Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Magazine Makeover - Day 5

I was very interested in doing this one because I usually focus on the lips and I am not too outrageous when it comes to the eyes. I do, however wish to start trying out some interesting things. I used my DB eyeshadow palette to create this look.
It had two lovely purples/lilacs which is exactly what I needed. I didn't use the eyeliner but I put on some mascara which looked good.

I had heard several times that purple was a beautiful colour for green eyes, but had never actually tried it out. I considered this be a good opportunity to have a go and see whether it really did look lovely or whether it ended up making me look like some pathetic clown.

The instructions listed just said: Use a shimmering lilac over the lid and then a darker colour in the outer corners of the eye. It suggested to use a black liquid liner but I didn't do that. I think it would have looked lovely but it was a bit too dramatic since I wanted it to go with a casual look.

I applied the lilac over my eyelid and it was quite sheer. I was hesitant to stack it on because I didn't want to end up looking as though I had a black eye, but I did add a little extra in order to make the colour stand out a bit more. When I was relatively happy with the outcome, I added the Darker shade in the outer corner. It didn't really stand out all that much, but it was visible. I don't think the photo allows it to stand out though, so it probably looks as if the whole lid is just one colour.

I then applied some mascara to the top lashes (yeah, I kind of forgot about the bottom ones!). I used the NP Set Mascara. I think it turned out to be quite nice It is very subtle, but you don't really want it to be too obvious. The picture of the model doesn't show too much colour either, so it was kind of similar.

My eyes - ignore the blob of mascara on the lid

The model's eyes

Well, I don't think it turned out absolutely brilliantly. I tried again and made it more dramatic - this is what it turned out like:

Without Mascara

Without mascara

It looks no different does it?! Argh! I did enjoy this challenge but I am not all convinced with the results. It didn't really turn out as hoped. I did pack on the colour the second time, but I think the shadows either just are not pigmented enough, the camera doesn't pick it up or I am just terrible at this sort of thing...I think a combination of all three!

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