Friday, October 25, 2013

How to gain followers on your blog

I was recently sent a lovely email from Sophie over at Sophie Isabella asking me for some tips on increasing the success of your blog and gaining followers.

I've been blogging for over 3 years now and I remember when I first started and it seemed impossible that anyone could have over 100 followers! I had absolutely no idea what made a successful blog and how to go about things, so I could really identify with Sophie's email. Here are some things I have learnt as a blogger about gaining followers and maintaining a quality blog.

Be Passionate
I can't stress this enough - being passionate (or moderately interested) in what you write about is the most important thing for a blog. It will be blatantly obvious if you simply don't care about what you write in your posts and will turn people off from your blog in an instant. Additionally, if you have an interest in your blog's content you are more likely to come up with entertaining, creative posts that will keep people hooked.

A picture tells 1000 words
Yes, I know...that is probably the most cliche line ever but it is so true. Accompanying your text with amazing photographs (taken by you, not taken from the internet!) will make the world of difference. Trust me, I experienced this myself when I went from no photos, to terrible photos, to okay photos, to good ones. I am constantly looking to improve!

Find your 'style'
This is a really tricky one, because for some people it can honestly take years. It's really important to have something that people know you by, recognise you for and love about your blog. It could be a particular way of 'signing off' from your posts, a blogging series or style of photos. I still don't think that I'm there completely, but I do have my trademark 'phrases' and way of going about things. I have some quite humorous posts on here at times, but for me, photographing my pictures outdoors is my 'thing.'

Be part of the community
There is nothing cooler than having people comment on your posts and take part in discussions. If you are a new blogger this is the most important thing you could possibly do because it gets your name (and blog) out there and you establish blogger 'friends' who remain loyal to you and spread the word about your blog! Not to mention it is also good fun being a part of the blogging community.

This is by no means compulsory, but taking part in giveaways and holding your own is a great way to increase traffic to your blog (and possibly win some cool things too!). Even though it can be a little pricey, holding a giveaway is an awesome way to gain new followers and find new blogs to follow.

Tag, you're it!
You may have seen blogger tags or 'blog hops' going around. Tags are fun to write, mean that you have another post to upload and spread the word about other bloggers. Get tagging!

Social Media
I can't say much about this one because I don't actually do it myself, but as far as I am aware, having social media (like twitter, youtube and facebook) for your blog increases traffic like nobody's business. It gives you a multitude of platforms to promote your blog and interact with other bloggers and your readers.

Lookin' good
I won't even give a blog a chance if the text is hard to read, the colours unappealing and the layout too cluttered. It doesn't take much to have a simple and appealing blog and it honestly makes all the difference when it comes to keeping people on your page. Make it easy to read and nice to look at!

Followers galore
Ensure that when people have reached your blog and decided to follow you, that it is quick and easy. Have 'buttons' for GFC and Bloglovin' (and other similar platform) so that it is literally as easy as the click of a button.

So there are my top tips for a flourishing blog! If you have any others be sure to comment and let me know. Happy blogging!


  1. Great tips! I definitely agree with all the ones you've stated especially the one about looking good. There's nothing worse than trying to read someone's post when it's all cluttered!

    1. So true, trying to work your way through a poorly designed blog page is hell!

  2. Good tips, I agree with everything you said :)
    I love your outdoor photos! And you're so funny in your writing :)

  3. Great post, Candice! And it's so sweet of you to help out a beginner blogger/reader!

    1. Thank you, it was lovely to receive an email from Sophie!

  4. One of the reasons I was first attracted to your blog was definitely those outdoor photos!
    Thanks for some great tips :)

  5. I love this! Good to know tips! Thanks for sharing!

    The Cassie Paige

  6. Great tips hun! They are all very important to gaining a following. I found it very hard at the start and mine's hit a plateau for quite a while because I haven't been able to post as frequently but it's getting there. xx

    1. Thank you! Mine has been pretty stagnant for a while too, but I don't mind because I have so many more than I ever imagined and I appreciate my loyal followers who comment and participate with my posts - that's all I could possibly ask for!

  7. Great tips, Candice! I totally agree that blog layouts are very important.
    Btw, I found your blog yesterday and I must say that I love it! New follower now :)


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