Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Monthly Favourites - September

 It's the end of September! Hallelujah, one step closer to Summer!

At this point in time I will be in Tasmania on a family holiday for a couple of weeks!  Don't worry, posts are scheduled!

This month I realised that I've been using very bright products, fitting for Spring!

Face: The Arbonne toner has been my lifesaver this month with my skin going crazy. This is just amazing, I am so lucky to have been sent it. I use it religiously every night and it feels amazing, and it is so luxurious!

Eyes: This month's winner is easily Maybelline's One by One mascara. This does exactly as it promises, defining every lash and creating no clumps. This is so easy to work with and leaves my lashes long and defined, I have no complaints.

Lips: I think this is the third time I've featured this as one of my favourites, but I just turn back to Face of Australia's lip crayon in Cupcake every day. First of all it is in the form of a crayon and I have been loving lip crayons. Secondly, it is the loveliest wearable pink shade that you can put on confident that it will look good. It's not too pigmented, not too sheer. My goodness this is great!

Nails: The only polishes I wear these days are Face of Australia ones. It's not intentional, it just happens. This month was a Glitterati polish called Looking for some hot stuff. Check it out if you are a glitter fan, because it is gorgeous.

Some fruity scents helping me get through maths test revision!
Other: My concentration has been somewhat lacking of late - in fact I am currently writing this post as a way of procrastinating - so I developed a strategy that has been SO helpful. Since discovering that I LOVE candles (especially scented ones) I have established a habit whereby when I sit down to to a long period of study, I light a candle. Once the candle is lit I am forbidden to do anything but study. I am not allowed to leave my desk (both for safety reasons as simply being part of the rules) and so I am forced to sit there and revise or if I don't do that, simply sit there and be bored. When the candle is blown out, it marks the end of study time and I can do whatever I want. I have found this to be such a helpful way of getting things done, and my room always smells so lovely! My absolute favourites are ones I picked up for $3 each at the reject shop - a Skittles candle in Melon Berry (which smells identical to green skittles) and an M&M candle in Crisp Vanilla. Best purchases I have made in a long time!

Do you like any of these products? Do you have any study tricks I need to know about as it begins to get into Exam season?


  1. Ooo with exams coming up I might try your candle study tactic. Though with such hot weather it might be a bit of a fire hazard!

    1. It could be a little dangerous, but it is SO helpful with studying! Agh, dreaded exams!

  2. I want those candles!!


  3. The nail polish looks so pretty!!

    恵美より ♥

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Melissa...I'm getting there! I have been suffering from some severe procrastination lately but the candles are helping! x

  5. Wow I'm loving your candles! I wish we had those here. :/

    1. You might, I had never seen them before and then just happened to come across them accidentally.


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