Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Magazine Makeover - Day 4

Travelling across the world we come to America, where they have the popular 'Seventeen magazine.' Once again I was very lucky to find this in an Op-shop.

I decided to focus on the article 'Look like a celeb' on page 114 of the August 2007 issue of Seventeen Magazine. It had several tips on how to look like a celeb, but I focused on the lips (hey, I love lips!).

It said to make lips look plumper, apply a lipstick and then gloss on the bottom lip and peaks of the top lip.
You can see in the photos what happened.

Now, if you read the rules of this challenge, you would be aware that I have to try something new or something I haven't done in the past six months. I know, it would appear that I am just doing something I always do, however you would be mistaken. I generally have a rule - colour or gloss, not both. I either wear colour (lipstick) or gloss (lipgloss) and rarely, rarely do I wear both. Weird, I know, but it's just this thing I do. Anyway, by wearing both I am still breaking the rules. However, I always lather the gloss all over my lips, not just on the arches of my top lip. In fact, I hadn't heard of just applying it there. I had heard of putting it in the middle of your bottom lip, but not on the top arches. So, therefore, I am following the rules!

So, I took a before shot with absolutely nothing on - not even a lip balm. It came out alright, except that it made my lips look a totally different colour - they are way darker, more of a red colour than what the picture indicates.

After, I then applied a coat of my Loreal Paris Made for me Intense Lipstick in Pink Fever. Actually, I think I applied two coats. Yep, two coats. I then applied Savvy by DB Lip Jewels lip gloss in Pink Diamond (that was a mouthful!) on my bottom lip and the arches of my top lip (as instructed).
You know, I have no idea how I am supposed to keep the lipgloss in place, because it just managed to spread itself all over my lips (which is how I would normally wear it).

I was a bit disappointed with how the second photo came out, because it really did just seem that I spread the gloss everywhere.
Oh well, I think this challenge was successful anyway.

With nothing on them

Wow, my lips look a lovely shade of pink,
but they are actually much darker!

With the lipstick and lip gloss

So, do my lips look more glamorous and celebrity like? Yes, I believe they do, but I don't think they are any plumper. In fact, I think the first picture without anything looks plumper. Oh well, the second picture is lovely. I am obsessed with this colour...

Did I enjoy this challenge: Yes, I did, it was nice to try out both colour and gloss, and see a new way of doing it. As I mentioned before, I have never heard of just applying it on the arches.

Was it hard or easy to do: It was very easy to do, but hard to keep the gloss in its place.

Would I do it again: Sure would! I personally think it looks lovely, glossy and glamorous - just like a celebrity - hahaha.

Was it successful overall: Yes, I believe it was.


  1. Your lips look amazing! And that colour combination is spectacular :)

  2. Ahhh thanks, I quite like the way the colours worked too! I will always love this lipstick!

  3. Wow! Your lips look super gorgeous. Totally celebrity like and I love that color.Can I have your autograph? ;)

  4. You sure can! Haha, your comment made me laugh. It was a good finish to a bad day! Thankyou.


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