Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Off to Cambodia I go!

As you may have read yesterday, today I am leaving to go to Cambodia for two weeks! In fact, by the time this posts I will already be on the plane!

In these two weeks I will have scheduled posts on a regular basis, and I will allow for comments to be posted as soon as you submit them so the only thing that will be abnormal is me not commenting back.

I will see you in two weeks time, with many stories to share I am sure!


  1. Stay safe Candice, happy travelling & have fun! <3

  2. Have the best fun over there hun xxx

  3. Have fun and happy trip Ms. Candice! Take care! ^^

  4. have a safe trip and have fun in cambodia :)

  5. Have an amazing trip and I can't wait to hear your adventures when you get back! x

  6. Thank you ALL, lovely ladies. I had the most incredible experience of my life.


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