Monday, October 14, 2013

Travel Times 8

This will probably be my last Travel Times for Cambodia but I'll then do one for Tasmania which I just came back from, and then one for Melbourne where I am going this week!

I decided my last Cambodian Travel Times post would be about the animals I saw, the good, the bad and the surprising.

 Without a doubt, seeing elephants for the first time in real life (except for in the zoo) was a pretty amazing moment. They are just the kind of creature that you find yourself in awe of, they are just so beautiful and powerful.

 These tanks full of fish were everywhere, and for a couple of dollars you could sign up for half an hour of 'foot massage' whereby they ate all the dead skin off your feet. Yuck!

We were blessed to visit a small village that had been set up from overseas monetary donations, and this little pig was a big contributor to their successful pig farm.

 Cows were absolutely everywhere in Cambodia, although sadly (despite there appearing to be an abundance of food) they were all skeletal, their skin hanging off their bones in the most horrible fashion. Though they looked so unhealthy to me, many locals reassured me that they would be okay!

It was such lovely surprise to spot this guy hanging out at a cricket farm we visited! I spent a lot of time holding him!

Spiders! I think the tarantulas were my favourite because they were so unexpected and really quite enjoyable to play with! 

We saw a couple of white horses wandering around the temples of Ankor, although none of them were dressed as elaborately as this one!

I hadn't really expected to see dogs around the place, but they were everywhere!

 Chickens seemed to wander about the country, almost as if they were wild and had no place to go.

Last but not least are crickets, a popular source of food in Cambodia. We were told that cricket farms are less labour intensive and more profitable than pig farms in many cases! I can't imagine cricket farms hitting off here in Australia, but you never know...


  1. Great pictures Candice! You are making me want a holiday haha! Can't wait to see some Tassy pictures!
    Enjoy Melbourne! :) xx

    1. Thank you! Haha, I've certainly done a lot of travelling this year, I'm very lucky!

  2. I love that countries that aren't as developed or technologically dominant really get to nature's roots and appreciate animals. Can't say as much about the insects, but elephants are so beautiful! I love the way they decorate their elephants & horses. Great snaps, Candice. Have fun in Melbourne, ahh my favourite!

    1. You're so right, the elephants are just incredible. Thanks Rebecca!

  3. Love your photos Candice! I love this post, it was different to beauty which is nice (I still love beauty though haha). Happy holidaying!(Is that even a word? haha)
    -Sophie xo

    1. Thanks dear Sophie! I like to have a nice mix of beauty and other themed posts on this blog, I'm glad you do too :)


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