Thursday, September 6, 2012

Face of Australia Concealer - Neutral

This is the first stick concealer that I have ever used and I must say, if all stick concealers are like this then I love them!

When I think of a stick concealer I imagine a thick paste that creases and feels absolutely awful. One that looks greasy and has ridiculously thick and unnatural looking coverage. One that looks slimy and creates deep wrinkles on the skin. Grossed out yet? I am.

It is for the reasons listed above that I always gravitated to the liquid concealers like the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer. I found them to suit my needs well, concealing the darkness around my eyes, redness around my nose and small blemishes, however I always struggled to cover bigger pimples and blemishes as well as discolouration from past blemishes. I kind of knew that a stick concealer would be appropriate for the job but never got around to purchasing one because I honestly thought it would be a waste of money.

I was sent this product to review and it has really opened my eyes to trying new things. I am so pleased that I got the opportunity to use this because gosh it is good!

It is natural looking with a medium to high coverage. It is perfect for stubborn blemishes and old discolouration, and surprisingly is also good for under the eyes! I was ridiculously surprised after trying it out by concealing the bags under my eyes (which admittedly aren't that bad but could use some covering up) that it was so effective. It didn't crease, get oily or shiny and brought a lot of light to that area. It did make the colouring look slightly strange (there was a little of the purple tones showing through the concealer) but nothing of great concern.

I love the way that this feels on my skin and it has a pretty good lasting power (especially when setting powder has been applied over the top). It doesn't feel greasy or thick, in fact it feels as though there is nothing on my skin. I actually like to use it best on the inner corners of my eyes where I get dark colouration, it really brightens up with eyes and it is so quick and easy. It can be built up (to a point) and doesn't look thick or cakey. I love the size of this, it is absolutely perfect for application over blemishes and under eye circles.

This concealer does have it's problems though. It clings to dry patches and cannot handle any slightly flaky areas of skin. For someone who has dry skin I probably would not recommend this. It also only comes in two shades, and they are very very similar (at least they appear to be on the website).

Like pretty much all Face of Australia products, I really love the matte black packaging with the classy white print. The wind up part of it is so practical and easy to use (then again how else would you package such a product?!)

For $9.45 I really wouldn't hesitate to purchase this again, and I would recommend it to others. I give this 8/10.


  1. Hmm I might give this a go! I'm not a fan of concealer (but maybe that's because I haven't found one that I like yet!) but this has given me hope! :)

  2. I had the exact same thought about stick concealers! Might try this one actually :)

  3. I'm of the same camp, I still don't bother with concealer yet - not because I have nothing to conceal - but I've always found concealers to exaggerate my problem by illuminating and highlighting my problem spot hahha

    Candice, I was wondering if I could maybe get some help? I’m working on an 'out and about' atm, and a part of the app will have bloggers recommending 5-10 places in their city to check out for all sorts of things from shopping to eating to getting your nails done and everything in between, I was wondering if you might recommend maybe a few places you love? I will put links to your blog on the app and drive more traffic your way. We have over 3,000 people signed up to download the app already and it hasn't even launched yet (we're super excited!)
    Candice, if you're happy to be a part of it all just pop on here -
    or you can email me on xx

    1. Thank you for your comment, I have emailed you in regards to the app. As for the concealer, they are pretty frustrating things to work out! :)

  4. This is great! I currently have a stick concealer of a different brand but this review might just make me go and buy the FOA one :) The packaging looks nice too!

    1. I use this concealer daily and I am such a fan! The packaging is very nice too :)

    2. something that I actually own and love lol

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