Tuesday, January 3, 2012

$3 makeup - I'm in heaven!

Whilst on holidays, I couldn't resist popping into Priceline (what can I say, I'm totally addicted to that shop!). I was in luck - the whole Savvy by DB range was $3! Yes, every single product, whether it be bronzer, foundation, brushes, lipstick...everything single product was three bucks! I couldn't believe my eyes. Of course, I then spent about twenty minutes debating what to get and how much to spend. You see, despite the fact that due to the extremely low prices I could afford a whole heap, it doesn't mean that I actually need every product in the range!

I had three different staff members come up to me and ask if I needed assistance while I was thinking. I think they were confused about why on Earth I was standing there with my mouth open, just staring at the products. Yeah, embarrassing much?!

Anyway, I am so happy about my purchases. I decided to think of it as a Christmas present to myself! As far as I know, Priceline is still selling their whole Savvy range for three bucks per product. So, if you can get to a Priceline, pop in a try some of their stuff out. I have only tried their Lip Jewels Lipglosses (I totally recommend them!) so I can't assure you that all their products are amazing, but for three dollars it's not too much of a loss should you find that their other products are awful. My Mum loves their lipstick so I think they might be good.

I'll now shut up and show you what I bought! So excited!
My haul of 6 products, all for $18
I know I have already gone on about the price enough, but honestly, it's amazing that all of this cost only $18. That's the price of one foundation brush!

The face products
The face products that I bought, from left to right, are:
Loose Powder in the shade Translucent (it's a giant 18.52g!)
Blush in the shade Rose
Jumbo Bronzer in the shade Terracotta (heard wonderful things about this)

The lip products
The lip products that I bought from top to bottom are:
Lip Jewels lipgloss in the shade Ruby
Lip crayon in the shade Rose

The brushes
The brushes that I bought are double ended, meaning that I bought six different brushes for three dollars - 50 cents each! That's crazy, because they are good quality! I looked them up on the Internet and couldn't find ANYTHING on them, so I am going to do a detailed review on them!

Anyway, I am so pleased with this purchase! Very happy indeed!


  1. wow thats a fab deal,bargain!only i wish you could get them in the uk :( x

  2. Candice, plz plz plz review them very soon and also please tell me if there are good eye brushes available as well. My sis is coming by the end of this month and I am to give her a list :P

  3. Love when you find a good deal! Looks like great products!

  4. Ella'martine - It is a good deal! Don't worry, there is lots of stuff we can't get here in Australia!

    Nivedita - Okay, I'll get reviewing! Not sure about the eye brushes, but I'll mention it if I find a good one!

    Miranda - It is wonderful when you find a good deal! I hope they are good products!



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