Monday, August 19, 2013

Travel Times 4

Ta Prohm
I would do just about anything to be back at the Temples of Angkor exploring all the incredible temples and their secrets! The photo above was in my favourite temple, Ta Prohm - which coincidentally was the one where the film Tomb Raider was shot...a film I have not seen. It was stunning - all the trees had taken over the stone and it looked so unreal and magnificent.

The Bayon temple was another cool one, full of carved faces of the King. Lastly was Ankor Wat, the largest and most famous...home of the steepest set of stairs I have ever seen too!

Angkor Wat

Bayon Temple

Angkor Thom

Angkor Thom


  1. Beautiful photography, Candice! I don't know if you watched Hamish and Andy's gap year Asia, but that combined with your photos makes me want to go to Cambodia really bad!

    1. Thank's pretty easy to take nice photos when the subject of the photo is so amazing! I saw a couple of their episodes...they went to Spidertown in one of them and I spent the whole show yelling "I went there, I went there!" to my parents! Haha!


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