Friday, January 25, 2013

My Makeup bag collection

Let me get this straight: I have absolutely no idea how I acquired this many makeup bags. Seriously, are the breeding in my cupboard or something?

Since I have so many I figured I may as well show you them all.

1. Green and white with stripes - I posted about this one here, but basically I picked it up from the Op-shop (it was new) for $2. It was originally from Clinique.

2. White bag with red trimming - Perhaps the most boring one of the lot, this one was also from Clinique but I picked it up new from the Op-shop (it was years ago though).

3. Clear makeup bag - I bought a whole heap of Formula 10.0.6 skincare products (most of which I really didn't like) and this was the bag that they came in. I'm not a fan of the clear plastic, but it is handy when you need to find things quickly and easily.

4. Small pink plastic with black trimming - Basically I haven't got a clue where this came from!

5. Cream with gold trimming - I was given this as a gift, I believe it came from Avon. It's more like a pencil case than a makeup bag though.

6. Floral printed bag - this is a silky material and came from Sportsgirl, though this was another gift. I use it for jewellery when I am travelling.

7. Silver and white striped bag - I have no idea where this came from, but it is pretty appalling (all the stitches are falling apart and it is very poorly made) and I'm not keen on it.

8. Red and white striped bag - Yet another gift, this one is from Tommy Hilfiger and I imagine it would have cost a fair bit to purchase!

9. Pink and white printed bag with black trimming - This is a really good size for a weekend long trip, for those who pack an excessive amount of makeup. It lets you pack a fair bit but not go too crazy!

There it is, my makeup bag collection. It's not a terribly thrilling post but everyone needs one, and I'm quite nosy and like looking at other people's makeup bags!


  1. Haha, I too have a bunch of makeup bags! Just from cheap impulse purchases and Gift with purchases, but I never actually use all of them!

    1. Exactly - those gift with purchase ones are deadly!

  2. wow you have many xD

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