Friday, October 14, 2011

Napoleon Perdis NP Set

Today's review is the NP Set  Lash and Dash, which includes the black mascara and lip gloss palette.

In my excitement I actually put away the mascara and only took a good look at the lip gloss (who can blame me, I am a total lip product lover!) I later on found the mascara, gave it a go and decided to do a review on it.

The lipgloss is in sturdy little packaging which is simple yet classy. It has three colours, (none are named) all of which at first glance I believe would suit pretty much anyone and are not all that outrageous. It comes with two brushes (on on each end). The brushes are okay, but they are not amazing. I really like the mirror that is included, because not only is it useful for applying the lipglosses, but for applying the mascara too.

Not sure what happened on the right, but at least you can
get an idea of the colours
The lipglosses smell sweet and yummy. They all have the same scent. I thought they would all be reasonably vibrant in colour, however they are all super sheer and when on the lips there isn't much variation in the colours, which is why I didn't take any photos of how they looked on my lips (all quite similar) The red gloss does give a bit of a stained look which is a nice subtle hint of red. I included swatches on my hand which indicate how sheer these glosses are.

Pink, Orange, Red

These lipglosses aren't my favourite because they are quite sheer, but they aren't too bad. Had they been a little more pigmented it would have made all the difference. They were slightly sticky on my lips and slightly drying but nothing that couldn't be fixed with a good lip balm. I give the lipglosses 6 out of 10.

The mascara on the other hand, was much better. I know others hated the size of the brush, but I myself loved it. Because it is so small it is super easy to carry around, and it is great for applying mascara to those tiny lashes on the inner corners of your eyes. It is non clumpy which is something that I really look for in a mascara, and goes on smoothly. It stays on well and doesn't flake off too much. It isn't waterproof which isn't great for me, but others who are fine with that will like it. When you take the wand out of the tube, there is no excess mascara you have to wipe off, so it is really good. I was way more impressed with the mascara than I was with the lipgloss! I give the mascara 8 out of 10.


  1. I don't like any lipgloss that comes in a pallete. I find them hard to apply, annoying and unpractical.


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