Friday, October 18, 2013

20 random facts about me

As you may have noticed, I've been really getting into these more personal, non beauty related tags recently. I don't imagine everyone would love these but I do have some beauty posts dispersed within them too.

I decided to do a simple '20 random facts' tag today!

1. I love the behind the scenes features some DVDs have almost more than the movie itself!
2. Handwritten letters are just about my most favourite things in the world
3. Waterfalls, thunderstorms and sunsets are the most incredible things nature has to offer
4. If I could be any book character I would be Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird
5. I love list making and don't think I could survive without lists
6. Going on a mission trip to Cambodia is the best decision I have ever made
7. I love fairy bread
8. 8 is my favourite number
9. I don't think I've worked on anything as long as I have this blog
10. When I was little there were 5 things I always wanted: a trampoline, a house with stairs, a lava lamp, a tree house and those pin toys. At 16 I have achieved 4 of those 4 things.
11. The word 'wean' makes me feel sick. Not because of its meaning, purely because of how it sounds.
12. If I could live in hot weather (at least 28 degrees) every day, I would.
13. At this stage in my life, I never want to live anywhere else. I do however, want to travel.
14. I think studying biology is just so exciting. The complexities of the human body and human life is mind blowing.
15. I'm not a huge fan of Christmas.
16. Florence Welch is my favourite singer of all time.
17. I still miss primary school, and I'm in year 11.
18. My most worn piece of clothing is a tatty jumper from a state sports carnival I played netball for that my Mum nearly didn't buy because she thought I wouldn't wear it and it was expensive. It's faded and stained and all the fleece from inside is gone, and it is still my favourite piece of clothing, years later.
19. I am highly organised at school but my bedroom is always a complete mess.
20. I am hopeless at cooking. Absolutely disgraceful!

I love being nosy and hearing facts about others, so feel free to make up 20 random facts of your own if you want too!


  1. It was nice learning more about you!
    I think you made me not like the word 'wean' now. (cringe)
    I think I will always miss primary school!

    Random fact about me: I used to collect toilet paper rolls. LOL I was trying to get into the guinness world records xD

    1. Thanks Sheri! My apologies, but you have to admit, it is a disgusting word! :) WOW, that is so cool haha! I am impressed!

    2. LOL it wasn't such a great idea. I got around 200-300 probably and stored them in a box on a high shelf and literally, everything would keep falling down in a toilet roll avalanche. xD

    3. Oh my gosh, that is actually amazing! I can just imagine that...trying to get a pair of shoes out and then suddenly being squashed to death with toilet rolls!

  2. I really like these more personal posts because I feel like I get to know you better. I love fairy bread too and as a child I always wanted a house with stairs aha, I thought it was just me!

    -Sophie Isabella xx

    1. Fairy bread is just awesome, and one day I'll get my house with stairs!

  3. I love Florence Welch!! And I still miss primary school as well. I think we always will miss our past :(

    1. I agree, I'm not good at moving on, I always want to go back to the past!


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