Friday, July 13, 2012

Savvy Brushes - New vs Old

When I purchased some Savvy brushes a long time ago, I was mightily impressed with the quality - not because the bristles were heavenly or the durability was incredible, but because it cost me three dollars for six brushes. I have used these brushes every day since January and they are still strong, serving me well. In fact, I love these 50c brushes so much that I don't use any others that have the same purpose as these.

When Savvy's new range came out and there were some new brushes, of course I was going to stock up, I would be crazy not to.

The brush set contained four brushes (is that a strange number or is that just me?) including a powder brush, lip brush, concealer brush and eyeshadow sponge. Once again I find that a strange combination.

Basically, if you don't feel like reading the rest of this review, I shall sum it up right now - it is a waste of money. The powder brush and eyeshadow sponge are absolutely useless, although the concealer and lip brush are alright.

Powder brush
This brush has rough bristles that are useless for applying powder (or blush, or bronzer for that matter). They fall out often and the brush isn't particularly dense. It's also really quite small in my opinion. Not worth your money.

Eyeshadow sponge
First of all I am not a fan of eyeshadow sponges for applying makeup. I prefer brushes and think that it is actually quite strange to include an eyeshadow sponge when a brush is so much better. This is quite a soft, dense sponge but stains upon first use and is simply too difficult to use effectively. I'm not a fan.

Concealer brush
This concealer brush saves the whole set. The bristles are soft, dense and sensibly sized and it is actually useful for applying concealer, especially on pimples and blemishes. I tend to use my fingers to apply concealer because it is a lot quicker (and means that I don't have to wash the brush later) but this allows for precise application and decent coverage.

Lip Brush
I have an Australis lip brush which I rarely use (simply because I'm too lazy to use a lip brush) but I find it pretty good when I do need one. My only problem with it is that it is not very sturdy as it breaks into two parts. This is where this Savvy one is better because it is one sturdy handle. The rest of the features of the brush are pretty much on par with the Australis one.

All up this is terribly disappointing considering I adore my old Savvy Brushes. I would not spend the ten dollars it costs to purchase this set, which is lucky as I got it as a free gift when I spent over ten dollars on the rest of the Savvy line. Don't bother spending your money on this set, unless you desperately want a cheap, semi-decent quality concealer or lip brush.


  1. Every time I look for savvy brushes in priceline,they seem to be out. I really want to try them!
    Can you do some savvy nail polish reviews? Also, it would mean alot to me if you could give my blog a look,

    1. I haven't got any Savvy polishes but I can definitely purchase a couple to review! It might be a while though, I just bought a heap of makeup and polish!

  2. Wonderful review ^^

    Love from you new follower, Emi


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