction. The bun itself was bigger than my actual head. This was awful.
So, as you can imagine I kind of failed today's magazine makeover. Hmmm.
I think I'll stick to the styles I can do well and have grown to love. I know my hair best!

Whilst today's challenge was not my favourite, it has inspired me to find some more hairstyles that suit my hair. It is really difficult to find ways to do my waist length hair (when I sit down it just touches the bottom of the seat). I have contemplated cutting some of it off, but I just cannot do it. I am very much attached to my hair! I don't want it any longer, if fact, I honestly do think it is too long now...a couple of centimetres must go! I think I shall go and book into the hair dressers...

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