Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Updating my skincare routine

If you were to ask me how often I use a facial exfoliator, I would say once to twice a week. I would be lying. I like to think that I do, but I don't, maybe once a month is more like it.

Then you would ask me how often I exfoliated the rest of my body (actually I don't think you would ask that, I don't know anyone who would ask that, but for the purpose of this post you are going to pretend you would ask me that) and then I would tell you never. I would not be lying, that is the truth.

I have decided to revamp my skincare routine because, well, it's not doing much for me. Here is the plan:

- I cleanse my face once a day (I already do this religiously which is good)
- I moisturise twice a day (once again this is something I already do without fail)
- I exfoliate once a week
- I use a mask every two weeks
- I go without makeup once a week

- Exfoliate 2-3 times weekly
- Moisturise daily

- I drink much more water
- I eat more healthily
- I exercise more frequently

I think the last three points are the most important, but of course they are the most difficult to change. I am hopeless at drinking water - not because I drink other things (water is actually my favourite drink) but because I simply don't drink anything. I eat somewhat healthily, but there is lots of room for improvement. I do exercise about three or four times a week and I am reasonably fit (I am satisfied with my fitness levels) but once again it could be improved.

What do you think about your skin routine? Does it need a makeover?


  1. Sounds like a great routine, exercise is very hard to keep up but also don't forget to get a good night sleep! :)

    1. Exercise is hard to stay motivated about! Yes, sleep is oh-so important, thanks for reminding me!


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