Sunday, July 7, 2013

Beauty things I love

I wrote a post of all the beauty things I hate and thought it was only fair if I made a list of all the beauty things I love, after all, there are loads of things I enjoy when it comes to beauty.

1. Cleansing my face
For some people their skincare routine is such a chore and they find themselves going to bed with a full face of makeup on because they just can't be bothered washing their makeup off, but luckily for me it is a task I enjoy. There is nothing nicer than giving my face a good cleanse and feeling squeaky clean.

2. Getting my eyeliner perfect first shot
I know everyone can relate - managing to perfect your eyeliner first try is the greatest feeling ever. Ever. Alternatively, mucking aroung for twenty minutes trying to remove the smudged black mess that seems to have been smeared across your eyelids and cheeks is just about the most frustrating experience in the world.

3. Finding products half price
This isn't really related but finding a product you have been waiting SO long to get, only to get to the checkout to see that it is half price is just amazing. I may be guilty of yelping for joy and running back to the stand to pick up five more when this has happened to me in the past...

4. Finding the perfect lipstick
Lipstick is one of those things that can look gorgeous or absolutely hideous. It takes time to find the perfect shade for a particular occasion, whether it be an everyday shade (in my opinion the most difficult to stumble across) or one for a special night, but when you do it stays with you for life.

5. Applying mascara
I don't wear mascara all that often because I am loyal to the waterproof kind and it is hell to remove, but when I do wear it I thoroughly enjoy the application process. I don't know if anyone can relate to this, but it's so relaxing running the wand through my lashes. Weird? Okay...

6. Testing perfumes
I swear the reason all those perfume bottles in Myers are consistently empty is because of me. I absolutely love wandering around spraying perfumes onto those little cards. Half the time I have never heard of the perfume in my life, and often I don't even like how it smells, but it is just so exciting sniffing them all out and eventually finding one to fall in love with.

7. Applying foundation with a brush
Applying foundation with your fingers is alright, but when you use a brush it just makes it that much more exciting and feels lovely. It's like giving your face a mini massage before going about your business for the day. It also makes your skin look considerably more flawless, although does use so much more foundation that normal. I reckon I can deal with that...

8. Sharing my adventures with the world
Yes, you knew it was coming, beauty blogging is the best part about it all and makes everything just that much more exciting. If I wasn't a beauty blogger I guarantee I wouldn't find the whole process nearly as enjoyable.

I would love to know what beauty things you love doing!

*I included a couple photos of the toadstools I found in my garden because let's face it, they look adorable!*


  1. So agree!
    I love it when I succeed with my eyeliner on the first time!

  2. I absolutely love the feeling of washing my face! I look forward to my skincare ritual, and then look forward to putting makeup back on again, haha!

    1. It's an awesome feeling, and too true about looking forward to washing it off and then slapping it back on again! :)

  3. I couldn't agree more!
    These simple activities make life more interesting :)

  4. Haha yessss especially the eyeliner one!


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