Saturday, September 1, 2012

Monthly Favourites - August

It's SPRING! The weather today was so warm and beautiful and I got to see my best friend the sun. We had a nice catch up and it made me realise how long it had been since we had seen each other last. We promised to catch up more often.

August was a strange month in the sense that I don't really recall much of what happened. I can't think of any significant events that occurred, although I can tell you it was very busy. It went quickly which was like every other month I suppose.

For the eyes category this month I wore the Face of Australia liquid liner. This was a very easy category to decide on because I literally wore this at every opportunity! I love this liquid liner (which you can read about here) and I would recommend it to those who struggle (and those who are pros!) to apply liquid liner.

For the face category I had another Face of Australia product, their Face Base Primer. I am yet to complete a review on it but considering that it has made it to my monthly favourites, I must think it is pretty good! Saying that, this is my first primer so I haven't really got much to compare it to, but so far I am loving it.

This month's winner of the lips category was my Face of Australia lip crayon in Cupcake. Whilst it did feature in my last month's Monthly Favourites post, I continued loving throughout the duration of this month and feel it deserves to be featured again!

For nails I wore my Australis polish in Dusk, a beautiful polish that you can read about here and here. It is a subtle golden sheen on the nails and is just gorgeous. Of course they discontinued it, as it always is with my much loved products.

Last was my 'other' category and this month it was a hair product. I've never really spent any time, money or effort on my hair (despite it being ridiculously long) however I have noticed that there are some split ends that are taking over. This 'Ends Mender' from the Australian brand Salon Confidential has been a favourite of mine this month. Whether it actually works I am yet to find out, but the smell and texture (and packaging!) is enough to make me continue using it!

So that is my August monthly favourites. I do apologise for the photos, due to the nature of the contrasting white and black products it was really hard to photograph them as a group, but I did my best. Also, there were a lot of Face of Australia products featured but what can I say, I am really getting into that brand!


  1. Great favourites! I'm starting to fall in love with all the FOA products as well! I love, love, love the primer and the lip crayons! :)

    1. FOA seems to be releasing some awesome products - I think this brand has good things ahead of them!

  2. These all sound really good : )


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